Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 7am – 5pm

Coffee: Seven Seeds

Mr LB:
“Coffee has come a long way from the days of the dancing goats eating raw coffee beans. In this day and age coffee is a fundamental pillar in our society and the making of good coffee is not a simple task. As consumers, we expect a lot and if the barista makes an amateur mistake this could lead to a lifetime boycott of an establishment. Luckily Melbourne is rich with coffee competition, where local coffee labels can deliver and go beyond expectations. To celebrate Gabriel De Clieu’s contribution to society by introducing coffee and cultivation to the French colonies in 1720, Seven Seeds has opened up a cafe in his name – De Clieu.

De Clieu is situated in Gertrude Street, which is lively in food, bars and art. De Clieu is very hip and cool, located on a corner and is cleverly designed. Seating is well utilised both inside and outside, providing options with ample space. You can also purchase coffee beans and accessories here and if you are keen to get your coffee taste buds in gear, each Thursday at 3pm they hold a cupping session.

Seven Seeds  Long Black [$3.50], what else can be said? Coffee doesn’t get any better than this. They are mine and others coffee benchmark and so each year those at Seven Seeds personally oversee and select the best raw coffee beans to ensure quality. Their house blend on this occasion was a Nicaraguan blend, which had a lovely fruity taste , having left a crisp after taste. The crisp flavour refreshed my palate and gave me a desire for more. What separates Seven Seeds coffee is its ability to consistently produce a smooth texture  which highlights the bean flavours. It’s not just coffee coming from a packet, rather it’s a special beverage packed with flavour.

Fresh ricotta w toasted baguette w beetroot cured ocean trout, corrichons, caperberries & pickled red onions

In the past, my only reservation for Seven Seeds was that their cafe had limited food options. It was my impression that food seemed to take a back seat  to their coffee, which is unfortunate considering a cafe should also revolve around food. De Clieu, to my surprise, provided a small but impressive food menu with unique dishes without the common ‘Eggs Benedict’. I was fascinated with their cold food influence and went for the Fresh ricotta w toasted baguette w beetroot cured ocean trout, corrichons, caperberries & pickled red onions [$15.5].

Surprising is an understatement. The fresh flavours and the quality of the preparation of the different components were impressive. The plating was delightful, with all ingredients ready to be tailored to my brunching needs. In a way, it allows the eater to become more intimate with their food while instilling excitement. The ricotta had a lovely taste with the right level of saltiness. The cured ocean trout had a rich beetroot flavour which was prominent on the plate and the red onions were equally delightfully. The meal was fantastic and it would be the ideal shared brunch meal. I was so excited with the taste that I wanted to give Miss SL more and more.


Brunch dessert couldn’t be overlooked and we had decided to go for the Friand [$5] and I had a short mac to go with it (I couldn’t help myself). The Friand had a lovely soft flour texture with a good hint of orange with fresh blue berries. The good thing about the Friand it was not a heavy brunch desert and was fine way to finish.

De Clieu provides a unique brunch experience for food and coffee. It is a perfect addition to the long line of Gertrude Street cafes and will prove to hold its own against the competition.”

Miss SL:
“After a long time of saying ‘we should go to coffee spot De Clieu‘, we finally did. Located a stones throw away from SouthPaw and Birdman Eating, this cafe was named after a French Lieutenant who introduced coffee to the French colonies in South America.

This small space was designed by architect geniuses Six Degrees, who have designed some of Melbourne’s most cutting edge cafes such as Auction Rooms and The Newmarket Hotel. The thing I love about this place is that even the windowsill outside has been converted into a dining /coffee spot, where a couple of people can tuck themselves in and read a book or have a chat.

It was a Saturday afternoon when we arrived, and we were immediately seated on a communal table. The menu looked exciting, and I can say that apart from cafe staples such as toast with jam and muesli, everything on the menu looked like it was designed to challenge the senses. To accompany my meal – Pork Neck Roti w/ fried FR [free range] eggs, sweet roasted pork neck, spring onion roti, barbeque sauce [$15.5] – I ordered a soy latte [$4].

My drink came out and the quality was evident. Smooth and creamy, it was easy to drink. So easy that I finished it before my meal came out and I had to order another soy mocha. My dish was served shortly after ordering my second drink and I have to say, it looked hearty. Two thick slices of pork neck, drizzled with barbeque sauce on a bed of crinkled roti bread.

Pork Neck Roti w/ fried FR [free range eggs, sweet roasted pork neck, spring onion roti, barbeque sauce

I noticed that the roti was made a little differently to other cafes. It looked like it was made with self-raising flour, as it was thick and fluffy, maintaining a beautifully crunchy texture on the top and bottom of the bread. The pork neck was dense but delicious. I have a feeling that it was slightly overcooked, as it was a little tough to cut through. My meal was heavier than I anticipated – I expected the pork neck to be delivered in smaller portions rather than thick cuts.

Fresh ricotta w toasted baguette w beetroot cured ocean trout, corrichons, caperberries & pickled red onions

Mr LB assembled a small sample of his meal and I have to say it was deliciously fresh. The ingredients were crisp, freshly made and provided a variety of well-matched textures and  flavours. My favourite was the beetroot-soaked onion, which was tangy. The ricotta cheese was also wonderful with a silky smooth texture.

Overall De Clieu was delicious and quite frankly, just simply a cool place to hang out. The vibe was relaxed, the crowd were trendy without an air of pretentiousness and staff was abundant.”

Final thought: “Assemble-yourself-and-share brunch option with amazing coffee”

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