Two people in Melbourne who love food, set about a journey to find the best Brunch in town. This became a weekly adventure, with many places picked according to their credibility and drewlability found on much respected food blogs such as Melbourne Gastronome and the The Breakfast Blog (amongst a host of other great sites online). Frustration began to grow as some of the new hot-spots and less known (yet equally amazing) cafes in Melbourne were not covered by these blogs… and so the quest began to create our own dynasty of food blogging.

Scouting out a new brunch place weekly (or providing more comprehensive listings of food  reviews at old favourites) will be our quest. Don’t worry – coffee quality is just as important to us as the food, so we’ll be sure to cover beans used and coffee quality wherever possible. Afterall, we can’t resist a good Long Black and Soy Latte.

We endeavour to give you an honest opinion on various cafes within Melbourne, with the hopes to one day uncover the ‘best-ofs’ for Melbourne brunch.

We would love to hear about your thoughts, comments and recommendations regarding all things brunch.

Check out our other blogging venture The Modern Connoisseur.

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