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Mon – Sun: 8am- 8pm

Coffee: Genovese

Mr LB:
“The horse was replaced by the car. The deli was replaced by the supermarket. Weekend breakfast has now transitioned into brunch and coffee has evolved far beyond the tin of instant ground beans. Throughout the ages of mankind, there is an inherent tendency to continually improve one current living situation. But what about the things we discard? With the introduction of supermarkets that aim to stock every single food item it can possibly sell, the deli has regrettable fallen on the wayside. With that said, some delis still continue and evolved into something better. One deli which has changed its direction and has long been providing brunch is Alimentari Deli, a hybrid cafe and a deli lying in the heart of Brunswick.

Alimentari Deli has kept to its traditional deli ways. Even though it is located on Brunswick Street with independent clothing shops and is mashed together with an elicited crowd, the deli has stayed true to its very Italian feel. There is garlic, salami, and parmesan cheese hanging down on top of the glass fridge. They have replaced the meats and anti pesto usually found in the glass fridge with delightful looking sandwiches, fritters and salads. There is space covering three different rooms, but at times it did seem a little cosy. The first room has a small communal table and other assorted furniture that brings a warm inviting brunch cafe feel. However, as you go to the second and last room, the vibe disappears and is replaced with a quieter environment.

With the homely and inviting smell of the deli following around the cafe, it was time to indulge with the smooth tasting and necessary beverage of the day, a long black (or two!) [$3.50]. There coffee was provided by Genovese, which even through my prejudice provided a consistently soft tasting coffee.

Corn Cakes w avocado salsa, bacon & poached egg

Being in a deli with fresh food, everything in Alimentari Deli seemed to look delicious. My brunch choice was not easy and after long and hard contemplation, I had decided on the Corn Cakes w avocado salsa, bacon & poached egg [$15]. The dish was elegantly plated with a typical formation of two corn cakes, followed by the salsa, bacon and a poached egg. Although not visually stimulating, my taste buds thought otherwise. The corn cakes were prepared well, with the right balance of lightly crisped batter and an interior that was not too fluffy. The salsa and the bacon complemented the dish perfectly. The only negative aspect would be the poached egg, which seem to go very fast and was lost within the dish.

Deli Breakfast – free range eggs on toast, bacon, Italian pork sausages & baked beans

Deli Breakfast – free range eggs on toast, bacon, Italian pork sausages & baked beans

Mr Muscle, an old uni associate and a typically a big eater, went for the Deli Breakfast – free range eggs on toast, bacon, Italian pork sausages & baked beans [$16]. For a standard big breakfast meal, it did look quite yum as I started to developed some food envy. Being a fussy eater, he seemed to enjoy the fresh ingredients and was overall satisfied.

Chicken involtini w prosciutto, asparagus & sage served with polenta

His lovely & better half Miss Mon, went for a healthier lunch option, Chicken involtini w prosciutto, asparagus & sage served with polenta [$18] and seemed content with her choice.

Deli’s have a long history which have touched many people’s taste buds. But with evolution and fast progression which we witness in today’s society, there are just some things that will never go away. As one of the few standing deli’s in Brunswick which will continue to serve some of the freshest food even with a dramatic change in culture, Alimentary is a fighting brunch champion.”

Miss SL:
“About a month or so back we had heard that Little Creatures Dining Hall was releasing a breakfast menu. Excited, we decided to double date with Mr LBs friends. We arrived and there was no change to the menu. While we were tempted to stay and have brunch anyway, we decided to move slightly up and across the road to a delicatessen known as Alimentary.

We arrived and the main counter looked marvelous – garlic hanging from the roof, the counter stuffed with rolls, piadinas, salads and Italian cakes stocking the shelves. We took a seat in the back room as Mr LBs friends arrived. Ordering our Genovese coffees, we admired the cosiness of the cafe and the people it attracted. The feel of the cafe was commercial – it definitely lacked the charm that a lot of other cafes had, but it still maintained a slightly grungy feel to it.

Perusing the menu, I was in the mood for eggs, selecting the Scrambled eggs with persian fetta, dukkah & spinach [$15]. When it came out I was a little underwhelmed. The eggs looked a little gooey, probably as a result of the spinach that was mixed in. The eggs had a pungent taste that lingered in the back of my throat, which I’m not sure I really enjoyed.

Scrambled eggs with persian fetta, dukkah & spinach

While my meal looked rather small, it was actually extremely filling. However, I was rather greedy and decided on a cheeky brunch-dessert of Hazelnut biscuits [$5]. They were soft and chewy and put simply – delicious.

Hazelnut biscuits

Alimentary is one of those places that seems to be missing from many brunch bloggers hit-list, but I can’t be at all sure why. Even though I was not a fan of the meal I had on this particular occasion, I have to say that the corn fritters are delicious and worth having if you’re in the area. ”

Final thought: “The modern deli”

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  1. PhotoMonkey

    Great blog post – one that i will need to add to the repotoir. Speaking of which I have not heard about Little creatures doing a beaky menu – in your opinion is it worth it – or should we give it a miss?

    Much thanks



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