Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 7am-4.30pm

Coffee: AllPress Espresso

Mr LB:
“A few months back I was rent hunting. Being a virgin to the game, the process was painful. Using my various renting mobile apps and resources, I wasted my midweek nights and Saturday morning’s scoping out apartments. Upon this newly relished experience, it had dawn on me that majority of low-priced apartments are glorified shoe boxes. It is considered a feature (not a requirement!) for an apartment to have washing machine taps, and therefore, carefully positioned coin laundries answered the prayer of many smelly small apartment renters. Coin laundries are generally located in key-high density areas, with ample space required to fit equipment. Perfect for a cafe, when you think about it. In Armadale there is a cafe just a hop, skip and jump away from Armadale Station, formerly a coin laundry aptly named Coin Laundry.

Coin Laundry is aesthetical lovely and captivating as you enter. The location is ideal with plenty of natural light but also retaining a little of the coin laundry feel with its exterior signage. You could consider this cafe to have a ‘higher ground’ and ‘lower ground’ dining area. The layout was nice with a lower ground area fitted with a communal table and other smaller tables. On the higher ground you will find the open kitchen/barista station and more seating. The art decor was complimenting to the ambiance, with a mounted grate on the side of the wall where hanging art changes frequently and tea towel cloth drapes the ceiling. On this occasion there was blue and white swan origami.

Coin Laundry sources coffee from my Sydney favourite, AllPress Espresso. With Movida Terraza being closed for the winter (re-opening in September) I haven’t had my weekly hit of AllPress, making my early morning Thursday brunch even better. Once my cup of gold had arrived [long black $3.5], I immediately noticed that it had an interesting and surprising to taste to it – a prominent chocolate flavour. It wasn’t an overbearing taste and was complimented by the smooth and delicate texture that it left behind. It didn’t entice me to have another coffee, but it sure was a lovely brew which wasn’t going to be forgotten. Having been a few times after this sitting, the brew is remained consistently fabulous and the right way to start the day.

The brunch menu at Coin Laundry was cleverly short and concise, giving the brunch goer enough options to play around but not getting lost in their decision. There are quick snack items of toast/croissant with Jam Lady Jam, handmade in Healsville with fresh produce and organic sugar.

I haven’t had a hearty breakfast in a while and on that epiphany, I quickly decided on the Coin Laundry Breakfast of smashed avocado, roma tomatoes, bacon, beetroot relish, baby spinach & poached eggs [$16.50]. My meal was certainly hearty with good portions all round.

The smashed avocado had a smooth texture with a sweet taste due to the use of cooking cream rather than the usual feta. The bacon was extremely crispy, which is not a personal favourite, however Miss SL seemed to rather enjoy stealing my bacon with a rather smug look on her face. The poached eggs were beautifully crafted and when pierced, the yolk had oozed out deliciously. A notable mention needs to  be made to the beetroot relish made up of shaved beetroot strips, seasoned with an oil dressing. It was a lovely fresh addition to the dish, separating it from the usual big breakfast. It also went well with the other elements.

Coin Laundry Breakfast of smashed avocado, roma tomatoes, bacon, beetroot relish, baby spinach & poached eggs

On a negative point, the meal had seemed far too big for me. There was only one slice of toast and by the end of my meal I was eating a lot of spinach by itself. With that said, it was an impressive big breakfast meal with excellent flavours.

Orange and Chocolate Muffin

As I was leaving I decided to quickly pick up a cheeky brunch dessert to go, deciding on the Orange and Chocolate Muffin [$4]. Being a big muffin fan, I have to say this was a delicious muffin. It was freshly baked with that slightly crisp muffin top, with the right amount of moisture inside. The flavours were perfectly delivered, with a clear orange taste with noticeably sized chocolate buttons. A worthy ‘to go’ snack for later.

Coin Laundry is just what Armadale needed – a hip cafe within a unique location serving quality food and coffee. It is not surprising to see lines on a weekend and its sure should be added to your brunch list of ‘must travel to’.”

Miss SL:
“The client I currently work for has moved office location – and thankfully too. A little closer to society means that I get to regularly enjoy and discover local cafes (in fact, just having a local cafe feels like a privilege!). Enter Coin Laundry, a large, unassuming cafe tucked away just behind Armadale station. I have to say that I always love a place that retains some of the history of the location and, as you have probably already guessed, the building that this trendy cafe is located in was previously a laundry mat.

We entered the beautifully clean, white building to find it alive with people. We luckily managed to snare a table for four and ordered our coffees while pondering over the menu. The coffee was delicious and I liked that, despite being busy, the barista didn’t slack off with the coffee art.

The building is L-shaped with limited seating, however the overall architecture and cafe concept was warm. Wooden tables, wire mesh decorated with paper origami swans and beautiful flora splashed here and there on communal tables, all adding to the vibe of the cafe.

The counter overlooks into the long kitchen where the food is masterfully prepared.

Two of my colleagues arrived to join us for breakfast, and we immediately ordered breakfast. Two of us ordered the Chickpea and chorizo cassoulet w/ fried egg & grilled turkish bread [$15], while my vegetarian colleague ordered the Corn and manchego fritters w/ guacamole, corn relish & creme fresh [$15.50].

Chickpea and chorizo cassoulet w/ fried egg & grilled turkish

Our meals arrived and it was as expected – a warm bake-mix with chunks of mildly spiced sausages amongst a chickpea and tomato stew. The morning was cold and I was hungry, so lentils was a great way to meet my dietary requirements. The chickpeas were hearty and soft with the sausages adding a chewy texture to the meal. The tomato sauce was well made, as it wasn’t too salty. I managed to finish my entire serving (which actually was way too large for me), resulting in no desire to eat until well after 2pm.

Corn and manchego fritters w/ guacamole, corn relish & creme fresh

I had a cheeky taste of my colleagues corn fritters and they were pretty delicious, although there seemed to be something missing. The fritter was dense, but too much rocket ruined the satisfaction I would have had in this dish, had I ordered it myself.

The staff at Coin Laundry are super friendly and the vibe is relaxed and welcoming. I suspect that this place would be buzzing beyond capacity on the weekend, so my suggestion would be to try to sneak in for a mid-week breakfast or take away coffee. This place has good potential to become my new local.”

Final Thought: “The perfect addition to Armadale that will fill your belly with good food and great coffee”

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