Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat: 7am-5pm
Sun / Public holidays: 8am – 4pm

Coffee: Seven Seeds house blend

Definition of ‘unch’ – unch (pronounced, u-n-ch) is the lunch side brunch. Typically starting from around 11-11:30am, unch menu options do not generally contain eggs or bacon, and are more like lunch options (i.e. salads, baguettes).

Mr LB:
“Coffee and food.  Food and Coffee.  The two for me has always united well together.  Great food and coffee is my secret for a fantastic brunch.  Now, unless you have been living under a coffee bean, Seven Seeds is a serious major player when it come to quality coffee production, delivering one of the finest roasted blends in Melbourne – all with a smile.

Seven Seeds is located on the very edge of Carlton/ the CBD, in a converted warehouse which this half-cafe and half coffee roasting/research facility. The layout is very spacious with plenty of room to walk passed people without the worry of squeezing through seats and tables.  Seven Seeds is also bicycle friendly –  allowing to hang your bike on the wall or leave it in a designated area.

Seven Seeds is a coffee speciality.  This isn’t just some pretentious word to lure brunch goers into their cafe.  These wonderful coffee people are seriously perfectionists when it comes to sourcing and roasting their beans. So much so that on average they make seven trips a year to coffee plantations to inspect the bean plantation that they source.  The end result is one glorious cup of coffee.  On this occasion I had ordered the Trial Premium Blend [$4] in a long black and yes, it is a ‘working title’.  This blend is a combination of three different beans:

  • 40% Honduran Cup of Excellence (El Filo Estate)
  • 40% Sulawesi Toraja (Toarco Jaya Peaberry)
  • 20% Sulawesi Toraja (Toarco Jaya AA)

Leaving aside the combination blend, this coffee was clearly a winner.  It was possibly the smoothest coffee I have had to date, with no sign of bitterness.  The coffee itself tasted sweet and fruity, but it wasn’t overbearing and at times I did taste an apricot flavour.  There was also a prominent chocolate fragrance to the body of the coffee.  It was in a league of its own and I’m still craving another cup.

Chickpea & brown rice salad, roasted capsicum, dried fruit, toasted nuts, fresh herbs, pomegranate molasses dressing

The menu offered by Seven Seeds is compact and oddly enough contains only one egg dish – which was the special. This is not a reason to be deterred but rather an opportunity to taste the ‘unch’ side of brunch.  I ordered Chickpea & brown rice salad, roasted capsicum, dried fruit, toasted nuts, fresh herbs, pomegranate molasses dressing [$13.50].  The presentation was nice, as the food was plated in a colour co-ordinated bowl.  There was a clear fresh and sweet taste which went well with the dressing.  The dried fruit and toasted nuts had complemented each other well to give the dish additional flavour.  If you are looking a for a sweet and fresh salad then this is the meal for you.  I was a little disappointed that the menu was not the same quality as the coffee.

For brunch-dessert and had Chocolate Brioche [$4].  It had tasted like a donut bun with melted chocolate chips, which was lovely and a great little dish to finish off.

Chocolate Brioche

Seven Seeds is one of the best places in Melbourne for coffee, but not so much for food.  In that sense I would recommend any coffee lover to go to Seven Seeds because it’s a fantastic place which lives up to its expectation.  Personally, I felt that Seven Seeds could be an outstanding brunch institution if there was more ‘br’ to the brunch menu.”

Miss SL:
“It was a consistently rainy day when I made my into the shelter of Seven Seeds in Carlton. A wooden door that wouldn’t implicate a cafe resided inside, opened into a cute interior – I was smitten.

We had 6 people joining us for brunch and, with the only table being outside and a bench for 2 wet, a couple of them got kicked out onto the communal table inside. I started with a soy latte and nearly died in heaven upon tasting it. Smooth! Luscious! Energy enhancing! I’d forgotten how good a perfectly brewed cup of Seven Seeds was. The menu was very small – only one page long, and nothing except the special contained eggs.

There was definitely nothing standard on the menu, so I opted for the Vanilla & spice rice pudding, rhubarb, & honey compote, toasted almond, ewes milk yoghurt [$12.50], only to find out it was sold out. The only other thing that appealed to me was the special for the day – Spicy chipotle tomato beans with pancetta on toasted grain bread & your choice of poached or fried eggs [$13].

Spicy chipotle tomato beans with pancetta on toasted grain bread & your choice of poached or fried eggs

It was a long wait for food which bordered 30 minutes. I kept myself entertained by ducking inside to chat to the Doctor and trying to squeeze myself back into my little bench space with my friends. I ordered a mocha to console myself that my meal hadn’t arrived. When it did I was a little underwhelmed. It looked great, but I was expecting chunks of chipotle to be present, and it wasn’t.

Spicy chipotle tomato beans with pancetta on toasted grain bread & your choice of poached or fried eggs

When I bit into the beans and I must say it was tasty. The tomato sauce used to make the beans was delicious with a hint of spicy flavours which did not leave any burning sensations behind on the palate. The egg was perfectly cooked – perhaps just very VERY slightly over. I pierced my knife into it and it did not burst immediately to pour out yolk – a very thin, clear layer around the orange centre must have formed during the boiling process. Regardless, I gave it another poke and out it oozed.


I had a cheeky taste of Mr LBs dish and I was glad I didn’t order it myself – it was far too sweet for my mood that day. Once finished, we decided a quick brunch-dessert, and I picked a plain Amaretti [$4]. It was delicious – it didn’t crumble, was soft on the inside, and covered with icing sugar. A perfectly light way to end a meal.

Overall, Seven Seeds lived up to its coffee reputation (as I knew it would) and delivered a quirky brunch menu. while it didn’t quite hit the spot for me that day, I would like to eventually go back and try some of the ‘unch’ type brunch options.”

Final thought: “You’ll be hard pressed to spot eggs on this menu”

Seven Seeds on Urbanspoon

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