Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 8am – late
Note: brunch menu operates daily 8am – 3pm

Coffee: Syndicate coffee

Mr LB:
“Community is an important aspect to a friendly, happy and safe society, however it’s something that we tend to take for granted. The idea that we look after one another or help someone in need is often overshadowed by our own self interest or ignored by our own consuming lives. Something very tragic happened a couple of weeks ago in Brunswick that has struck an emotional chord with a lot of Melbournians. While the dust settles, we must remember that while we live in this amazing city we are all part of a bigger community that needs to look out for others. Community is also the linchpin for the magnificent brewery Little Creatures is also based upon. Their brewery in Fremantle (Perth) is not only open to the public but is one of the focal points of where visitors and locals meet for great beer and food. The same principle can be applied to its Melbourne version- Little Creatures Dinning Hall.

It’s known that getting a table in peak hour is a tough task here, but worth the wait. The layout itself is based on the Fremantle Brewery but just on a smaller scale. It is essential one big hall which has carefully placed dinning booths lined with a long bar on the left and an open kitchen to view at back. There is something very magical about this place with its modern, clean look that isn’t too pretentious. All ages and different mixes of people can be found at Little Creatures Dinning Hall which gives a great community feel and more recently a place to consume brunch!

As we arrived and were seated, the familiar urge of having a cold Little Creatures Bright Ale was sure kicking in. However, I had to remind myself that it was too early to start a Sunday session and that this was brunch. So with that I ordered my long black [$3.5] sourced from Syndicate Coffee. On this occasion my long black had a good smooth taste with a slight citrus taste on the back palate. It was good to see a well established restaurant providing a decent tasting coffee.

Playing catch up with Miss SL friends endeavors and juicy goss from the last time I saw them, there was not much time for contemplation for which brunch meal to order. Serious business and decisions had to be made. The menu options is a little small for my likely with only two items that had really stand out for me, but I took the punt and went for capsicum, potato, chorizo, spinach frittata [$18].

capsicum, potato, chorizo, spinach frittata

Admittedly, a frittata is dish that is easy to prepare and cook. However, cooked well brings about a yummy taste to fill any desire and this frittata certainly met the bill. Inside the frittata was the right amount of moisture for the other ingredients to marry well and not leaving a dry, eggy taste. The simple garden salad with aioli was necessary to break up the dominate egg flavour, however I thought the bread was unnecessary and didn’t add anything to the dish. There was a nice balance between chorizo bits which had a mild smoky taste, but it was the grilled mozzarella that did it for me. Who doesn’t like a bit of cheesy goodness on top of a frittata? I think Little Creatures are on to something.

capsicum, potato, chorizo, spinach frittata

Little Creatures Dining Hall delivers a level of quality that satisfies and for that reason you should give it a good go. It also makes a good starting point for a Sunday session as the next step is to order the first round of Little Creatures Bright Ale.

Miss SL:
“For those of you who have been following our blog, you would know that I had been working in the lovely (and sunny!) city of Perth over the Winter period. During that period, Mr LB came to join me for a weekend in The City of Lights. It certainly beat weekends brunching alone! During that short visit, we made sure we visited the famous Fremantle and had a few drinks at the Little Creature Fremantle Brewery – the original. The set-up there was awe-inspiring; a giant converted warehouse with pops of red, a beautiful wharf-side deck and an upstairs dining area with fencing used as walls so that diners could overlook the view below. It was a magical evening of drinking, followed by fish and chips – the tourist way!

When we were there, we noticed that there was a breakfast menu operating. This is something that was promised to us months ago at the Melbourne’s Little Creatures Dining Hall – had it finally arrived? Mr LB confirmed that the opening hours had been extended to an early morning session and so we knew where our next destination had to be.
The Doctor had just returned from her travels far and wide, and I virtually hadn’t seen her or my friend Carly in months, so we used this as an excuse to check out the menu for ourselves.

The menu was a little quirkier than I expected it to be, although not too strange to scare off regulars. When my eyes scanned the menu, they landed on the Prosciutto, spinach, basil, egg, parmesan pizza [$17], I knew immediately that the choice was made. Having had many of Little Creatures pizzas in the past, this item was guaranteed to be good!

Double espresso

I ordered a double espresso to go with it and was very pleased with what was presented to me – a beautiful, nutty espresso with the right amount of water was just enough to hold me through until our meals came (which was very quick – might I add).

Prosciutto, spinach, basil, egg, parmesan pizza

When my breakfast pizza came out I was gob-smacked. It looked delicious! Two whole eggs cracked and baked on top of the pizza… what more could you ask for? The yolks were slightly over-cooked, but for the most part, they were gooey and thick. The base was the perfect width and admittedly got a little soggy towards the centre, but it didn’t ruin the experience at all for me. The proscuitto was soft and added quite a punch of salt to the dish. The button mushrooms were juicy and simply halved. Admittedly I was full enough to stop eating around the six-slice mark, but I greedily picked at the dish until the whole thing was gone! Overall I felt that my dish was a little on the salty side, but it was definitely a deliciously different way to start the day!

field mushrooms, avocado salsa, toast + eggs

The Doctor had ordered the field mushrooms, avocado salsa, toast [$14] + eggs [$17] , and while she picked at her meal I suspect that was more related to jet lag than the actual quality of the meal.

salmon, beetroot relish, spinach, poached eggs on toast

Carly had ordered the salmon, beetroot relish, spinach, poached eggs on toast [$18] and she said it was yum. Her eggs looked perfectly made and relish looked delicious!

The Little Creatures Dining Hall did a very good job of entering the brunch scene. They offered a lovely balance of traditional and quirky with their breakfast menu. Their coffee was much better than I had expected it to be and the staff were aware yet attentive – meaning that they paid attention to when you were on the look out for assistance and kept clear when you were deep in conversation. I would certainly come back to Little Creatures Dining Hall for a no-fuss brunch or a Sunday session kick-starter. The place is bloke-friendly and – surprisingly – kid-friendly with a little kids corner where the little ones can wear fairy wings and listen to story books being read. A job well-done to the team at Little Creatures!”

Final thought: “Best for a late brunch – a breakfast pizza and a beer would be just perfect!”

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  1. CXW

    Great review; thank you! Went in on Thursday morning and tried out the breakfast pizza on the basis of this review and wasn’t disappointed (though for some reason my pizza was mushroom-free). With a couple of excellent long black coffees it went down a treat. Service was spot on and it was beautifully quiet – perfect for a gentle start to the day.


      1. CXW

        Yes, it was surprisingly good. I’m still finding my way around Melbourne coffee (only moved here in January) and often the roasts are a little mild for my liking, but this was good – rich with a proper edge without being burnt.

      2. Brunch Addict

        Oh really! I guess it depends who the coffee is by and how good the barista is… The most popular beans to keep an eye out for are All Press, St Ali, Seven Seeds, Proud Mary and 5 Senses. Hopefully that helps you find a better brew when you’re out and about!!
        Mid SL xox

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