Prahran Market (Market Square)
163 Commercial Road

Opening Hours:
Mon: Closed
Tue: 7am – 6pm
Wed: 10am – 10pm
Thur – Sat: 7am – late
Sun: 8am – 4pm

Coffee: Coffico

Mr LB:
“If you have been reading our blog, it’s fair to say that the majority of brunch places we visit are innovative, outstanding and deserving of their individual status. The people who visit such places are mostly ‘foodies’. Food lovers in their own right who appreciate the wait for that amazing French toast or the smoky tasting pork belly, complemented with crafted Australian roasted coffee blends. There is a lot of love when it comes to brunch. However, there is another sub-sector of people who also dine for brunch. These brunch goers are purely satisfied with plain, simple and unsophisticated dishes. Their enjoyment is yielded from the very fact that they are out having a meal which is edible and sustaining.

Mojito is a cafe, bar and lounge which offers a simplistic brunch menu, located in the midst of the Prahran Market cafe precinct. Having just had a cupping session at Market Lane Coffee and wander around the markets, we were hungry. Having had a quick peruse of what was on offer, the main reason for choosing Mojito was the brunch special, Breakfast Burger scrambled eggs, tomato, hash brown, garden salad topped w/ relish and on Turkish bread [$12.90].

Breakfast Burger – scrambled eggs, tomato, hash brown, garden salad topped w/ relish on Turkish bread

The meal did look like a real burger, but the overall experience was average. The salad was dry and a little lifeless, the scrambled eggs were tasty and moist but nothing to rave about. The hash brown were the highlight, being crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside without large bits of potatoes which you would find in pre-brought hash browns. The tomato relish complement the meal. I was not expecting anything flash, but it gave me the impression that it tasted and looked like a dish that I could make at home. With that said, it did fill me up which is always a positive.

If you enjoy a brunch out without the fuss of gourmet taste, plating and instead enjoy a simplistic, cheap meal, this is the place for you.  It’s not a place which I would take to preference, though.”

Miss SL:
“After spending the morning at Market Lane Coffee in Prahran Markets experiencing my very first coffee cupping session, I thought it best to get a wriggle on and do my grocery shopping and perhaps get a more filling meal. I made sure I showed both The Rabbit and Mr LB my most absolute favorite shop at the markets – Essential Ingredient. They’re largely popular for their high quality designer products and stocking of rather peculiar but key cooking ingredients. My favourites include the 1.5 kilo bags of Lindt chocolate, large assortments of oils you never knew existed and teracotta baking pots which are usually presented to you at good cafes upon ordering baked eggs.

We decided to eat in the Market Square, ordering some food from a place called Mojito. I didn’t order a coffee this time around, and decided on getting the Veggie Works w/ two eggs, spinach, roast capsicum, mushrooms, tomato, hash brown & toast [$14.50].

Veggie Works w/ two eggs, spinach, roast capsicum, mushrooms, tomato, hash brown & toast

What came out was fairly average, but I’ll be honest, my hopes weren’t very high anyway. The scrambled eggs were very plain, but to their credit, not dry. The mushrooms were lightly sauteed but largely tasteless. The tomato was beautiful and sweet and perhaps carried the most flavour throughout the dish. The roast capsicum was like a giant steak in the middle of my plate – too much in quantity and needed to be more evenly distributed throughout the dish. It had a slightly pickled taste to it, and was delicious with the egg.

The hash browns were pretty tasty, with small cubes of potato that brushed my tongue when eating. I’m not sure if this suggests they were bought from Woolworth’s, but given how long it had been since I’d had some hash browns it was good none the less.

Would I go back to Mojito? Not likely. Did it do the job of filling me up? Yes, it did, and it wasn’t a bad experience either. I’m just saying that if you’re heading to Prahran Markets, your better off trying somewhere else.”

Final thought: “Filler, not thriller”


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