Opening Hours:
Please note this cafe has now closed and is now know as STREAT

Coffee: Social Roasting Company, Single Origin

Mr LB:
“Decor, ambiance and vibe- these are the first elements that any cafe goer observes when entering a cafe.  These first impressions are heavily relied upon when judging a cafe.  If a cafe is empty, pokie or just plain boring, an ill-informed cafe goers will question whether they should bother investing their time and money here.  Decor can be sexy, alluring and an eye opener, but it can also be superficial.  Social Roasting Company, hidden in the grungy, partly industrial suburb of Flemington proves that cafe’s don’t have to be designed by six degrees (which we love) to be exciting.

Social Roasting Company has a lovely layout with an odd arrangement of tables and chairs which don’t match on their own but collectively come together.  Art work is hung on the walls by local artist which can be purchased and the electric blue vintage – looking coffee machine adds casual touch.  There is even a lovely courtyard at the back to relax and remove yourself from the lively cafe conversations inside.

As the name suggest, Social Roasting Company proudly roast their coffee beans with a vintage German Probat roaster.  Their house blend has a very unique taste and it usually comprises of six individual beans sourced from various locations of the coffee belt (countries close to the equator which are in the prime location to grow coffee beans).  Their blend has a distinctively sweet and chocolate-like flavour.  Even with this prominent taste, which is identify quickly on the palate, the coffee has a naturally silky texture and pleasant aftertaste.  What is more impressive about this blend is the consistency of it.  I have been to the Social Roasting Company on a number of occasions over the years and the quality of the coffee has been enjoyable every time.

I am a tragic when it comes to ordering at the Social Roasting Company.  I am that guy you see who orders the same dish every time.  This isn’t to say that I don’t have an open mind, but as I scroll down the entire menu I become fixated and set on The Gatherer, poached eggs, wilted spinach, mushroom, hash brown, tomato and basil pesto on seeded sourdough [$18].

The Gatherer, poached eggs, wilted spinach, mushroom, hash brown, tomato and basil pesto on seeded sourdough

The dish arrives and it is beautifully plated, showcasing all the ingredients luring me to munch it down.  It is a hearty dish with defined brunch flavourings.  The mushrooms were beautifully sautéed with balsamic vinegar and roasted to be soft and juicy in a way that melts in your mouth.  The hash brown is quite simply the best in Melbourne, made with carefully prepared peeled potatoes, moulded together and lightly deep-fried.  The end result is amazing, with a crispy outside layer and a gently flavoured potato filling. Add a poached egg and the result is heavenly. The basil pesto consists of the usual suspects but also includes pine nuts.  It enhances the basil and is well-coupled with the rye bread.  I have also had The Gatherer with fluffy and juicy scrambled eggs and yes, it’s equally as tasty!

We all have a cafe that we swear upon.  A place that guarantees to meet everyones expectations, whether you are with mates, woman/man friend or family.  Social Roasting Company is a cafe I swear upon that is friendly, not lost by expensive decor, produces unique coffee and amazing food.  Make it your next cafe to swear upon.”

Miss SL:
“In the lovely suburb of Flemington lies a gem of a place known as Social Roasting Company. This was one of the first places Mr LB and I visited when starting to explore brunch in Melbourne – and it still stands as one of our favourites. Social Roasting Company‘s name originates from the social conscience which the company holds close as one of its core values. They focus on training and providing jobs for those that are long-term unemployed or struggling with mental illness. A cafe that gives back to the community? Tick number one in my book.

We arrived around midday and were seated immediately indoors around the communal table. We were greeted with the familiar chalkboard-wall full of menu options, each one looking more delicious than its predecessor. The thing I love about Social Roasting Company is how vegetarian-friendly the menu is. Tick number two.

Within 10 minutes of being seated, the temperature outside plummeted and I felt the need for something warm and hearty to fill me up. The last time I had come here I had the Spiced lentil dahl with spinach, roti and a poached egg [$14] and, remembering how good it was last time, opted for the same thing with a soy mocha.

Spiced lentil dahl with spinach, roti and a poached egg

My mocha arrived within 5 minutes, well presented and with a beautiful chocolate body. The flavour wasn’t overpowering – it was the perfect balance between chocolate and coffee. When my dish arrived it was perfectly presented in a gorgeous little terracotta pot. I must say the sizing was perfect – last time I had this dish it was served in a deep bowl and was far too much for me to eat (although I did, but I couldn’t eat for the rest of the day!).

Spiced lentil dahl with spinach, roti and a poached egg

My lentils were extremely hot and fresh out of the oven, but the risk of burning my mouth was well-worth it. As soon as I put the lentils in my mouth, the spices hit me. It wasn’t a chilli flavour, but merely a beautifully infused middle-eastern style dish. A very small portion of well-cooked and beautifully crisp roti bread was served alongside to accompany the lentils. When I cracked open my beautifully poached eggs, the yolk oozed out over the lentils and added a creamy texture which softened the flavour of the spiced lentils.

Overall, Social Roasting Company in Flemington has proved to be a consistently wonderful experience. The food here has been nothing short of excellent and the service friendly. A must visit in Melbourne.”

Final thought: “Consistently excellent brunch”

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