205 Barkly Street
St Kilda, VIC 3182
(03) 9534 5996

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 6pm -11pm
Sat- Sun: 9am – 11pm

Coffee: Grinders Coffee

Mr LB:
“The difference between a trend and a fad is said to be that of emotion. A fad is the fleeting moment when everyone suddenly gets on the band wagon because of ‘word of mouth’ or your bestie believes it’s the next big thing. Koney 2012 anyone? A trend is something fundamentally stable and strong which the movement is able to evolve into a permanent change of behaviour.

Food has always run deep within Melbourne culture and as long as we eat we will be craving for that next ‘big thing’. Right now Mexican food has caused some amazing traction and it’s certainly climbing the food ladder successfully. While many commentators and bloggers are undecided by whether Melbourne restaurants truly deliver authentic Mexican cuisine, I was more interest in experiencing a fabulous Mexican brunch experience. Truth be told, Melbourne doesn’t like to copy but rather take influences to create something unique. This train of though led us to Blue Corn.

Blue Corn is not a brunch location by definition, rather it’s tailored to a lunch and dinner Mexican experience, with a large selection of meals and an extensive drinks menu. This vibrant restaurant really picks up at night with its bar-themed decor at the front of the restaurant and long casual tables at the back . However, it’s the weekend breakfast menu which runs basically all day (4.30pm finish) that had caught our attention and was rightly capitalised with a large group for a not so early brunch.


Coffee doesn’t seem to be top priority at Blue Corn, as discovered on a previous visit. With this in mind I ordered a Bohemia [$8]. My Mexican beer was a unique drop with a strong wheat taste. It is fair to say it was dense and while most can knock back more than a few coronas, you will find yourself content with one or two of these beers. With that said, it was still lovely and refreshing on a Sunday afternoon whilst waiting for brunch.

Sizzling Breakfast Fajita with Scrambled Egg, Chorizo, Bacon, Spinach, Tomato & Mushrooms w/ Hot Tortillas, Guacamole & Sour Cream

I already knew what I was going to eat before I had even awoken this day. There was a necessary preparation for such a meal which included an early morning gym session to ensure I had the space to fit in the Sizzling Breakfast Fajita with Scrambled Egg, Chorizo, Bacon, Spinach, Tomato & Mushrooms w/ Hot Tortillas, Guacamole & Sour Cream [$16.50]. Portion sizes don’t get any bigger than this. What is even more appealing with this dish is that, despite its size, there was no compromise in taste. This DIY brunch is full of great flavors with perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs, plenty of crispy bacon and tender chorizo with the right amount of spicy vegetables as a chaser. How you eat this dish is your call, although wrapping a mixture of ingredients with a generous dash of guacamole to cool the palate is my advice. Whichever way you elect to consume, it’s certainly a winner in my books.

When it comes to Mexican food in Melbourne there is an ample number of choices. However, when it comes to brunch there is only a few places which I believe meets the mark. One of these institutions is Blue Corn with its reasonably priced fajitas that pack a big punch. Put simply, Blue Corn is a must for the brunch explorer.”

Miss SL:
“Women. The ages describe us as fickle creatures – hard to decipher and interpret. Our moods are said to shift in an instance depending on how well-balanced our hormones are. The worst of us, apparently, are those going through ‘monthly phases’ or pregnancy. While I occasionally go on a moody tangent, I like to think that ‘the moon’ does not affect me as much as some of my other female counterparts. I do however, go through weird food phases. For example, a few years I had an insatiable craving for olives for a week. I would eat a small packet from Woolworth’s over 2 days. When the packet was over, I would go buy another. This was then followed by a two week craving for peanut butter. What the?!

My most recent craving had been for Mexican food, forcing Mr LB to accompany me to Taco Bills and, when the budget got tight, making tacos at home. One afternoon we walked passed a dingy looking establishment in St Kilda known as Blue Corn. Looks were not as they appeared, though, as this place was incredible! We’d been back several times for brunch and dinner, stuffed to the brim even when we shared dishes.

I’m not sure why Mexican restaurants always have (rather ugly) contrasting paint jobs, but I can only assume that it’s supposed to add to the authenticity of the look and feel. I like how they added quirky elements to the place with different posters and gimmicky little monuments that would detract the eyes from focusing too much on the bright paint jobs.

Mango Margarita el capricho maduro, mango liquor and fresh mango juice

We finally decided that we had to review this place – and we had to do it with friends. I started with a Mango Margarita el capricho maduro, mango liquor and fresh mango juice [$17]. I was slightly hungover and thought – what better way to cure the pain than with more alcohol? Going off the breakfast menu, I picked my favourite (breakfast) item – the Vegetarian Breakfast Fajita with Scrambled Egg, Sweet Corn, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Spinach & Pinenuts with Hot Tortillas, Guacamole & Sour Cream [$15].

Vegetarian Breakfast Fajita with Scrambled Egg, Sweet Corn, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Spinach & Pinenuts with Hot Tortillas, Guacamole & Sour Cream

The meals started pouring out and I tucked into it. The thing I immediately loved about Blue Corn was that they’re not afraid to make their food spicy. The flavours were prominent and my mouth burned a little as I dug into the deliciously juicy vegetables on my sizzle plate. The scrambled eggs were dense and fluffy taking up about 1/3 of the plate. Yum!

Reminiscent of De Clieu’s make your own breakfast, I grabbed the soft warm tortillas, pasted some of the avocado and guacamole on the base and heaped vegetables and scrambled eggs inside. The avocado was laced with cumin, creating a gorgeous flavour behind the vegetables. I couldn’t help but steal Mr D’s and Carly’s Chips w/ Chilli Salt [ $8]. They weren’t so much chips as halved baby potatoes – but there was nothing wrong with that!

Chips w/ Chilli Salt

Overall I think Blue Corn is great value and definitely delivers on Mexican eating. The food is incredible – fresh, inspired and generous. Before you even think of trying another Mexican brunch establishment set your standards high with Blue Corn.”

Final thought: “A must try Mexican brunch”

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