Opening hours:
Monday- Sunday 7am-5pm

Coffee: 5 Senses

Mr LB:
“A couple of weeks ago, I had embarked upon watching three hours of television about gadgets. Steven Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets was an interesting show as Steven Fry had subjectively selected his favourite gadgets and told the world why he was right (selfish!). It was interesting as he went through the list that the car never made the final cut. This could be for a number of reasons, including the fact that a car may not be a gadget or that it has no use at all. There is no doubt that an automobile is a fundamental element to life as we know it today. Car repair shops provide an open and large space and would be a great opportunity to fit out a cafe. With that revelation there is a cafe which originated from a car garage – Hobba coffee + kitchen.

The first thing that you will notice when you get to Hobba coffee + kitchen is the sheer size of it. This cafe has a large clean presence with carefully position down lights and ample natural light. There are various seating options which is ideal for groups and individuals. There is even enough room to plant a beautiful hanging tree and a kids corner. For a guy that likes the idea of embracing the mums and dads to bring the little lovely or terror (depending on his/her mood), Hobba coffee + kitchen caters for all. There is a lovely ambiance which allows for big groups to attend but also having the opportunity to have a friendly conversation without being impacted by surrounding noise.

It was time to feed my addiction…coffee. My Long Black [$3.50] was from 5 Senses, who lately (in my opinion) are really making a big scene on the coffee front. On most occasions we have had their Dark Horse blend which is a fantastic roast and enjoyed on a number of occasions. However Hobba coffee + kitchen chose a different blend, named the Hardest Blend. My coffee certainly had a darker flavour but with a fruity flavour appearing in the aftertaste. There was a clean and elegant finish which was refreshing and addictive. I have been going to Hobba coffee + kitchen on a regularly basis for the past couple of months and I can confirm that their consistent coffee craftsmanship is spot on. I also like the fact that they have taken a unique coffee flavour as their house blend – a bold step which has certainly paid off!

Grilled pear brioche French toast with apple & rhubarb crème fraiche & hazelnut streusel

The food menu is unusually small when you consider the size of the premise. However, you can never judge a book by its cover. There is a good selection of options to pick from for brunch with change to spare after ordering a coffee. On this occasion I was keen for something sweet and opted for the Grilled pear brioche French toast with apple & rhubarb crème fraiche & hazelnut streusel [13.20]. I was quite surprised that there was only one slice of french toast, but that aside plating was a work of art. This dish certainly had a sweet spot and it was delectable with the apple that still retained its form. The nutty hazelnut was a necessary element to break the sweet flavors that went well with the French toast.

Grilled pear brioche French toast with apple & rhubarb crème fraiche & hazelnut streusel

Simple may be the new black for cafe decor and experience, but it has surely paid off at Hobba coffee + kitchen. There is a clear sense of friendless and relaxation at Hobba coffee + kitchen with no pressure at all to leave. Sure my meal was a little tiny, but the quality of the food was of a high standard with a reasonable price. What else more can I say? If you are in the area and the car decides it wants a rest, you can rest with a brunch at Hobba coffee + kitchen.

Miss SL:

“On a busy road in a not so busy area, lies Hobba coffee + kitchen  – a simplistic, no-nonsense and fresh cafe. It’s easy to miss by The Muffler Man store next door, but once you enter it’s like stepping into a small haven. New to the area with relaxed and extremely friendly staff, this cafe offers coffee by 5 Senses, morning breakfast and snack food. Has it become my new local along with Coin Laundry? Yes. Yes it has.

The two gentlemen behind Hobba coffee + kitchen – Gerrick Numan and Josh Powell – have been in the industry for over a decade with Numan providing expert knowledge on what makes a good brew and Powell heading up the kitchen (drawing on his past experiences at Vue De Monde, Circa and Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck in the UK).

We arrived to one of the regular waitresses greeting us with a menu as soon as we sat down beside the feature tree in the back of the cafe. Mr LB and I had eaten rather late the night before, so I opted for something healthy – the House blend honey roasted granola, organic natural yogurt, poached rhubarb & pear [$10], with a soy latte to accompany.

I had been here several times before Mr LB and I decided to formalise our visit here, having previously eaten their piadinas, tasted the wagyu burger (amazing steak chips accompanying it!) and tasting some of their breakfasts options. Each time I was presented with a meal that I have enjoyed. The food can occasionally be wholly simplistic (such as the smashed avocado on toast) and other times just purely delicious (roast pumpkin piadina).

House blend honey roasted granola, organic natural yogurt, poached rhubarb & pear

When my muesli came out, I knew immediately that I wouldn’t be able to finish it. The serving size was massive, but would have been perfect for a man on an empty stomach. The rhubarb was a beautiful pink colour which added life to my muesli. It was juicy, soft and bursting with flavour. Sitting underneath was the perfectly poached pears, infused with cinnamon. They were soft but firm, retaining their shape and flavour without being overpowering.

house blend honey roasted granola, organic natural yogurt, poached rhubarb & pear

Hobba coffee + kitchen have their own special granola blend made from toasted muesli, coconut, pinenuts, peaches, cranberries and who knows what else! Hearty is an understatement with this muesli blend and it kept me full well into lunchtime.

Overall Hobba is a relaxed, understated environment. The staff are possibly the friendliest I’ve come across and the food is simple, fresh and delicious.”

Final thought: “Simple, delicious food that won’t break the bank”

Hobba Coffee + Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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