Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 7am – 4pm
Sat-Sun: 8am – 3pm

Coffee: House blend (roasted by Sensory Lab), Single Origin (roasted by either 5 Senses & Market Lane), Syphon Coffee

Mr LB:
“My mother told me not to lie!” is the phrase uttered by many of our innocent youths. Whilst I am certainly not a parent (and don’t intend to be for a number of years), it does come across as a good value to instill on children. There is a sense of hope that one day they will become good moral citizens to be proud of. However, there is a fatal flaw in this rationale – mothers and fathers lie to their child on a level that could be defined only as compulsive! Whether it is about how they were born, a certain fat man dressed in red who breaks and enter homes or a collecting tooth fairy, the lies continue. However, there is one cafe which would never lie about the quality of food and beverages is a cafe in Hawthorn known as  Liar Liar.

Liar Liar is located within the hub of Hawthorn off Glenferrie Road. It’s a cool and quiet cafe space that hides away from the busy bustle. The indoor seating is ironically in a ‘L’ shape with additional outdoor seating. The space is modest but what it lacks in real-estate it makes up in ambiance, with slick mood lighting and dark feature walls to set a calm but visually inspiring setting. There are subtle touches, like the espresso machine coffee pod door handle.

Being an established coffee addict (yes the withdrawal headache does rear its head in the afternoon when no substance is consumed) and being late in the afternoon, a long black was order immediately. Their coffee is roasted by 5 Sense & Sensory Lab with a house blend consisting of a five bean compilation. I can honestly say that their house blend is fabulous from past visits, but on this occasion I went for the single origin blend – Guatemala el limonar [$4]. My long black had a certain bold cherry flavour which immediately hit the palate, leaving me with a lovely clean crisp taste. This is by far a high quality single origin blend which only a handful of cafes would be able to replicate.

As we were going through the menu, the waiter had kindly outlined the specials in a persuasive manner which included Pigs Might Fly- Smoked ham from the bone, with cheese and tomato on bread, topped with a fried egg and Salad Dressing with Rocket [$14]. You may sit back and think ‘it is just glorified ham, cheese and egg’ but it sure was delicious! The ham was fresh and juicy with a distinct smokey flavor and the melted cheese made a winning combination. The sunny side up egg was perfectly cooked and the egg yolk mixed perfectly with the other ingredients. The rocket with the salad dressing was simple but broke up the dish and to cleared the palate. For a simplistic dish it not only satisfied me but was tasty enough to be a new favorite. The Liar Liar kitchen has always been fantastic over the years and even with multiple owners, it still dished out impressive meals.

Pigs Might Fly- Smoked ham from the bone, with cheese and tomato on bread, topped with a fried egg and Salad Dressing & Rocket

Beverages seemed to be a theme of the day at Liar Liar. Miss SL suggested that to top off the day we should share a smoothie. Not just any ordinary milkshake, but a Banana Smoothie [~$5]. With the idea and expectation processed in my head, I was hot to trot with ordering one. The milkshake was not artificial at all, with real chunky banana bits on the bottom. It had the right amount of sweetness to end our visit.

Banana Milkshake

Liar  Liar has been given a lot of love from a lot people. The reputation it holds around Melbourne is simply an overwhelming positive. It’s for that reason I am a big fan of Liar Liar, but it also holds tribute to the fact they delivery a fantastic brunch.

Miss SL:
“Years before we ever contemplated starting a blog, Mr LB and I had made a trip to a little cafe in Hawthorn known as Liar Liar. This popular establishment has exchanged many hands. It was originally built by cafe power trio Nolan Hirte (whom later created Proud Mary), Nathan Tolemen (from Three Bags Full) and Diamond Rozakeas (from APTE). It then became part of the much-loved St Ali group and has recently changed hands for a third time. Despite new management, the change has appeared to be seamless and the quality of the food has never dropped.

It was sunny on our most recent visit and we arrived rather late in the day, missing the brunch crowd and even the lunch crowd. Grabbing a seat straight away on the communal table, we ordered our coffees and I went into snoop mode, trying to find some interesting angles to take photos. Noticing the unique coffee blends on the blackboard, I went to take a snap but got told off by the barista, who we later found out was the new owner.

Sitting back down in my seat, mildly bitter, I perused the menu for my favourite item – Pea & Feta fritters [$15.50] (with smoked salmon [$17.50]). Served with mixed leaves, cream cheese plus lemon dressing. Our coffees arrived and they were unique. You could definitely tell that there was something in the blend, but my inexperienced palate couldn’t pick up what it was.

Ruby Slipper

As our coffees finished up, we were delivered a set of Ruby Slipper tea made from fresh blood orange, on the house from the owner. I couldn’t tell if it was an apology for before or because he’d worked out we were bloggers. Regardless, the tea was refreshing, bitter and sweet at the same time. It was definitely something I wouldn’t have purchased on my own accord, but was delicious.

Pea & Feta fritters with smoked salmon; served with mixed leaves, cream cheese plus lemon dressing

My fritters were quickly served and they were much larger than I previously remembered. Two fritters as large as my hand were served on my plate, with a generous serving of cream cheese and lemon. I dug into my fritters which were soft and creamy. Mint came to the forefront of my palate, unique in comparison to other popular fritters. The cream cheese was a delicate, a complimentary match to the fritters.

Liar Liar is a gorgeous cafe that produces perhaps one of my favourite fritters in Melbourne (after Mart 130). The service when we arrived was excellent and the food portioning was massive. If you haven’t already visited Liar Liar, you should go see what the hype is about. ”

Final thought: “An excellent execution of a unique fritter experience”

Liar, Liar on Urbanspoon

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