Opening Hours:
Tues – Fri: 7am – 4pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 4pm
Mon: Closed
Kitchen closes at 3pm on all days

Coffee: Seven Seeds house blend, Proud Mary Filter, Market Lane (guest) Single Origin

Mr LB:
“Melbourne sure does know how to hide breathtaking cafes, restaurants and bars from the ascertaining eye. From hidden cocktail bars with back doors to other cocktail bars, to the ever mobile food trucks which – to get their precise location – requires receiving the latest tweets. Thank god for blogs, twitter and Google searches to give a helping hand in finding the perfect place to turn your weekend or weekday from ordinary to great. However, what about the hidden suburb? Well, Seddon is possibly one of the greatest untapped suburbs currently making its big mark on Melbourne. Once called Belgravia, this western suburb has always been competing for its presences to be noticed over its close and colourful neighbour, Footscray. Once being considered as a place with a heavy blue-collar presence, this leafy suburb has now transformed itself as a fantastic food hub with organic shopping options to rival those across the Yarra. We arrived at Seddon to not only check out the scenery but also to visit Dead Man Espresso‘s new venture – Common Galaxia.

The fit-out for Common Galaxia is quite clean with a subtle touch of quirkiness. There are cleverly designed wall fixtures which are used to help hang corded light bulbs, and over the barista station is a rustic arrangement of shelves with a copper-pot theme. A barista station never looked so clever. If you feel that reading the newspaper isn’t sophisticated enough for your intellect, then there is an appealing range of design and architecture magazines to choose from. Want an additional knife or fork because you accidentally dropped it? Well no need to ask the waiter, as underneath or beside each table is a well designed draw to grab yourself cutlery, menus and serviettes. Within this cleverly designed space there is plenty of seats as the space the itself is quite large, but at the same time you don’t feel lost within it. Just being there makes you feel a little clever.

With all this cleverness to take in it was time to consume my long black to make my day more clear. Common Galaxia provides their espresso house blend from Seven Seeds with Market Lane providing the guest blend of the day. I elected the Market Lane Brazil Faraiso [$4] for something a bit different on this occasion.

The flavours of my coffee were very defined and prominent. It’s just the way coffee should be! My coffee had embodied a lovely fruity and nutty taste. It was served with additional hot water in case I wanted to push out or adjust the flavour. My long black was high-class with no bitterness or second-rate taste – it was all smooth flavours. Just the way coffee should be.

Poached eggs on Sourdough Kitchen pumpkin bread w avocado. Add bacon

When we pulled out our menus from the industrial metal draws beneath us, some hard decisions had to be made. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is Common Galaxia takes the same position as its big brother Dead Man Espresso, delivering the highest quality ingredients that are as fresh as they can be. Plating is simply a work of art. The downside was that the portion sizes were a little small. As I scanned the menu I was captured by Poached eggs on Sourdough kitchen pumpkin bread with avocado [$14.50] with bacon [$18]. In my book, the bacon wasn’t an option – it was mandatory.

Visually this dish was immaculate and the taste was just sensational. The pumpkin bread had the right density, whilst the pumpkin taste itself was prominent and not lost within the dough. It surprisingly went very well with the avocado and feta pieces, but even more surprising was the juniper berries that provided this lovely fruity and burst of flavour. The coconut shavings were too good to be discarded as alone it had a lovely subtle taste and together it really brought the dish together, creating a nice sense of harmony. The pictures of the bacon say it all, really. Delicious!

Poached eggs on Sourdough Kitchen pumpkin bread w avocado. Add bacon

In summary, Common Galaxia is a perfect fit for Seddon. It provides a cool and vibrant setting with little surprises, such as the cutlery drawer, and is back up by the strong delivery of high-quality dish to meet any brunch goers taste buds. So if your bored of the usually suburbs for brunching, then travel down to the untapped resources of Seddon and you’ll surely not be disappointed at Common Galaxia.”

Miss SL:
“When I first looked up the definition of Common Galaxia I found only ‘Common Galaxias’ – a fish found in the Southern Hemisphere. Unsure of what this had to do with newly opened Common Galaxia in Seddon, further research has led me to find that the cafe name is in fact an ode to this little creature. Previously found commonly near Maribyrnong this little creature has survived the test of time, moving downstream near Seddon and adapting to the ever-changing environment around them. The message is that we can only ever borrow from Mother Nature and that she will survive whatever challenges we throw at her. Pretty deep and thoughtful for a cafe name, isn’t it?

We arrived to this beautiful space at 11am on a Saturday and were welcomed to a table within 5 minutes. I couldn’t help but note that the flower arrangement on the table – a simple Banksia in a brown bottle – replicating the exact arrangement at Greenhouse by Joost in Perth. Elly had joined us on this occasion and while we animatedly discussed her recent trip overseas, we ordered our coffees. I went for the Market Lane Brazil Faraiso blend in an espresso. It had a strong nutty flavour which was immediately impressed upon my palate, followed sharply with a sweet flavour that I couldn’t quite make out.

Something that I really loved about Common Galaxia was how interesting their menu was, offering up dishes such as Oven baked zucchini fritters w house cured citrus & juniper berry salmon, green tea, smoked egg & lemon spiked crème friache [$18.50] and Baked Eggs with wild mushroom duxelles, L’Artisan Fermier, walnut skordalia & watercress puree, served w Sourdough Kitchen Casalinga [$16.50] add streaky bacon [$19.50]. An item I couldn’t go passed on was the Whole baked apple stuffed w wild figs, walnuts & muscovado sugar w yoghurt & granola [$12.50].

Whole baked apple stuffed w wild figs, walnuts & muscovado sugar w yoghurt & granola

A short wait later our meals were out of the oven and served in front of us. The baked apple looked amazing – bursting with juices, rich and potentially a little harmful to the waistline! As I cut into it I noted that the apple maintained a firm but not a hard texture. The sweet flavours of the apple mixed with the natural yoghurt were a perfect combination. The wild figs, walnuts and sugar added a lovely crunchy texture to this dish, as did the incredible granola sprinkled on the side. The granola itself is worth a mention – if someone gave me a bowl of that it would be polished off before they could blink!

Whole baked apple stuffed w wild figs, walnuts & muscovado sugar w yoghurt & granola

Elly had ordered the Pikelets w apple curd, rhubarb & vanilla bean dulcede leche [$13]. They came out perfectly fluffy and looked super delicious with the apple curd drizzling off the side of the stack! She said they were really delicious and perfectly made.

Pikelets w apple curd, rhubarb & vanilla bean dulcede leche

Greedy as I was that day, I ordered a second coffee, this time reverting to my old favourite, soy latte in the house blend. I’m not sure if it’s because it has been a long time since I’ve had a latte, but my cup of goodness was delivered a little burned and watery.


I didn’t let that get me down though, as Mr LB and I ordered brunch dessert in the form of a Brownie [$4]. The top of the brownie was thin and flake-like, but the inside was incredibly rich, with the chocolate inside gooey like thick fudge. This was no ordinary Brownie. Instead of the traditional walnuts mixed in with the chocolate, this little treat has pistachio nuts! They created a welcome and unique shift from the normal brownie, adding its highly unique flavours and slight saltiness.

Common Galaxia hasn’t been opened all that long but operates like a full-fledged cafe that has completely skipped the teething process. The staff were really friendly and the interior was very welcoming and chilled. I really love the fact that the menu seemed simple but has lovely twists to old favourites. Definitely worth a visit!”

Final thought: “A must try cafe – a lovely pumpkin bread dish for the vegetarians”

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