217 St Georges Road,
Fitzroy North,VIC 3068
(03) 9489 1747

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 9am – 4pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 5am

Coffee: Jasper Coffee

Mr LB:
“Growing up in the nineties was certainly an interesting time. There were mobile phones the size of bricks and the internet came at the speed of 56 kbit/s. During this time I was first introduced to food from my trusty mother. Interestingly enough, when I would shop with my mother the term organic was never used. The only principle to follow when purchasing your basket of goods was that the produce must be fresh. Fast forwarded to today and it would seem fresh is taking a back seat and organic is out and proud. This way of life has exploded with marketers using the buzz word to increase sales (organic zucchinis) to making judgements on social behaviour (apparently people who prefer organic food are more judgmental when it comes to food than others). Whether or not an establishment is truly organic or not, there is certainly a cafe in North Fitzroy touting the organic message. The Green Grocer is not only a supplier of organic food, but also a cafe worth visiting.

Walking into The Green Grocer is like entering a lovely food store. The aroma of the fresh fruit and veggies was certainly inviting and with their various food products, I was very intrigued to see their menu. The setting was very relaxed and informal. You could casually choose your table, either near the kitchen or down the very cute side alley. There’s also a fireplace which is a fantastic for winter. The interior design is perfect for groups of two or four with intimate tables for small groups.

Irrespective of having a $70 a monthly coffee habit (only counting weekdays), coffee is something I need. I jumped to the opportunity to order my long black [$3.50] from Jasper Coffee. The first thing that I noticed was the slight bitterness in my coffee. After my palate had adjusted there was a smooth flavour but it didn’t have that spark compared to other coffees. It would be an acceptable coffee for most people, but I wasn’t blown away by it.

My craving for sweet food was in overdrive and I when I saw the French Toast – with vanilla poached pears, cinnamon sugar and cardamom yogurt [$14] I was sold. What was delivered versus what I visualised was certainly different. The serving size was minimal and I was disappointed I didn’t get a full pear. There were two large slices of bread that, on the outset, looked more like they had been toasted than pan-cooked. The batter of the French toast was lovely with a slight citrus flavour which worked well with the cinnamon sugar. However, the batter wasn’t completely soaked through the bread, leading to a plain taste at times. The poached pear and yogurt was a well-needed fresh touch to the dish. I wasn’t truly satisfied with the French Toast and it may have been better had they used a better bread.

French Toast – vanilla poached pears, cinnamon sugar and cardamom

Whether you’re looking to eat organic food or buy it for your own cooking, The Green Grocer has you covered. There is definitely a lovely vibe to this cafe and the opportunity to eat truly organic food is worth the experience.”

Miss SL:
“Our planet is filled with amazing things – plants, wildlife and many man-made inventions. All things within our planet go through a cycle of life, death and re-birth and this process often takes time. As our finite resources dwindle, we have resorted to pumping them full of fertilisers and hormones to expediate the growth process. We do it so that we can sustain our lifestyles but we often ignore the potential side effects. These unknown side-effects have driven many people into strange diets and organic food crazes. The food trend of the noughties is organic food and The Green Grocer is a cafe that truly understands the need for natural produce.

The drive seemed to take forever but when we arrived we were welcomed by a humble shop front that burst at the seems with colourful produce the moment we walked through the front door. I’m pretty sure I actually squealed in delight. As we made our way passed the shop front, a large space towards the back revealed a homely cafe. We took a seat near the kitchen and perused the menu. It was a cold day and as winter had well and trully set in, I was in the mood for porridge ordering the Green Grocer Oat Porridge – made with fruits, nuts and seeds and served with spiced blueberries and yoghurt [$10] with my Banana, oats and honey smoothie [$7].

The smoothie was lovely. The flavour of the oats was subtle and extremely smooth – perfectly blended. The honey was the most dominant flavour but it wasn’t over the top. I’d finished my drink pretty quickly and ordered an additional espresso [$3] to go with my meal. Our food came out and we were a little underwhelmed. The serving size was a little small (particularly Mr LBs dish) and there was no….pizazz. Organic was the name of the game here though, so the flavours of the fresh produce were what was most important.

Banana, oats and honey smoothie

The first thing I noticed about my porridge was the lovely oat undertones. There were different kinds of nuts used in this dish, adding a beautiful texture that made it delicious. As I crunched my way through my porridge, I couldn’t help but appreciate how such a simple addition made this dish a pleasure to eat. The poached pear was perfectly done – it was still firm but not not raw. It held all the natural, juicy flavours of the pear.

Green Grocer Oat Porridge – made with fruits, nuts and seeds and served with spiced blueberries and yoghurt

I had a cheeky taste of Mr LBs dish, and despite its average plating, the flavors were magnificent. The orange blossom could immediately be tasted on the bread and the cinnamon sugar shone through. YUM!

The Green Grocer offers a no-frills focus on brunch. They showcase honest favours and use subtle additions to impress the crowd. An additional benefit of doing brunch here is that you can do your sustainable, organic grocery shopping here once you’re done. ”

Final thought: “Simple, organic food with a cheeky twist”

Green Grocer on Urbanspoon


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