Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 7:30am – 4:30pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 5pm

Coffee: 5 Senses, Single Origin

See our previous review of Pillar of Salt here.

Mr LB:
“Life is full of unfinished business. The kind of opportunities and experiences gained when we dip our toes in the water but never give it a real go. Since going to Pillar of Salt mid last year, I have always felt that we didn’t give it the rap that perhaps it deserves. So after a long Sunday gym session it was off to Pillar of Salt with my good mates Power Ranger and Big Boy.

What hadn’t changed since our last visit was the waiting list for a weekend brunch. Power Ranger and Big Boy took the right approach by first arriving on time, putting their name down for a table and heading off up the road to the nearest pub for a cheeky beer. We were seated after a short wait and this time we were put outside in the large patio area. It was a nicer experience as the acoustics were a lot better and we didn’t have to be privy to the neighboring tables’ conversation.

Coffee being my no 1 drug of choice (followed closely by beer), I went straight to business and ordered a Single Origin long black [$4]. Sourced from Guatemala, these beans initially had a fine, crisp taste and was followed up by the fruity tones. The quality of this coffee was evident and worth the extra cents.

House made corn fritters with smoked salmon, coriander & avocado salsa + poached egg

There was plenty of time to assess my food options and I wasn’t going to fall into the trap of ordering the wrong dish. After much consultation and conversation about life and the boys recent then accomplishment of finishing Diablo III, I had settled on the House made corn fritters with smoked salmon, coriander & avocado salsa [$16] + poached egg [$18]. The fritters were cooked well and had a nice soft texture. The batter had a nice homemade taste and the corn was fresh, providing a burst of flavour. The salsa added a fresh Mexican vibe to the dish that created the right balance, however the portion size was small and I would have liked more. It was a well crafted brunch dish, but I would recommend adding the poached egg to ensure you don’t end up eating just fritters.

Homemade smokey borlotti beans with avocado & persian feta puree, a poached egg, parsley dressing, shaved grando padano

Big Boy went for the healthy options to wash down his beer – Homemade smokey borlotti beans with avocado & persian feta puree, a poached egg, parsley dressing, shaved grando padano [$16.5]. The plate that went with the beans looked exceptionally delightful and it was apparently full of flavours and yummy. Power Ranger ordered the same thing as Miss SL – green eggs & ham – poached eggs, smoked ham, brioche, herby apple cider hollandaise & granny smith apple [$16.5].

Pillar of Salt is a cafe that would be my one of favorites had I worked or lived in the neighborhood. I’m surprised that after operating for more than a year it still pulls in a strong weekend crowd, maintaining quality food and coffee. Pillar of Salt is here to stay, so you should go ahead and give it a proper go.”

Miss SL:
“Cafe are always evolving and Mr LB and I like to occasionally re-test the waters of places we have been to before. Quality of food and coffee, level of service, menu items – they’re all variables that make up a good cafe and over time these can change for better or worse. It had been a while since we’d been to Pillar of Salt in Richmond and we decided to catch up with some of Mr LBs friends.

On this occassion I’d ordered a chamomile tea [$4] (by Larsen & Thompson Specialty Teas) with honey and a serving of the Green eggs & ham – poached eggs, smoked ham, brioche, herby apple cider hollandaise & granny smith apples [$16.50]. I should have checked what I’d the last time I came here, as I’d essentially ordered a tweaked verion of their Eggs Benedict.
My tea and honey was beautiful and delicate. Once I allowed the tea to settle into the hot water it poured out a beautiful deep, gold colour. It was gone within 10 minutes and an espresso [$3.50] had to be ordered quickly after that.

My meal was delicious – and much more green than I anticipated! The eggs were well crafted and made to perfection. I’d forgotton what it was like to have eggs this good. Small, round, and gooey – not runny. Perfection. The apple cider hollandaise was rich, creamy and very generously (perhaps a little too generously?) served. My brioche was delightfully crisp – well done -and the ham was so tender that you could tell it was off the bone. All in all a great dish bar one important factor – it was served cold. Mr LBs dish was served piping hot, and I have to say that cold food is a big faux pass. Lucky for these guys, the meal was delicious regardless.

Green eggs & ham – poached eggs, smoked ham, brioche, herby apple cider hollandaise & granny smith apples

The last time we came here my biggest complaint was the noise, which I have to say wasn’t a big issue this time around. Perhaps it was our slightly secluded little table out the back, but it definitely ampted up the experience. Pillar of Salt has proved it can deliver a consistently good meal, making it well-worth the revisit.”

Final thought: “Consistently delivering great brunches”

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