Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 8am – 4pm
Sat – Sun: 8:30am – 4pm

Coffee: AllPress Espresso
Note: Cash Only

Mr LB:
Friend– noun– a person who is attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

I believe the definition of friend needs to include ‘loves hanging around brunch cafes’. A brunch experience is without a doubt social one, whether you are catching up with regular mates or a friend you haven’t seen since saying “we need to catch up” (and actual meant it). Whatever your purpose, it is always good socialising to get the gossip and excellent coffee and satisfaction in the belly department is a good bonus. While the quality and wow factor of Melbourne cafes vary, there is certainly a sector of Melbourne cafes and operators who are always on the money. From the people who bought you Porgie + Mr.Jones and Snow Pony Cafe bring another popular brunch place for friends to meet and mingle, Friends of mine.

Friends of mine is located on the very busy Swan Street, which is inundated with furniture stores and high-end car dealerships. There is a certain level of detail and a running theme which the creators of Friends of mine have adopted. There has been careful consideration with the decor and furniture selection within the three interior rooms and outside landscape. Outside is very casual and informal. The second room provides a communal table with steel shaped bum seats, contrasting against the main room in the back, which has various tables with white table-cloth and a little flower for that intimate feel. Local art hangs on the wall and there is even a chandelier. Talk about going fancy!

A coffee was a well needed remedy on a late Sunday brunch and at Friends of mine they have selected the very popular and well supplied coffee blend, AllPress Espresso. They provide AllPress  house blend which has a tendency of having a dark flavour with a chocolate hint. One noticeable difference to other blends I have tasted was the fact that there was a prominent dark taste – so much so that even Miss SL had noticed this through her soy. Once the coffee settled it was definitely a better coffee to enjoy.

It was a hard decision at Friends of Mine, with impressive lunch options creating conflict with egg-yearning breakfast fiend. Whilst I didn’t have a massive Saturday night, the “HUNG” over- our herb + cheesy toast, poached googles, bacon + avocado [$18.9] had caught my eye. While the dish was not overly complex, I was certainly impressed by the high quality of its produce. The multigrain toast was fresh and the seeds had that crunchy texture. The eggplant relish had a rich and fresh flavour which had certainly complemented the cheesy flavours throughout the dish. The bacon was prepared well, but the serving size was a little small. The poached eggs were prepared perfectly with the right gooey conditions. It was certainly a tasty and satisfying meal, but I couldn’t help but think that there was something missing. With such excellent produce, I would have like for the dish to have a little more innovation to real drive that wow factor.

“HUNG” over- our herb + cheesy toast, poached googles, bacon + avocado

Friends of Mine is clearly a winner around Melbourne and in some regard it is a winner for me. While waiting for a table will be the norm, there is certainly some fantastic meals being produced with coffees to match. It is a safe option if you are looking for a high quality taste to your brunch meal.”

Miss SL:
“For quite a few weeks, Mr LB had been talking about Friends of Mine, a cafe situated in Richmond. Situated near what is quickly becoming one of our favourite furniture stores, Hermon & Hermon, this corner store cafe was packed to the brim with people when we arrived.

We entered into what seemed like a small space – a delicate area painted black, with cases full of sweets and macaroons. It was an impressive and sophisticated cashier area, setting precedence to the rest of the cafe / restaurant.

As we walked through, there were three large seating areas – the main dining room, the secondary dining room which was slightly smaller in size and the back room, that fitted only a few tables. I couldn’t help but be surprised at the sheer space and capacity of this seemingly small cafe. As we walked through to be seated, we noticed that there was a running theme of ‘You are beautiful’ throughout the cafe.

The menu looked to be rather large, but when it came to the brunch menu it was rather limited. I ended up selecting the ‘Jack + Jill’ – poached eggs, bacon, 12hr roasted tomato, avocado + thyme buttered mushies [$18.90] with a soy latte.

‘Jack + Jill’ – poached eggs, bacon, 12hr roasted tomato, avocado + thyme buttered mushies

My meal came out and it looked delicious. The 12 hour roasted tomatoes were  beautifully sweet and soft, providing a nice contrast to my crisp, mildly bitter bacon. As for my poached eggs, one was cooked perfectly while the other was slightly overdone. This didn’t really impact my enjoyment of my meal though.
The thyme buttered mushrooms were hidden underneath the wads of bacon and tomatoes and were very dark in colour. There was something slightly odd about the taste of the mushrooms, which I’m not sure I liked nor disliked. My favourite component of the dish was definitely the bacon, as not a lot of places make it so gorgeously crisp while retaining the juicy flavour. Overall my dish was nice and fresh, but it lacked a certain level of punch – as there was no ‘wow’ factor.

The staff at Friends of Mine were very friendly and attentive and service was excellent. It’s a nice place to go for brunch with fussy friends, as the atmosphere was welcoming and non superficial. Friends of Mine was a place worth visiting.”

Final Thought: “Quality produce for fussy eaters”

Friends of Mine on Urbanspoon

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