Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 8am – 10pm
Sat – Sun: Closed

525 Little Collins Street
Melbourne, Vic 3000

Coffee: Coffeehead

Mr LB:
“Is Henry chasing the Fox or is the Fox chasing Henry? It sounds like the old story of who came first, the chicken or the egg. It’s a mind bender that would result in any kid to debate back and forth, examining the equally persuasive arguments without ever approaching closure. While we may play down its effects, closure or perspective to a story is nice when told. Closing the final page to that chapter and ready for the next. This is similar to the story of Henry and the Fox. The story is that Henry used to work for head chef Michael Fox at a previous posting of Vue De Monde. With the opportunity to work with Michael again, Henry didn’t hesitate and raced over to the Fox where the stories of Henry and the Fox began.

Henry and the Fox is nicely tucked away on the bottom end of Little Collins street (between William and King). The design and layout of the restaurant is diverse, but also warm with its wooden paneling and mood lighting. Inside seating options consist of a variety of long and short tables, many of which have a clear view into the kitchen where all the action happens. We opted to sit outside which is covered in Astro Turf. Very summery indeed!

With my current fascination in find the best bacon and egg roll within the CBD, I went for Henry & The Fox bacon and double egg roll with HP sauce [$11.50] and a Coffeehead long black [$3.50].

Morning coffee is a crucial part to most peoples’ working day. Upon gaining possession of their “workers juice” it’s all go-go-go.. until they crash, of course. The flavours found in the Coffeehead brew is growing on me, but usually I’m turned off by the way the coffee is delivered. Almost every time I experience a Coffeehead as ‘have in’, there’s just a little bit too much water added to the shot, diluting the flavour. This time was no different. It did, however, have a smooth texture and slight nutty overtone. The brew lacked bitterness, however, as I came to the end of the coffee I found that the flavours were lost.

Henry and the Fox bacon and double egg  roll  with HP sauce

My food had arrived first and having compared with My Mexican Cousinvisually it just didn’t seem to have the same appeal. In terms of taste there were definite yums to had. The bacon was cooked very crispy, which at first I thought wasn’t very desirable. However, eating the roll as a whole it worked perfectly with the pan fried egg and the smoked HP BBQ sauce. The eggs were a little dry and the bun had been pressed flat, but the smokey sauce made these little issues seamless go away. It was just so good with egg and bacon! The smoky texture from the sauce elevated the other components in this dish to achieve a delicious egg and bacon roll. I’m such a convert that I have bought myself a bottle of smoked HP BBQ sauce to use at home.

I like the Henry and the Fox brunch menu as it caters for people on the run and those who like to sit and consume a well prepared brunch dish. It surely is a unique CBD location to grab a coffee and its brunch, lunch and dinner menu has ‘delicious’ written all over it. Worth a visit for any occasion.”

Miss SL:
“Melbourne city is a truly beautiful place. Having recently returned from a trip to Europe, I can whole heartedly say that upon my return I have come to really appreciate the diversity of culture and quirk that our fair city presents to the world. With bars that depict tennis clubs, science labs and hospitals and even other cities (I’m looking at you, Berlin Bar!) our cafes are slowly following suite (although perhaps not to that extreme!).

Upon entering Henry & the Fox, I was immediately pleased with the astroturf. “How rooftop bar!” I recall cheering at Mr LB. It was a warm spring morning and we were seated outside. I’d ordered our coffees (double espresso for me!) and brunches as soon as I arrived, ordering the Open omelette, smoked salmon, asparagus, feta w toasted multigrain [$15.50]. There was one girl working furiously on the coffee machine, taking orders and serving dishes. She seemed a bit overworked!

Waiting for our meals and accompaniments, I used the time to take in our surroundings. What’s immediately striking about the location is how well they had transformed it. Directly across from The Exchange building where I had previously worked at for a year was a dark, uninviting restaurant. Kartel next door provided a semi-decent coffee and the chocolate shop behind it provides some pretty good macarons.

Henry and the Fox immediately lifts the environment of the surrounding buildings and jolts excitement into the street with its green astroturf, beautiful woodwork and open, inviting space.

As I ran out things to look at, I started looking at my clock. Time ticked by. And ticked. And ticked.

It had been a full 15 minutes since ordering, on a relatively quiet Tuesday morning. There were only 8 people in the cafe in total. I didn’t perceive too many people coming in to order coffees, but perhaps I was wrong. The barista was furiously pumping out coffees, but whom I wasn’t sure. Another 5 minutes went and finally our meals came out. The barista / waitress was very apologetic – she said that they had been unusually busy as of late, perhaps with the approach of summer. Initially looking at the dish I wasn’t sure what to think.

Open omelette, smoked salmon, asparagus, feta w toasted multigrain

The omelette was cooked well – not burnt or overly dry on the edges. The bread was thick and well toasted which was quite alluring. The problem that I had with it was the overall lack of excitement in the presentation, but then again let’s be realistic. I didn’t really pick the most exotic thing on the menu, did I? My first mouthful spoke a different truth though. The feta immediately popped in my mouth providing a sharp yet targeted strike across my palate. The salmon provided clarity to the saltiness in this dish whilst the asparagus played the backseat role of adding texture more than flavour. The dish overall resulted in a salty, creamy open omelette that was perhaps slightly too thin. It was a delicious way to start the weekday morning.

Overall, Henry and the Fox provides a nice weekday breakfast. They were still experiencing some teething issues with staff numbers as they entered the summer months, but I’m sure that has all been resolved. If you’re in the south part of the CBD make sure you drop in as the decor is so chirpy it will lift anyone’s spirits.”

Final thought: “Beautiful brunch stop for a sunny day”

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