760 Chapel St
South Yarra
Melbourne, 3141
(03) 9827 6221

Opening Hours:
This venue is now closed

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Coffee: Espresso Syndicate

Mr LB:
“The Yarra, whilst being a dirty muddy colour that would never be suitable for swimming, unofficially divides Melbourne.  For years, people have associated themselves as either from the north or south side of the Yarra, followed with a cheeky little stereotype about up-bringing.  Whilst this spirited divide will continue long beyond my lifetime,  such conversations can be matched with brilliant coffees and clever dishes at NorthSouth Eatery.

The architecture and visual design of NorthSouth Eatery is impressive with an unusual long rectangular shape, located on the ground floor of a block of apartments.  The open kitchen is visible at the back with a calm green – themed dining decor with the alternative option to eat out on the spacious footpath looking over Chapel Street.

My long black had been provided by Espresso Syndicate, an organically – focused coffee roasting company which only buys beans that meet their eco standards, quality and flavour profile.  Their high standards are commendable considering some sectors of the market have been exploited, however the quality of the coffee didn’t meet the standard I was looking for.  My long black had mild flavours with a pleasant caramel aftertaste, but there was a slight harsh undertone.  The coffee seemed to lack the noticeable features which many other coffee roasting labels offer.  This isn’t to say that my coffee wasn’t drinkable, but it lacked the excitement I was expecting.

Spaghetti carbonara – pancetta, garlic, parsley and parmesan with a slow poached egg

The menu at NorthSouth Eatery is certainly a standout in comparison to a number of cafes around the area.  The brunch options are considerably well priced, with a big focus on being house made. Their dishes are clever and are not seen at the typical cafe.  This includes, House made granola with yoghurt [$9] or House made crumpets with butter, honey & lemon [$7.5].

My mind was set on ‘unch‘ and I couldn’t forego the Spaghetti carbonara- pancetta, garlic, parsley and parmesan with a slow poached egg [$23].  This pasta was something special.  The carbonara had a creamy taste which was pleasant and there was no overload of cream.  The salmon pancetta was beautifully soft and there was no sign of a tough texture.  These two ingredients would usually make a great dish, however, adding the slow poached egg elevated the overall experience.  The dish was transformed once the egg was broken as it gripped to the spaghetti.  The creamy texture and the yolk made the spaghetti delightful. Combined with the pancetta it gave a fresh taste which was well balanced with the creamy texture.

To say NorthSouth Eatery is special would be an understatement.  The best thing about the Melbourne food scene is seeing a new addition which not only meets the standards but pushes the boundaries with innovation and tasty dishes.  We welcome NorthSouth Eatery to Melbourne.”

Miss SL:

“It was a glorious morning and Mr LB and I decided that, given it was 11:30am, we would go out for an ‘unch‘ experience on the Northern side of South Yarra at Northsouth Eatery. There was a host of cafes down that way that we’re dying to try – for example, the infamous Pearl Cafe (sister cafe of the one hat Pearl restaurant) and Pillar of Salt – a fairly new establishment not too much further up the road.

We arrived to find people relaxing and having their brunches, reading the paper and discussing the latest hot topic in the media. We thought we’d spotted a table, but weren’t 100% sure if it was occupied or not, so we asked the maitre de if there were any available tables in the sun. She had a peak and informed us that all tables were occupied but one of the other staff who had overheard our conversation, promptly told us in a cheerful manner that he would arrange some tables for us outside. What service! Within minutes he’d whipped up a table and some stools and we were then sitting in the most enviable position in the place!

Steak Sandwich with Rocket, Aioli, Onions and Fries

I was starving and, after ordering my coffee, was quick to order the Steak Sandwich with Rocket, Aioli, Onions and Fries [$19]. My goodness, did it look delicious! The panella bread was beautifully dense and topped with flour in a way that made it look so inviting to eat. The minute-steak looked juicy, hanging off the side of my burger and the caramelised onions were generously stacked on top.

The first bite I had of my burger was with the steak and bun (I couldn’t tackle any onion at this stage). The meat was perfectly done – cooked through without becoming dry and flavourless. The bread was chewy and thick, the perfect partner to the steak. The caramalised onions were sweet and succulent. The main stars of this dish though were the tomato relish and the aioli. The relish gave the burger a bite without being overpowering and the aioli had a beautiful tang to it which just exploded in my mouth. Give me more!
The chips were perfectly made too – not over or undercooked. It came without seasoning, allowing guests to adjust to taste with the pink sea salt flakes available on the table.

Steak Sandwich with Rocket, Aioli, Onions and Fries

I had a taste of Mr LBs dish, and I have to say that the salmon pruschetto was just gorgeous. The gooey egg was a beautiful addition to this light dish, adding a certain unique appeal to this otherwise simplistic meal.

Overall, I very much enjoyed Northsouth Eatery – the staff were extremely friendly, the atmosphere was relaxed and the unch-type foods were hearty, down-to-earth and just simply tasty.”

Final thought: “Great ‘unch’ inspired dishes and wonderful service”

Disclaimer: We found out the night before launching this post the Northsouth eatery is changing hands in terms of ownership. Make sure you check this place out before it’s gone / completely changes!

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