1 Lawson Grove
South Yarra
Melbourne 3141
(03) 9866 3640

Opening Hours: 
Mon – Fri: 7:30am – 5.30pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 6pm

See our previous review of The Lawson Grove Shop here.

Coffee: Gravity Coffee
Note: Accepts Cash Only.

Mr LB:
“Sometimes it’s the quiet brunch that really makes your day. No rushing around town, no attempts to find a car space, no names on a waiting list and no long waits for food.  It can be pure bliss when you have the ability to walk into a cafe and sit down, chat with the waiter or relaxingly reading the paper. I like to call these brunches the ‘no fuss brunch’. Just don’t get the term mixed up with the quality of food. The Lawson Grove Shop has always been a place that has stuck in my mind as one that provides a relaxing brunch. Having not seen Miss SL for two weeks and just wanting to chill, The Lawson Grove Shop was the perfect location.

Given it was a wintery Melbourne day, it was unanimously agreed to sit inside and enjoy the comforts of the warmer environment. Not much had changed in terms of décor – they still had a fridge full of goodies to buy and the cafe still resonanated a warm, relaxing ambiance.

The Lawson Grove Shop still source their coffee from Gravity, which isn’t a personal favourite of mine. With that in mind I was not in the mood for my traditional long black, so I decided to steal share Miss SL’s banana & honey smoothie [$5.50]. It had a lovely smooth texture with a true banana hit. A well executed smoothie.

Brunch decisions are often the hardest things to make for the day. Choosing the wrong dish could lead to the possibility of starting your day on the wrong foot. The brunch options at The Lawson Grove Shop looked very much the same as our last visit. Unfortunately they were out of the Baked Eggs, which Miss SL had ordered the last time we were there. After much indecision, the waiter was kind enough to bring over the specials board and outline our brunch options. After considering these we quickly jumped on the waitresses advice, ordering the Chicken Club Sanga [$16.50].

Chicken Club Sanga

This was no ordinary club sandwich, but one of the freshest going around Melbourne. All the ingredients were prepared and cooked to perfection. The star attraction was the chicken, which was poached beautifully with no signs of excess water or being undercooked. It was prepared with herbs and went well with the crispy bacon. Even the mayonnaise had the right consistency, perfectly complimenting the lettuce and tomato rather than overpowering it. The hardest objective of this fabulous toasted sanga was how to eat it. My advice – two hands and enjoy!

The Lawson Grove Shop has done it again. Not only does it meet my personal expectations of providing a relaxing cafe environment, but it also delivers one of the best club chicken sandwiches I have eaten to date.

Miss SL:

“I have been recently working in Perth and the experience has been very interesting. While I have found (limited) excellent coffee, I have yet to find a brunch meal that meets the standards of hometown Melbourne.  Not to mention that ‘brunch’ is unavailable after 11:30am – a feat nearly impossible for me! On my weekend back to visit Melbourne, Mr LB and I decided that we would revisit our second blog ever made and re-test the waters of The Lawson Grove Shop.

We arrived to the familiar winding paths of Lawson Street and were greeted by the cafes warm and inviting interior. On this occasion we sat indoors, and I must say that it was much better than I remember it being. I ordered a Banana and Honey smoothie [$5] to share with Mr LB. I was quick to decide on my main while Mr LB ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ about what to get, choosing the Chicken Club Sanga [$16.50].

Our smoothie was the first thing to come out and it was simply delicious. There was a strong taste of fresh, sweet banana and I really liked that it wasn’t made perfectly smooth. The little chunks of banana notified me that my drink was not made of artificial sweeteners.

When my main came out I gasped at the size of it. How was I to eat this respectfully? More the question, how will I fit this in my mouth? It was moments like these that I wish I were a snake and my jaw could unhinge to allow more food in with every bite. I started off respectful enough, using my knife and fork to crunch through the well-toasted, buttered bread. As my sandwich started to fall apart, I took cue from Mr LB and used my hands. Much better!

Chicken Club Sanga

The sandwich itself was just amazing. The lettuce used was extremely fresh, green and crunchy. The tomatoes used were firm and juicy while the chicken – oh, the chicken! It was PERFECTLY poached and pulled apart, generously dressed with a deliciously creamy (but not over-powering) mayonnaise. The thing I loved about this dish was that it had a completely “home-cooked” feel to it, but tasted just that little bit too good to be made by mum (or the boyfriend / girlfriend!).

The Lawson Grove Shop continues to deliver quality and service with a smile. Beautiful dishes that are worth the visit.

Final thought: “Delivers a home-cooked feel to their meals; deceivingly good”

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  1. ironchefshellie

    I haven’t had a club sandwich is soooo long and I absolutely LOVE them. This one looks sensational!!


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