Opening Hours
Mon – Sat: 7am – 6pm
Sun: 8am – 5pm

Coffee: Gravity Coffee

Mr LB:
“Whether you are driving, cycling, running or walking on Chapel Street, it seems (and I include myself) that the majority of people are in a rush.  This environment can become very overwhelming and exhausting, in which one may need to revive themselves within this inner urban bustle.  The scrolling “to do list” can certainly be forgotten with decent coffee and terrific quality food at The Pound.

The Pound‘s location provides respite from Chapel Street and gives you a cosy feeling. While the small layout is maximised, it gives the staff a fantastic vantage point to offer excellent service.  There is a happy greeting on arrival and a casual approach to the eating experience.  They are very accommodating, whether it’s the mum with three little ones in need of a morning coffee fix or the lady who accidentally dropped her coffee.  Regulars are known on a first name basis and conversation can easily be struck.

Having visited during the middle of the week, I always tread towards the lighter side of dishes.  There are numerous occupational health and safety issues when working on a full belly.  My daily requirement of a long black were quickly met.  The coffee was brewed well with beans by Gravity, and it sustained me throughout the day.

The Pound menu is no doubt a small and simple menu, with Scrambled Eggs on Pide [$9.50or the lb Eggs: Russian Egg Salad on Pide with Smoked Salmon [$14.50].  The small menu is truly compensated by the taste and fresh ingredients.  I had the breakfast special, Omelette w/ Chorizo, Red Peppers, Goats Cheese and Red Onions [$16.50].  The omelette was served very neatly with a slice of sourdough.  The selection of ingredients was perfect and give a real sense of Italian flavour.  The chorizo and red peppers were sliced into strips which stopped them from controlling the flavour of the dish.   However, what really made the dish was the goats cheese – it was rich in flavour and gave a real spark to the dish when combined with the other ingredients.  The zesty topping gave it a refreshing taste which took the dish to another level.”

Omelette w/ Chorizo, Red Peppers, Goats Cheese and Red Onions

Miss SL:
“Working away from the city has found me going to extreme lengths to get a decent coffee and /or breakfast on the way to work, so when Mr LB suggested we go to The Pound I was excited. Not only because it was somewhere decent that’s almost on the way to work, but because the menu offered something called The Rhubarb Bomba with Yoghurt, Honey & Toasted Almond [$9.50]. YUM! My mind filled with images of a Movida-style crumbed bomb which, when delicately cracked, opened to a filling of rich yoghurt mixed with rhubarb and almonds. Instead what came out was ingredients layered into a glass into an almost dessert-looking breakfast. Was I disappointed? Perhaps. But the toasted almonds and honey made me re-think my initial reaction.

Before I go on with my review, I’m going to have to mention that for some unknown reason, I’m extremely fussy about yoghurt. Pretty much the only yoghurt I’ve ever found to be satisfying is Gippsland Yoghurt, which not many cafes use.

The toasted almonds were beautiful – the honey was sweet and the almonds still retained their crunchiness. The yoghurt on its own was too sweet for my liking, but Mr LB thought it was delicious. The bottom layer of rhubarb was perfectly concocted – sweet with perfectly sized, soft chunks of rhubarb (just to prove that it’s not out of a can). Mixed together, the rhubarb bomba was a combination of smooth textures and harmonious flavours that mixed into what can only be described as a sweet start to the day. I was low on energy when I arrived at The Pound, but I was certainly more alert when I left it!

Rhubarb Bomba w/ yoghurt, honey & toasted almonds

Mr LBs omelette was delicious – so much so, that I took an extra bite when he wasn’t looking. The chorizo sausages, combined with red peppers made the dish almost taste like a savoury pizza. While the dish was simple and well-balanced.

My overall impression of The Pound was a good one. It’s a nice, peaceful place to go if you’re in the area and looking for good, honest food.”

Final thought: “The Chapel Street escape with service”

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