Opening Hours:
Note this cafe is now closed and has been replaced with Paco’s Tacos.

Coffee: AllPress

Mr LB:
“What do you get if you combine a Spanish menu situated on a terrace? Movida Terraza of course! Movida Terraza has hit the mark perfectly in creating a vibrant cafe/bar/dining outdoor experience. The location is an experience alone, located in the legal district of Melbourne, where on one side is the historic Supreme Court building and the other is an exciting food courtyard with the likes of Cafenatics and Earl Canteen. With its comfortable seating, fabulous staff and open kitchen layout to marvel at the cooking talent – it’s a location you want to continually return to. I know I do!

The coffee bean Movida Terraza source is the reputable AllPress blend (long black $3.00) – an impressive blend with a colourful rich head and the pleasant beverage to match my meal. It has a defined flavour that flows with a smooth texture.  It’s a coffee you can have everyday and still be impressed with every cupping.

The brunch dishes on offer have – as expected – a Spanish influence, however Movida Terraza offers something more traditional than the Melbourne brunch norm of ‘Spanish baked eggs’. The Movida Terraza menu has a clear Spanish vision with innovative dishes that will keep the brunch goer guessing as to how it will be presented and taste. On this occasion, I selected the Tortillas – Jamon Serano and queso [$12]. For all of you that wish you had taken Spanish lessons (me included), the dish is essentially an adaption to the traditional Spanish omelette which consists of many layers of potato. There was no potato in the egg, however the egg was crafted in a perfect circle and teased to present that drool worthy egg colour. Layered on top was beautiful sliced Jamon (Spanish ham) and served with a slice of sourdough.

Tortillas – Jamon Serano and queso

The taste was damn right captivating.  The egg burst with flavour and at no point did it taste dry or overcooked.  The spices infused with the egg were not overloaded, but gave an exciting flavour which never bored.  The Jamon, to my surprise, had the right level of salt with a smooth texture that was well matched to the egg.  Overall, it was an enjoyable dish which was addictive, tasteful and quite satisfying.

I am a big fan of Movida Terraza and I have been known to pop around for a long black and an almond croissant, which might I add is a fantastic sweet delight.  Leaving aside my fondness, Movida Terraza is serious when it comes to plating up an authentic Spanish brunch.  If you are in the city and want to escape its bustle on a day when a  standard Melbourne brunch isn’t going to do it for you, then Movida Terraza is the place for you.  Happy Spanish brunching.”

Miss SL:
“Mr LB was sparked with excitement when I let him know that I would spend a day in the city to do some training for the client that I am currently working for out in the middle of no where. I suggested a good old-fashioned breakfast in town, which we hadn’t done for a long while. It was decided that since Movida Terraza had their breakfast menu back in action, that we would go there.

I decided on the Huevos – Poached organic eggs, smoked trout pate, white beans and sourdough [$14], as I was craving some eggs that morning. I also couldn’t go passed ordering a soy latte here, as I’m a fan of AllPress beans. The coffee was good as always, and after almost a week of no caffeine, it was a good way to break a dry spell.

When my Huevos came out I wasn’t sure what to think. It looked a little…plain. But what about taste? You would expect nothing less than eggs cooked to perfection at Movida Terraza. My first egg was just that – gooey and seductive, it was delicious. My second egg, however, burst out with water when pierced. Unfortunately, the result was soggy sourdough and a watery plate.

Huevos – Poached organic eggs, smoked trout pate, white beans and sourdough

The white beans were delicious. I’d never had white beans before and my first impression of them was ‘my goodness, they’re huge!’. Although used sparingly, these mutant beans of nature were filling and added density to the dish which otherwise would have been missing. The trout pate was… interesting. It was smooth (as a pate should be), but the trout flavouring provided a somewhat unpleasant taste in the background of the entire dish. I’m not really a pate fan though, so perhaps I’m unfavourably biased.

Huevos – Poached organic eggs, smoked trout pate, white beans and sourdough

I’ve been to Movida Terraza a few times before and must say that I’ve had better dishes than this one. The dinners here are superb – in fact, one of my favourite dinner experiences, but in ‘brunch world’ I think the Cous Cous – Honeyed cous cous, raisins, dates and almonds [$11] is amazingly unique and innovative and a must try. I promise the next time we’re here I’ll grab a shot, just for you!”

Final thought: “An Authentic Spanish Brunch “

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