118 Bridge Street
Port Melbourne
(03) 9646 1117

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 7am – 4pm
Sat: 8am – 3pm
Sun: 8am – 2pm

Coffee: Coffee Supreme

Mr LB:

“I have always found sisters to be a little annoying. Whilst I do have the pleasure of having one sister in my life, I can’t help but think ‘how the hell did I live with her’? This has nothing to do with the fact I caused her emotional stress by using her as a target to launch toy cars at. Or the fact I liked to make her life difficult even to do the simplest tasks. It was the ‘sister factor’ which she had over my parents. It is an unbreakable force and had caused much unfair and unjust punishment towards me. Love them or hate them, it’s what your sister says that matter to your parents. A more forgiving sister resides in Port Melbourne which provides calmness and plenty of brunch desserts – My Sister Says.

There isn’t many cafes I would described as cute, however this is an exception. My Sister Says provides a small and intimate brunch experience with a touch of cuteness. The cutlery resides in a terracotta pot while the cool over hanging lamps provides a warm atmosphere. The complete set of the Wallpaper City Guide sits on the shelf finishing the look. It’s this quirkiness which make My Sister Say a cool place to hang out.

A long black [$3.50] was the remedy needed to make me feel more like myself. The coffee head was impressive with a lovely tanned color. My long black had a rich coffee taste and a surprisingly nice crisp taste. The barista did well to provide a crisp coffee which was enjoyable and satisfying.

Breakfast Salad- two soft boiled eggs, asparagus, crispy pancetta, roasted tomatoes, mayonnaise + gomassio

The choices for brunch at My Sister Says may at first seem limiting, but could be easy divided into two categories – “timeless classics” or “shaking things up”. My choice of brunch dishes are purely determined by my hunger level, which is usually at critical hungry stage. However, I decided on this occasion to shake things up and I ordered the Breakfast Salad- two soft boiled eggs, asparagus, crispy pancetta, roasted tomatoes, mayonnaise + gomassio [$14.50].

What was delivered didn’t align with my expectations and disappointment had settled in. I was expecting the soft boiled eggs to have a gooey yolk center – not boiled. I also wasn’t expecting it to be served with a rocket salad with an ordinary glaze. On the positive side, the asparagus was cooked well with a nice soft crunch which went well with the roasted tomatoes and the pancetta. This dish isn’t suited to the guy with the big appetite. The dish also didn’t ‘shake things up’ as I expected it to. It was more or less like a home style dish with no “cafe wow factor”.

A bad dish can’t and shouldn’t deter the brunch-goer in visiting My Sister Says. One must witness the cute/quirky ambiance created and to try the selection of brunch deserts on offer. For a suburb like Port Melbourne which is slowly turning into a ‘mini Goldcoast’, it’s places like My Sister Says that help to maintain the Melbourne identity.”

Miss SL:
“A little while ago we’d ventured down to Balderdash in Port Melbourne and realised that there was a rather popular cafe across the street from it. My Sister Says is one of those notorious cafes that gets a great wrap from bloggers from the internet, but you’d have to look a little further than Melbourne Gastronome to discover it. As we entered the venue it was rather cosey inside – there were breakfast bar seats along the left hand side wall, with very cool floating bookshelves stuffed with cooking and travel guides. As we took our seats within the corner of the venue, I couldn’t help but appreciate the gigantic, artsy pantry behind the counter. There’s something very eclectic about having so many shelves that you have to wonder what was inside them all.

As I looked around, admiring the giant jars of pickles, Mr LB brought me a paper and the waitress took our coffee orders. I was unusually tempted to order the very healthy Mixed bag brekky, yoghurt topped w/homemade granola, fresh seasonal fruit, soft boiled egg + toast soldiers [$13.50], but the devil on my shoulder won out with French toast w/ bake ricotta, toasted macadamia + raspberry mint compote [$13.50].

My soy latte that arrived as the supporting act to my brunch was average. There was a bitter aftertaste and when I confirmed who supplied the bean with Mr LB, it was little wonder. I’m sorry to say, but Coffee Supreme is not my coffee of choice.

When my meal came out I was drooling. The French toast looked just like how my mum taught me to make it – slightly burnt looking, soaked all the way through and golden in colour. Yum! What my mum never taught me was how amazing baked ricotta cheese and berry compote could be.

French toast w/ bake ricotta, toasted macadamia + raspberry mint compote

The ricotta was light, fluffy and served cold… almost as sinful as whipped cream. There was some sort of zest that ran behind the scenes of the ricotta – be it a squeeze of cheeky lemon or just the natural sourness of the ricotta. The berry compote created harmony in the dish with its sweet flavours and sour undertones, adding a new dimension to the flavours of this dish.

Choc hazelnut friand

I was satisfied but the brunch-desserts were beckoning to me from the counter and window display. On recommendation from the waitress, we ordered a choc hazelnut friand [$6.50]. What was interesting about the presentation of this ‘friand’ was that it was cupcake shaped! Confusing for any sweets connoisseur. The icing was made of sweet, sugary caramel and hazelnut. The friand itself was rich without being too much. The mixture was almost brownie-like and it was a wonderfully quirky way to present it.

As we were paying on our way out, we noticed some cookies that were reminiscent of Three Bags Full sitting in the window. Could there be another competitor in the market for ‘the ultimate cookie champion’? I ordered it take away [$4] to try in the afternoon when my belly was craving a snack. The cookie was nice, but unfortunately it was not as delicious as the friand I’d had earlier in the day. It was dry and crumbled a little too much for my liking. The chocolate was nice though – big chunks that melted in your mouth were a great bonus.

Overall, I think My Sister Says is quite underrated. Sure, they’ve got a bit of work to do in the coffee department, but they sure know how to put together one mean French toast. I know where I’ll be coming back to get my sweet fix.”

Final thought: “Great for a sweet tooth- cupcake shaped friands are a must try”

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