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Coffee: 5 Senses

Mr LB:
“It’s funny when a few decent cafes emerge in an undesirable suburb full of young hipsters – the suburb instantly becomes real estate heaven. While serious house ownership is only for the rich, we are apparently being more cautious with our spending. While we may not be buying ‘that new dress/suit’, we are willing to open out wallets to cafes and restaurants. With this increase in demand, brunch goers are currently playing a lot of ‘the waiting game’ (a game which us at Brunch Addict has become very accustomed to).

In the suburb of Abbotsford resides the marvelous cafe of Three Bags Full within an ex-industrial building. The owners here have realised their true demand and have open another space right next door –Three Bags Full Ltd. With more seating, a bigger kitchen and with an addition coffee machine the size of a small coffin, supply may just meet demand.

Three Bags Full

The thing I love about Three Bags Full & Three Bags Full Ltd is the clean decor it provides. Three Bags Full has very high ceilings with a number of drop down lights. There is plenty of natural light and the stools are made out of old road signs. In contrast, Three Bags Full Ltd has a more intimate feeling, with a large communal table to suit various parties. There is less natural light but it has a clean, polished finish. It’s even less noisier in comparison to Three Bags Full which got a big thumbs up from my old man!

Three Bags Full Ltd

Coffee is bought by the bag full and sourced by the much demanded 5 Senses. Quality and taste seem to be the over arching principles when it comes to Three Bags Full coffee. Their coffee presentation is superb and the taste is impressive. Its house blend has a defined fruity taste which is smooth to the front of the palate, while the back taste gives a crisp and refreshing taste. A lot of effort has gone into making the coffee and I could tell by the quality. It was a fabulous blend to try and they also have a range of single origins if you are the curious type.

Three Bags Full & Three Bags Full Ltd have the same menu. Their brunch and lunch menu isn’t as innovative as other cafes which we have visited, however, what they lack in innovation they make up in quality. Their produce is second to none and the taste doesn’t get any better. On this occasion, I went for the Veggie Breakfast- eggs, tomato, mushroom, avocado, relish + toast [$17]. The poached eggs very firm to piece through but still retain its yolky inside and giving that warm texture colour. The mushrooms were saute to perfection and went well with the other ingredients. The bread was also lovely – crisp and enhanced by spreading avocado. Overall it was a simply good veggie breakfast to curb your hunger away.

Vegie Breakfast- eggs, tomato, mushroom, avocado, relish + toast

Three Bags Full & Three Bags Full Ltd brings a cafe experience that all cafes should take note. The staff were efficient and friendly, the food is amazing and the ambiance of the cafe is warm and inviting. It’s a place that you can really lose track of time and with the new outfit there shouldn’t be too long of a wait until you get to experience all of the joys Three Bags Full provide.”

Miss SL:
“It’s hard as a blogger not to go to somewhere that’s ‘been there, done that’, but unfortunately, they are the places that do it best. Three Bags Full is a cafe in Abbotsford, brought to us by the creators of APTE (A Place To Eat) in Alphington (we hear it’s very nice!).

Three Bags Full is very unassuming, located between Nicholson and Mollison Streets. How to find it? The bright yellow cafe chairs outside, of course! Like most places in Melbourne, once you step inside the old exteriors of a historical building, you will find that it opens up into a magnificent and inviting wonderland. Designed by “Designer Nathan” the outfit is warm and chic with a little bit of quirk. For example, the communal table is made up of the floor of a former ten pin bowling lane!

I’ve been to Three Bags Full a few times and each time has been enjoyable. The highlight has always – and remains to be their cookies. Believe me, it’s worth the trip.

I’m slowly working my way through their menu, having previously had their Braised Leek + Potato Omelette – braised leeks, potato, seeded mustard + gruyere [$15], scrambled eggs special with salmon and dill [$15] and their Beetroot Cured Salmon – corn, pea + feta fritter, avocado, rocket + dill sour cream [$16]. I was not in the mood for eggs on the day we visited, and decided on the Pumpkin and Sage Fritters with grilled haloumi, rocket + fennel salad, rocket pistau [$15.50] with a soy latte.

Pumpkin and Sage Fritters with grilled haloumi, rocket + fennel salad, rocket pistau

Pumpkin and Sage Fritters with grilled haloumi, rocket + fennel salad, rocket pistau

The plating was magnificent, with the pumpkin and sage fritters buried within the rocket accompanying it. My corn fritters were soft and quite literally just melted in my mouth. The salad was fresh and the fennel added the perfect level of crunch and zing that the dish needed.

Pumpkin and Sage Fritters with grilled haloumi, rocket + fennel salad, rocket pistau

Pumpkin and Sage Fritters with grilled haloumi, rocket + fennel salad, rocket pistau

The haloumi was chewy and perhaps not as salty as say, St Alis choice of cheese. I think salt levels and how they balance a meal are a personal preference, but with that said, I would have preferred them to be saltier to balance the fritters. Next up we ordered a Flourless Chocolate Cupcake [$5].

Flourless Chocolate Cupcake

Flourless Chocolate Cupcake

For a cupcake, this thing was rich! The ganache on top was full-bodied and extremely rich in flavour. I was glad I was sharing! The cupcake itself was semi-dense. It definitely was not light and fluffy and while I enjoyed it, my mind kept wandering over the the cookies near the counter.

We packed away our Chocolate, Apricot & Macadamia Cookie [$4.50] to go and I have to re-iterate, it’s worth the travel for Melbourne’s best-made cookies. The way the cookie is formed, the big chocolate chunks and the dough combine to make this filling sweet treat puts most grandmothers to shame. If only I had the recipe!

Chocolate, Apricot & Macadamia Cookie

Chocolate, Apricot & Macadamia Cookie

Three Bags Full has a well-earned reputation of being one of many Melbourne bloggers top-picks. Their atmosphere is busy without being over-crowded, their clientele is trendy, yet unpretentious. Food-wise, they are fresh, with something to please everyone. ”

Final though: “Melbourne’s best made cookies – worth the travel wherever you are”

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  1. Hannah

    The vegie breakfast looks fantastic, but oh dear heavens. I really, really feel like those eggs are eyeballs watching my every move. I think I shall instead dream of the cookie…


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