Opening Hours:
Mon – Thu: 8am – 4pm
Fri: 8am – 11:30pm
Sat: 8:30am – 11:30pm
Sun: 8:30am – 4pm

Coffee: AllPress, Single Orgin

Mr LB:
“Some things are just meant to be together. Greek mythology tells us that man and women were once a single entity, but the gods got bored with our self-complete happiness and separated us into man and woman. These gods now have infinite entertainment as they observe people trying to find their soul mate, and embracing the drama. Rom-coms have well documented this challenge. Without turning this blog into a Carrie Bradshaw romance post, business partnerships also share the same sort of connection. The two halves are nothing unless combined with various skills and characteristics to get them over the line to be successfully. Fictitious best mates or real partners in crime, we decided it was well overdue to visit Porgie + Mr Jones.

Porgie + Mr Jones is set up for all occasions within the heart of Hawthorn. There is ample space within various sized rooms, with a decking area and outdoor eating space. As you step into Porgie + Mr Jones you will find the barrista station against a strong black feature wall framed by an impressive hanging light feature. To the right lies another room which can adequately cater larger brunch groups. This room is surrounded with old school furniture and large, magnificent pieces of art. Finding a seat shouldn’t be a hard task and we didn’t have to wait for one when we arrived.

I had ordered my house blend long black from AllPress coffee [$3.50] whilst attempting to settle on what I would order. My long black was nice, but having had Allpress a little too much, it wasn’t personally going to blow my socks off. There was a smooth crisp taste to the coffee but as expected not much in the defining taste department. The house blend is a good all-rounder quality coffee.

The menu at Porgie + Mr Jones was a tough choice. There were just so many fabulous options to choose from, including Miss SL’s dish. When it came to ordering I was ambushed by Miss SL as she had ordered what I had in mind. I generally try to order something different to her to give a broader perspective on food offerings. My order resulted in irrationally pointing to any random menu item, as if I were blinded folded. The end result was Toasted Piadini – Chorizo, roasted sweet potato, marinated fetta + olive tapenade with a little green salad [$13.90].

Toasted Piadini – Chorizo, roasted sweet potato, marinated fetta + olive tapenade with a little green salad

The presentation was good and it actually tasted really nice. The sweet potato was well cooked and had a soft texture that went well with the chorizo and marinated fetta. The salad was also a good touch as it help pushed the dish further. I would normally be satisfied had it been a work weekday lunch. It’s the perfect meal and would be filling enough to power through the working afternoon. Weekends, however, are meant to be indulgent and care free. What I meant to have ordered was Our fabulous herb + cheesy toast [$9.90] w/ eggplant kasundi [$11.90] add bacon [$12.90] or both[$13.90], however that would have to wait for next time. The quality was there but I wasn’t satisfied for a weekend brunch. If you are after a light dish this is your winning ticket.

With good coffee, great brunch meals with plenty of quality lunch options and lots of space to cater for all group sizes, you can see why this place is and still popular. And for me, well, I have a new favourite in Hawthorn.

Miss SL:
“There are places that we have long heard about and managed to conquer in our time, and yet there are a few greats that slip through the cracks. Every now and then we are reminded of Porgie + Mr Jones, and their sister cafe Snow Pony. Both cafes are famous for the Toasted Banana Bread w/ maple syrup marscapone, fresh banana, berry compote + crushed pistachio [$14.90], and if you’ve seen the pictures you’d know why!

When we arrived, we took a seat indoors. The interior was decked out with wood and low-hanging lights. A chair was strapped against the wall and the family beside us chatted happily, enjoying their meal and feeding the baby. The counter stocked with goodies sourced from Noisette sat behind us, daring us with post-brunch treats. As we sat around perusing the menu, I noticed a little flyer advertising that this little cafe was now open during evenings for dinner. I was saying to Mr LB that the mood would be quite different here at night – trendy, romantic and a little dark. Perfect for copious amounts of wine, really.

I bounced back and forth’s on the menu between Our fabulous herb + cheesy toast [$9.90] w/ eggplant kasundi [$11.90] add bacon [$12.90] or both [$13.90] and the Smashed avocado w/ thyme buttered mushrooms, marinated fetta + torn basil on wholegrain toast [$17.90] add poached eggs [$19.90]. We had actually been to Porgie + Mr Jones a couple of weeks prior for a non-review, where I had ordered the herb + cheesy toastie and I have to say it was outright incredible. Mr LB was planning to order that if I didn’t choose the same thing, and in the heat of the moment and pressure to order, I caved, going for the smashed avocado stealing Mr LBs first choice. Poor Mr LB got confused with menu and ordered the wrong item, punishing me for my indecision throughout most of our meal.

When my meal came out it was huge. There was so much smashed avocado piled on top of the toast, I couldn’t believe it. It was fresh and the mushrooms juicy with flavour. The butter seeped through and I could taste it on my mushrooms without being overpowering. My egg was hidden in amongst the basil that topped my dish. It was a little watery but was still delicious. YUM. I could see why Porgie + Mr Jones is popular – their generous and fresh dishes hit the right spot and will leave you waddling out the door!

Smashed avocado w/ thyme buttered mushrooms, marinated fetta + torn basil on wholegrain toast

I really enjoyed my meal here and it is a pleasure to see a cafe that has been able to maintain its great status over time. If the wait is too long at Axil Coffee Roasters, why not go for a short drive around the corner and try your luck with Porgie? He won’t leave you disappointed.”

Final thought: “Beautiful smashed avocado”

Porgie and Mr Jones on Urbanspoon

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