Location: 19 North Road, Newport

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 7am – 4pm
Sat-Sun: 8am – 4pm

Coffee: 5 Senses

Mr LB:
“Apparently the Melbourne ‘Latte line’ is not just restricted to the CBD and neighboring outskirts. Due the cost of buying a house and the many taxes associated with it, people are moving further out of the CBD and still demanding their high-quality cups of goodness. Cafes have approached this social movement with warm, welcoming arms as they venture outwards to deliver lattes to the suburbs. Suburbs original considered dirty, dodgy and ‘blue collar districts’ are now the new attraction, as they can ‘rough it up’ whilst having good brunch dishes. A recent new addition is The Pint of Milk situated in Newport, once home to warfies.

The Pint of Milk is a corner shop that was once home to a Milkbar, still retaining the features of its predecessors, including the in-built milk fridge and the news headline posters. It also brings that lovely cafe feel including bike hooks and big inviting windows. There is seating inside and outside and even a little outside cafe bench-top down the side of the premise. Inside is a cosy set up with an open kitchen and milkman inspired artwork.

The Pint of Milk offers coffee from 5 Senses, a traditional roasting house which has grown over the years and kept in line with coffee trends. One impressive element to The Pint of Milk coffee offerings is its use of various roasted blends from 5 Senses. On this occasion and referring to the tasting notes, we had indulged in the 5 Senses- Dark Horse blend. The aroma had subtle notes of cherry and it also represent red capsicum, giving it slightly savory overtones. Unfortunately, my nose has not evolved to the sensitivity required to smell the capsicum,  but the taste of the coffee was terrific. It had a strong and sweet flavour with a calm aftertaste, making a delightful long black.

The menu offered by The Pint of Milk was not the generic suburban menu with the usual suspects. They had a clear food vision to serve high-quality brunch dishes with an individual spin. After careful consideration on their modest menu, I had decided to go for the Spiced chickpea, tomato & cumin cassoulet, poached eggs, hazelnut dukkah, flatbread & sumac labne [$16].

Spiced chickpea, tomato & cumin cassoulet, poached eggs, hazelnut dukkah, flatbread & sumac labne

Plating for a brunch meal can be something overlooked in many cases, but not here. My meal was plated with precision and I was excited to dig in.  The spiced chickpeas were cooked to perfection as it melted in my mouth and was complemented by the tomato.  The poached eggs made this dish feel more like a breakfast / brunch and the dukkah topping it off has always been a favourite.  It was an excellent, hearty meal for a winter day.

Being a Sunday and feeling indulgent, I cheekily persuaded Ms SL to brunch dessert.  Eying off the options available, we couldn’t go pass the Chocolate Brownie [$5].  It was served with soft cream which went well with the rich chocolate flavours.  It was tasty and rich without feeling heavy or guilty.

Chocolate Brownie

There isn’t much more to say than this – if you live around the area and this is the first time you have heard of this place, get on your bike or get your walking shoes on and head to The Pint of Milk this weekend.  If you’re like “oh, but it’s too far” get a car and make a day out of it. It’s worth your while! Happy brunching!”

Miss SL:
“The sun was shining and traffic was low as we took a leisurely drive to see Mr Pen and Miss M down in Newport for brunch at newly opened, The Pint of Milk. Open for only 5 weeks (when we visited) the place was alive and buzzing. Situated right on the corner of North Road and Douglas Parade, it’s hard to miss.

We walk in to a very casual atmosphere, with large copper down-lights. The picture of a milkman with his truck full of milk bottles was painted on the side wall; a strange combination of carefully crafted architectural style artwork combined with lassez-faire brush strokes. The owner came by our table and chatted to us, telling us that he was surprised how much business had walked through the door since opening day. A review in Broadsheet doesn’t hurt!

The menu was limited, but had a great range of offerings including Ricotta hotcakes with macerated berries & lemon curd, or with honeycomb parfait & maple caramel [$12] and Steak & eggs, balsamic & worcestershire glaze, baby cos & herb salad [$18]. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I would take anything that sounded remotely close to corn fritters, and thus opted for the Potato and chive pancakes, poached egg, salmon & asparagus on pumpernickel brioche [$16] with a soy latte.

Potato and chive pancakes, poached egg, salmon & asparagus on pumpernickel brioche

Potato and chive pancakes, poached egg, salmon & asparagus on pumpernickel brioche

When my meal came out it was like a work of art. The egg was perched atop a beautifully browned slice of brioche, seated next to the asparagus, which was romantically entwined within the salmon. First I sampled the potato and chives pancakes. They were surprisingly fluffy and light. Next up was the egg, pumpernickel brioche and salmon. The egg was stupendously gooey and added a rich moisture to the brioche, which was crisped on the edges.

The pumpernickel added an interesting dimension to this dish, which I would say was neither good nor bad. Perhaps I was still getting used to the texture of the brioche, as I can’t say it’s a food I eat very often. The salmon was rich, thin and salty. It lifted the brioche and was well matched with the egg. The asparagus was probably the star of this dish. It was fresh and full of juice.

Pint’s muesli with natural yoghurt & seasonal poached fruit

Miss M was being healthy as always, and ordered the Pint’s muesli with natural yoghurt & seasonal poached fruit [$9].

Mr Pen ordered the Sweetcorn & zucchini fritters with an avocado  tomato salsa [$12]. He has a habit of trying to destroy his food before I can take a photo of it, but today he was feeling generous.

Sweetcorn & zucchini fritters with an avocado tomato salsa

Overall, The Pint of Milk was a nice experience. It was easy to find, had a relaxed atmosphere and was easy to get a seat. Service was friendly and the owner seemed very much in touch with what his locals like. A great place to visit if you’re in the area with friends or a loved one.”

Final thought: “Beautifully plated brunch”

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