Opening Hours:
Mon – Tue: 6.30am – 5pm
Wed – Sun: 6am – 10pm

Coffee: Fayale Coffee house blend, Syphon, Pour Over, Bunn Trifecta

Mr LB:
“Goats are peculiar creatures. They certainly have strange features and noticeable behaviour traits, which may or may not have been a result of being the first known creature to be domesticated by humans. They can climb trees and cliff tops, suddenly fainting from fear and have allegedly been used for a secret U.S. Army research which resulted in death by human staring. Just near Elsternwick Station on Glen Huntley Road lies a different sort of goat. These goats love coffee beans and may have been dancing around after eating the beans at some point. We present- Goat House Cafe Roastery.

Having passed Goat House Cafe Roastery on a number of occasions, I’ll admit I have thought nothing of it. The exterior appears to be a normal restaurant / bar which is open all day and night. There is neat black decor in the large dining hall, a casual and spacious patio / beer garden located on the side and a newly established outside deck on the other side. Goat House Cafe Roastery is an all rounder when it comes to service, whether it’s a casual lunch to a perfect setting for a Sunday session. It is simple and modest, but with a touch of creativity that brings a modern and warm feel.

Coffee, coffee, coffee – oh how I am a sucker for you! Goat House Cafe Roastery is committed to their coffee and showing no compromises. Not only do they roast their own coffee, but they are super committed in delivering the ideal coffee to each individual person. They have espresso, pour over, siphon and Trifecta to name a few and I wanted to try them all. I was like an enthusiastic and indecisive kid you see at a candy store. They have just recently brought their latest roasting baby ‘Diedrich’ and have been learning and critiquing their new beast. Given it was my first time I went for their house blend – Kenny G in a long black [$3.50]. A dangerously good coffee which had a rich mandarin acidity that dominated the front palate and then with a clean crisp after taste. No bitterness is found here, only delight.

The brunch menu is only a one pager with a strong number of dishes making up the breakfast menu. Going through the menu and contemplating my options on an early Sunday morning, I decided on The Goat House baked eggs with two free ranged eggs with roasted vegetables, oven baked with house chutney, sourdough toast & rocket [$15.50]. The picture isn’t a true depiction given its covered with rocket salad, but once I got through the tough egg surface, a combination of warm yolk merged with a thick and tasty tomato sauce and roasted vegies. The veggie combination (eggplant, zucchini, carrot and onion) had truly complemented the tomato sauce which was tasty throughout. This flavor was refreshing compared to the usual baked eggs other cafes present. The house chutney had a real spicy kick that went well with the sourdough bread. Apart from the bread being over done, the Goat House baked eggs was enjoyable, innovative and possibly the best baked eggs I have had in a while.

The Goat House baked eggs with two free ranged eggs with roasted vegetables, oven baked with house chutney, sourdough toast & rocket

You can never judge a book by its cover and the same goes with cafes’. We all look and categorise people and places very quickly, but if you never go you will never know. Sure, some places will disappoint but Goat House Cafe Roastery won’t. With their own roasting blend and ample menu choices throughout the day, what’s stopping you from giving it a go? Take a punt at Goat House Cafe Roastery.”

Miss SL:
“It was a busy weekend and there was not enough time to go on a trip for brunch. Deciding to drive to a cafe on the way to do our weekly shopping, we popped into a semi-new establishment in Elsternwick, known as Goathouse Cafe Roastery.

Goathouse is the first cafe to be launched by coffee bean roastery Fayale. Interestingly, Fayale means ‘goat’ in Ethiopian and thus intertwines with the cafes’ name. Mr LB was indecisive and couldn’t make up his mind as to whether he wanted to sit inside, outside or somewhere in between. We finally decided in a small corner in the courtyard.

I ordered a soy latte and perused the menu deciding on the French toast with banana, strawberry and butterscotch sauce. The vibe of this cafe was extremely casual and relaxed. The staff were attentive and prompt to take our orders and there was plenty of seating available both inside the roastery and within one of the two courtyards. As we waited for our meals, I observed the crowd that this cafe attracted. It was a lovely combination of young and old, families and friends.
My soy latte came out and I had to say that it was very impressive. The Fayale bean had a very unique flavour which I rather enjoyed. There was a definite chocolate flavour which came to the forefront of the palate, with caramel undertones lingering in my mouth once the sip was over.

My French toast arrived and it looked delicious and filling. Turning my meal side on though, I noticed that the batter had not soaked all the way through the toast. This disappointed me a little, as I felt that perhaps the chef had rushed the meal to get it out the door. Alternatively, this could have been a tactic by the chef in order to prevent the bread from becoming completely soggy and inedible… I would soon find out!

French toast with banana, strawberry and butterscotch sauce

As I sliced into my toast, it was still a bit firm in the centre. The butterscotch flavour throughout the syrup was minimal, but enough to add to the richness of this dish. The strawberries were bursting with flavour and proved to be of excellent quality. The French toast itself, however, was a bit disappointing. I could still taste the bread as the flavours of the French toast batter had not sunk all the way in, creating a mix of moist and dry sourdough.
I had a taste of Mr LBs breakfast and I have to say it was just simply gorgeous. The baked eggs were delicious, but more so the vegetable combination within the sauce. Heaven!

Overall I think Goathouse Cafe Roastery has a bit to go in the way of food but their coffee is something worth trying if you’re in the area. Their food and atmosphere makes them suitable for group brunches and relaxed coffees with your loved one.”

Final thought: “Group brunches for a unique coffee blend”


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