Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 8am – 4pm

Coffee: Di Bella

Mr LB:
“Truth. It has such a complicated theme for a word with a basic concept of being in accordance with fact or reality. Some truths are not to be mention, as the cost of telling the truth destroys any benefits yielded. There is no denying that the truth hurts in any situation. It’s the cold hard facts that only some want to know, while others prefer to be lied to. According to some researchers, spilling the beans in the situation of being guilty of a serious wrongdoing brings a strong sense of relief. The true character of a cafe can’t be hidden, misinterpreted or deceived. It’s all up for show and the brunch-goer bares witness to all its charm, sophistication and idiosyncrasies. Lucky for Truman Cafe in Albert Park, it’s all show and no shame.

Truman Cafe is located in the picture perfect suburb of Albert Park. There is seating outside, but it is inside where I believe the action is. There were numerous assorted figurines and paintings resonating a kid-like vibe. This unique character which is reflected around the room and within the staff.

My thirst for coffee could not be suppressed, and I ordered my long black [$3] straight away. The coffee was provided by the popular and well established blend – Di Bella coffee. It was served in a cute red cup and a side of boiled water for flavour customisation. There was a smooth texture initially but unfortunately a little bitterness could be tasted at the end of the sip. There was a slight nutty flavour throughout and this was further enhanced when water was added. It was a good coffee and to tell the truth most people would love it. However, it didn’t suit my coffee palate. I’m a fruit-man myself, but it still passed as a better coffee then some so-called “city cafes” offer.

The flavour and presentation of a dish can’t lie, even if they try. It is possibly the deal breaker for any cafe. The true reputation of a cafe is largely determined by its food followed by the coffee. With that in mind I decided on Connie’s Eggs poached eggs in Napoli sauce with chorizo and spinach on toasted baguette [$15.50]. The sauce was definitely the outstanding performer with its authentic Italian tomato taste which was heavenly. The poached eggs and toasted baguette were a fantastic combination as the bread soaked in all of the goodness. In summary, the meal was a surprising winner and was truly high quality. It’s a well thought out and executed dish that is worth a weekend try.

Connie’s Eggs poached eggs in Napoli sauce with chorizo and spinach on toasted baguette

Upon the staff finding our bill organised in the “table receipt” spelt in scrabble tiles, I had the urge for a small take away brunch dessert. The Banana & Coconut cupcake [$5] had looked a treat. The main reason for selecting this delight was for its two layers of icing. The banana cake was lovely, however the sponge was a little dry. This was seemingly intentional as the icing layer in the centre of the cupcake had a lovely thick taste that cleverly balanced out this snack. Cheeky!

Banana & coconut cupcake

Truman Cafe is a place that isn’t trying to be like every other cafe. With quirky decor and friendly staff, they have successfully cultivated a cafe culture that is warm but also desirable with its seductive menu. It’s the right about of quirkiness to be located in Albert Park and worth a giving a go.”

Miss SL:
“Life is full of hustling and bustling and it feels that as we get older we get less and less time to spend on ourselves. Another week had flown by us and suddenly the weekend had arrived. Truman was the answer of our cafe prayers on this occasion and we arrived tired after a morning bike ride and run. At first I must admit I was not very impressed with the decor but as we sat on the breakfast bar looking out the street, I came to enjoy the simple charms this cafe had to offer.

Perusing the menu, I was struck by the fact that nothing was over $15.50. Bargain! So, what to drink on a warm summers day? As I ask the waitress what my options were for milkshakes, she suggested I try the espresso milkshake [$5]. Yes please! It came out in a tall glass, smooth and creamy, perfectly balanced with a shot of espresso coffee. The flavours were in perfect harmony and I vowed to have more of these as summer and autumn went on.

espresso milkshake

For brunch I decided to order The Truman – scrambled eggs, house-made potato & leek hash served with avocado, relish [$15.50]. I needed something healthy and I must admit, nothing on the menu captured my fancy other than the concept of potato and leek in a delicious hash. I have always loved the flavour of lemon and avocado – there’s something just so fresh about the combination and on this occasion there was no exception. The tomato relish was like a grown-up version of tomato sauce – it was not spicy, but mild and chunky.

The Truman – scrambled eggs, house-made potato & leek hash served with avocado, relish

The potato and leek hash was the star of this dish and I wish I had the recipe to make it at home. The potato was perfectly cooked through and the flavours of leek provided a gentle undertone on my palate. It was like eating creamy potato and leek soup.

Truman certainly had its fair share of quirk. It wasn’t obvious at first, but as I sat and pondered the week that had been my eyes wandered over the silver-tinned garden pots, the little figurines and bird statues. There was something calm and homely about Truman. Something that took my mind off everyday life… made me want to go back again. The quality of the food on offer, the friendly staff and the announcing quirk made this place special – and worth the visit.”

Final thought: “Mouth watering Napoli sauce”

Truman Cafe on Urbanspoon


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