Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 8am – 5pm
Sat-Sun: 9am – 5pm

Coffee: Clique Coffee

Mr LB:
“A cafe name is like a movie title.  If it is too long then no one is going to remember it.  If it is too short then the name may be pointless and if the name can’t be pronounced, well, good luck being a successful cafe in Melbourne.  Googling Arcadia, you will find a number of references to the name including being a Greek state, video game levels and the poetic idealism of ‘Utopia’.  The Arcadia I know and love,however, is a cafe located in the vibrant foodie hub of Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.

Arcadia is a reputable cafe having maintained its position and edge over the years, even with the new Seven Seeds creation, De Clieu, just meters away.  One of the main reasons is its lovely layout.  The high ceiling gives the feel of spaciousness and freedom, with various seating options including a cute, newly renovated courtyard in the back.  As soon as you enter your food goggles immediately fixate on the drewl-worthy treats bowl sitting in front of the barista station, accompanied with delicious ‘unch’ options.

Arcadia‘s previous bean of choice was Toby’s Estate, a gourmet coffee roaster, tea and chocolate merchant.  Talk about a number of fingers in a lot of pies.  Previous long blacks at Arcadia had a real fruity taste to which I had taken a personal liking.  However, recently they have made a change, going in a new direction with Clique coffee.  Clique is a Tasmanian roasted blend which has recently entered the coffee scene.  Being my first taste of this blend unfortunately meant some adjusting.  While my long black was good with mild, tangy flavours running through it, it may have been more enjoyable if I didn’t have a previous coffee at De Clieu just a little earlier.  Putting aside my silliness and my mixed coffee palate, the coffee did have an element of harshness but it was certainly enjoyable to drink.

Middle Eastern spiced eggs on rye w/ red pepper pesto, spinach, poached eggs & hazelnut dukkah

The menu at Arcadia is plainly exciting with a number of curious brunch and ‘unch’ dishes.  I was seeking something different which I have yet to experience and selected the Middle Eastern spiced eggs on rye w/ red pepper pesto, spinach, poached eggs & hazelnut dukkah [$15.5].  The dish may look like an ‘ordinary’ dish, however looks can be deceiving.  The red pepper pesto was fantastic in giving a rich, fresh pepper taste with subtle hot flavours that went well with the rye bread.   The dukkah was a good addition to give that spicy kick and the walnuts provided a unique nutty flavour, that not only complemented the pesto, but was tasty with the poached eggs.

Chocolate Almond Croissant

A traditional brunch comes with brunch-dessert and we couldn’t go past the Chocolate Almond Croissant [approx. $4].  This delectable treat was not only visually pleasing with its pastry layered in a criss-cross formation, but the flavours were also terrific.  It was slightly heated up prior to being plated, which allow the chocolate to be slightly melted and the almonds had a lovely roasted taste.  It was a light dessert and a good way to close our brunch.

While Arcadia has cheeky name to reflect the ambiance they provide, a name is only a name.  What is memorable at Arcadia is the entire package of being seated within a reasonable time frame, being provided with a unique coffee / freshly squeezed juices which complements a terrific menu options.  Make Arcadia your next favourite cafe.”

Miss SL:
” A long time ago, Mr LB and I caught on to the brunch hype of a lovely place down Gertrude Street known as Arcadia. The name itself represents a place of a peace, simplicity and contentment. Just the kind of place where I would like to be on a late Sunday morning.

We arrived on a drizzly morning, ordering our morning coffees and browsing the menu while we waited for The Rabbit to arrive. The staff were kept more than busy but maintained a wonderfully friendly attitude, even when we requested to moved inside due to the weather. I had a quick wander and noticed that they had a magnificent selection of unch / lunch type foods including baguettes and salads. By the counter sat a gorgeous array of mini-quiches, muffins and almond croissants. De-lish!

When The Rabbit finally arrived I was starving and opted for the Pan fried mash potato cake w/ spinach, bacon, poached eggs, mayo and pesto [$19.5]. It arrived within about 15-20 minutes of ordering and looked a little different to how I remembered it.

Pan fried mash potato cake w/ spinach, bacon, poached eggs, mayo and pesto

I previously remembered the potato cake being light and fluffy and not so fried on the outside, but this new version was just as delicious. Crispy on the outside, the potato cake was mixed with the beautiful flavours of rosemary and a hint of salt. It was exquisitely fluffy and soft on the inside, just as a true potato cake should be. The eggs were perfectly made – gooey, thick and without a hint of vinegar or water. The pesto was a delicious combination with the bacon and eggs, adding a wonderfully nutty flavour in the backdrop of the dish.

The Rabbit had ordered the Corn Fritters w/ smoked salmon, fresh rocket, poached eggs & chilli & coriander yoghurt dressing [$19.5], and I must say it looked very appetising!

Corn Fritters w/ smoked salmon, fresh rocket, poached eggs & chilli & coriander yoghurt dressing

I had a cheeky taste and the coriander yoghurt dressing was definitely the star of this dish – it was fresh, exciting and had a tang that made you want to keep going back for more. I know Mr LB went into more depth on the brunch-dessert, but I have to quickly say that the fact that they warmed the chocolate almond croissant made all the difference. On a chilly day, it was the perfect way to end the meal. Arcadia really held true to the meaning of their name – the dishes were simplistic in concept, the atmosphere was busy but peaceful, and I can assure you that every brunch-goer leaves content.”

Final thought: “Fantastic dishes with a relaxed environment”

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  1. Sam

    Oooh I love Arcadia! Have you visited Southpaw next door? Gertrude is just bustling with amazing eats isn’t it! So tempting to blow all my cash on tasty treats…. The blog is looking fab by the way! xx


    1. Brunch Addict

      Yes we have! Both of us went for High Tea at Southpaw and it was amazing – only just a pity the the photos where completely unusable. Thanks for the feedback on the blog too, much appreciated! xx


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