A Melbourne Food & Wine Special Event

The Food Truck, once parked next to a servo or in a dodgy alley are now the newest and most delicious food fad to hit Melbourne. Long gone the days that the food truck was providing greasy food at 3am after a big night on the town. Today food trucks are taking inspiration from various cuisines that are creative, big on taste and reasonably priced. They have evolved quite dramatically from the day the Texan cattleman were given food off a cart in remote locations. To celebrate this food inspiration the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival had organised ‘Food Trucks Unite’, an event where a selection of innovative food trucks took shop at Signal, Flinders Walk, Northbank to showcase their offerings. What could be a better way than to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon eating your way through each of the trucks?

We had arrived mid-afternoon and there was no denying we were hungry. The food trucks present on the day included, Dhaba, Cornutopia, Massive Wieners, Taco Truck and Beatbox. Scoping out the options it appeared that Taco TruckBeatbox had strong lines to contend with. We couldn’t wait that long without poking someone’s eye out as we hadn’t eaten all morning and were starving. So for the interest of public safety and a clean criminal record, we had decide to have an entrée before we dug into one of the most popular trucks.

First up, we went to Dhaba and had an order of the Samosa plate two crispy triangle pastries stuffed with spice Trentham potatoes, pomegranate & crunchy green peas served with chutney [$8] and Aloo tikki two golden potatoes, patties filled with spice paneer served with chutney [$6] to share. Miss SL was also craving a Mango Lassi [$4] so we got one of those to quench our thirst.
The samosa’s were amazing. On the outside there was a lovely short-crust pastry with a slight Indian spice. Miss SL pointed out that she felt that perhaps the pastry was home-made, as normally samosa’s use a pastry similar to that of spring rolls. The filling made this little delight special. The potatoes and peas were perfectly cooked in spices, creating a mouthful of flavour with every bite.
The aloo tikki was equally intriguing and big on flavour. The potato had a very fine texture and it tasted like mashed potatoes but also looked grainy. The middle of the aloo tikki was stuffed with a filling which had a defined spicy flavour. I was expecting the chutney to be thicker but it was a good addition.

Aloo tikki two golden potatoes, patties filled with spice paneer served with chutney / Samosa plate two crispy triangle pastries stuffed with spice Trentham potatoes, pomegranate & crunchy green peas served with chutney / Mango Lassi

Once our stomachs were satisfied, we headed down to join the queues at Taco Truck (Miss SL had a particular craving for Mexican) and Beatbox (Mr LB’s belly craved for something substantial). After waiting for what felt like 10 minutes with little movement in the queue, Miss SL had given up and joined Mr LB for burgers. Between the two of us we ordered: Fries, served in a cone with Annie’s home-made relish [$5], a Ralph Burger 170gm grass-fed beef with cos lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion & stereo sauce [$11] and a Shroom Burger marinated whole Portobello mushroom with cos lettuce, gouda cheese, tomato & stereo sauce [$10]. Thirsts needed to be quenched so two cans of soft drink were also ordered [$3 each].

Fries served with Annies home made relish

The wait for food after ordering was approximately 20 minutes, so we were glad we’d had our earlier snacks. The fries were delivered after about 15 minutes and were cooked perfectly. Well salted, crisp and enough relish without drowning the chips. As for burgers, Mr LBs Ralph burger was just delicious! The quality and heartiness made it a real highlight. There was no sloppy lettuce pieces or a greasy patty that crumbled when the first bite was taken. The patty itself was thick, lean and yummy all round. They had even taken the time to grill the cheese on top. This burger was worth the wait with its fresh fillings it quite easily filled me right up.

Shroom burger marinated whole Portobello mushroom with cos lettuce, gouda cheese, tomato & stereo sauce / Raph Burger 170 gm grass-fed beef with cos lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion & stereo sauce

Miss SLs shroom burger was very filling. The mushroom acted as a perfect substitute for meat (believe it or not). Vegetarians rejoice, this burger delivers on flavour and satisfaction. The stereo sauce was a little generous and thin, but not enough to detract from the flavours of the mushroom and goauda cheese.

Overall, Food Trucks Unite was a great intiative by MFWF. There’s something about queing up and recieving wholesome food at the side of a travelling mini-van that seemed so satisfying. Having enjoyed the quality of food delivered by Beatbox and Dhaba, we’d definitely be keen to follow these guys (and their competitors) on twitter to see where they turn up next time. We recommend that you follow these inspirational food on wheels bandits and if they happen to be nearby, put down that skillet and get some quality food from a van.

Final thought: “Food from a truck never tasted so good”

Watch out for more events and pop-up food places that are still going as a part of the MFWF. We are excited to try Broadsheet Bar in Flinders Lane for a cheeky weekday cocktail to take the edge off the working week. We are also excited to explore Greenhouse by Joost, an sustainable pop up restaurant located on South Bank which is aesthetically beautiful. Oh, we also like the above picture- probably the only time in the year the Who’s Who of food look cool without their kitchen whites!

    1. Brunch Addict

      Neither did we! We definitely knew of Taco Truck but thought Beatbox was a Brisbane thing. We would have loved to try Taco Truck too, particularly as we’re currently going through a bit of a Mexican phase here in Brunch Addict HQ! Pity the line was so long :( We’ll have to hunt them down one night to try! Love Miss SL xo


  1. Jennifer

    We’re so glad that you enjoyed your visit to the Dhaba Truck & to the Food Trucks Unite event! It was really a great time for all of us. Thanks so much for the mention & hope to see you again! Now I’m off to enjoy more of your lovely blog :) Jennifer & Jessi of Dhaba


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