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Mon- Sun: 7am- 10pm

Coffee: Gravity

Mr LB:
“According to known sources, the colour orange is a powerful colour which symbolises healing and thirst for action, while stimulating enthusiasm, creativity and hunger. While this overachiever dominates the colour scene, on the Windsor side of Chapel Street you will come across Orange – the cafe. Orange has been around the Melbourne Cafe scene for quite some time, delivering brunch and a Modern Australian dinner menu. It is also a living testament that a Melbourne cafe can stand the through and peaks and troughs as a result of economic climate change.

Orange has a dark 70’s-styled decor with wooden paneling, leather chairs and a long bar table. A range of drinks and knick-knacks on the back wall gave it a relaxed and trendy feel.  What I particularly liked about Orange is its arrangement of seating to cater for various-sized groups.  There was standard bar tables, four people tables and designated rooms to cater for larger groups inside. A very cute courtyard at the back also allows brunch goers to relax outside. Being in a group of six on this occasion the only space was in the courtyard, where we were greeted by a lovely hanging tree with wooden panel seating and tables. The tree also had colourful lights, which was cute and would give a romantic feel at night.

Now for the coffee report. Orange sources coffee from Gravity Espresso Coffee. You may note that my relationship with Gravity Coffee has been on the unfavourable side. One reason is that the serving size is traditionally larger than the standard long black. On this occasion – and to my surprise  – Orange got the portion size correct. The coffee had an orange coloured head (no puns intended) with a smooth taste and a hint of sweet notes. The roast supplied at Orange is without a doubt  a better blend of Gravity Coffee. Their coffee could be considered above average but perhaps not quite up there with the best of Melbourne.

Winter had well and truly set in and this was evident with the chill breeze consistently flowing.  With these winter conditions, I had decided to order the Baked eggs, spicy tomato, chorizo, feta [$16] to warm myself up.  The baked eggs came out on a board which was nice, but the food presentation overall was a letdown.  The eggs looked like they were slightly overcooked as half of the egg had not only hardened, but was burnt.  Some parts of the egg were a little rubbery as I cut into it and the sourdough bread was smaller in comparison to other cafes.  Apart from this, the tomato sauce had a good amount of spice which did not dominate the dish.  There was a good portion of chorizo which was finely sliced and was well blended with the onion.  It was the warm and hearty dish which I was looking for and the range and level of flavours were well-balanced, however the dish overall seemed sloppy.  Sadly, there was no excitement in it.

Baked eggs, spicy tomato, chorizo, feta

Orange‘s brunch menu didn’t spark enthusiasm and creativity in comparison to its counterparts on Chapel Street.  Orange is great for big groups because of its clever architecture and there is no pressure to carry on after brunch is all said and done.  It provided a chilled cafe environment, but it lacks waiter attention and innovative dishes.”

Miss SL:
“The Doctor is leaving Melbourne soon to travel to the US and Europe, so we staged a farewell brunch for her in Windsor. She originally wanted to go to Dukes Coffee Roasters, but there was a long waiting list and we were all impatient. We wandered down to the veteran cafe that has stood the test of time – Orange, in Windsor.

It’s probably at this point that I should briefly mention that all photos for this particular blog was taken by Miss M because I’d left my camera at home and hers is way better anyway.
I’d been to Orange something like four years ago and hadn’t really realised how big the venue was. There were multiple rooms inside for dining and then towards the back of the venue it opens out into a large courtyard. Wrapped around the trees were coloured light globes providing a nice atmosphere for a few pre-drinks before a night out. We were much entertained by the dog looking at us from over the fence. Too cute!

The waiters seemed to forget us outside as we sat for about 15 minutes waiting to order. When our meals came out my reaction was mixed – the French Toast w/ grilled banana, maple syrup [$15] add bacon [$19] looked delicious, but the serving size was underwhelming.

French Toast w/ grilled banana, maple syrup add bacon

The bread was wonderfully thick and soft. It managed to hold itself well, despite being covered in maple syrup. The banana was sweet and soft and just simply delicious. The bacon was definitely my favourite part of this dish, though despite looking like it had been cooked in an unclean pan, it was exquisitely crispy and crunchy.

Miss M ordered the Grilled cheese w/ an assortment of great cheeses, grilled to bubbling on baguette [$7.5]. It actually looked so delicious that Mr LB and myself ordered one to share once we’d finished our dish. Too bad the waitress never entered our order on the computer.

Grilled cheese w/ an assortment of great cheeses, grilled to bubbling on baguette

Mr Pen was determined to ruin my photo opportunity by destroying his well-plated meal before I could get a shot in. I still took a photo of his Baked beans w/ mixed fresh beans on toast [$9.2].

Baked beans w/ mixed fresh beans on toast

Overall Orange was nice, but not great. Perhaps cafes in the local area have become much more competitive, but this trendy cafe heavy-weight needs to step up and reclaim its former glory.”

Final thought: “A tempting grilled cheese”

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