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Coffee: Clark St Roasters

Mr LB:

“Why go out for a hamburger when you have steak at home?” Mr Paul Newman

“Do you remember when the hamburger was seen as trash food? It was once considered an inferior food, synonymous with obesity. Even the late Hollywood actor Mr Paul Newman, when questioned about his infidelity, compared cheating to eating a hamburger. Ouch! Moving to the present, the once-trashed hamburger is now the food of the month and we are always excited to taste the new and improved versions out on the street. Our itch for a burger saw us back in Collingwood to taste what the good people at Rockwell and Sons had offered.

We arrived on Smith Street for an early dinner. As we approached, I had the awkward feeling of previously passing Rockwell and Sons on a number of occasions with little acknowledgment. My loss! The decor is played down with raw brick walls combined with soft, tanned wooden fixtures. A design feature that I was impressed with was the large, opened front windows with benches looking out onto the street so that patrons may enjoy the cool breeze and unique Collingwood vibe.

Two Birds – Golden Pale

I love nothing more than to consume beer then on a cracker of a balmy night and on this occasion the conditions where just right. Rockwell and Sons has a fantastic and unique selection of boutique beers on offer, providing the perfect opportunity to step away from old favourites to try something new. I went for the Two Birds Golden Ale [$8], brewed in Moolap, Victoria. There was a lovely cold crisp taste to this beer that certainly made it easy to drink and enjoy. At times though it was a little heavy, but it was the perfect beer to complement the food.

Rockwell and Sons are not just known for their delicious burgers, but they dish out some impressive sides as well. With Miss SL already having visited the week before, I was strongly advised to have sides with our burgers. Looking at the sides and share menu options, it was a difficult choice as reading each dish conjured up some serious food gluttony. Considerations and opinions were shared, resulting in three sides ordered:

  • Chilli Roasted Pumpkin Seeds [$4];
  • Hickory Smoked Onion Rings, Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce [$7]; and
  • Pan-roasted Broccoli, Bonito Aioli, Pickled Sultanas [$9].

Chilli Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

If for any reason you find yourself at Rockwell & Sons, even just for beers, the Chilli Roasted Pumpkin Seeds must be ordered. This side is truly awesome! The pumpkin seeds were roasted to perfection leaving a delightful crunch with every mouthful. The combination of the chili seasoning and sea salt was of the right consistency leaving a perfect chili hit that could be doused with beer. This side was the perfect starter to our meal.

The onion rings were battered well and provided a very crunchy texture on the outer surface. The onion itself had not been compromised, leaving a soft sauté flavour. The pepper dipping sauce was a good addition adding further flavour and enjoyment.

Pan-roasted Broccoli, Bonite Aioli, Pickled Sultanas

The pan roasted broccoli was my favourite side dish, being so simple but just full of amazing flavour. The broccoli was cook to perfection with no rawness texture, rather being light and fluffy without its shape lost. Being lightly pan fried provided a delightful subtle crunch on the surface. The aioli was plated in a dobbed like shape and completed the broccoli giving a lovely creamy texture. Complement this with the pickled sultanas creates one hell of a side dish to go with any burger.

Pulled Poon Boon Lamb Sandwich w/ Harrissa Slaw, Smoked Eggplant

Instead of going for the typical burger, I elected for an adventure – Pulled Poon Boon Lamb Sandwich w/ Harrissa Slaw, Smoked Eggplant [$12]. While it looked and tasted like a high-end roll, there was something missing. The lamb was marinated well to highlight the nature flavours and was not dry. It had a subtle taste that was dominated by the Harrissa slaw. While there is no doubt the combination worked well, it did at time taste a little flavorless. I also wasn’t able to taste the smoked eggplant. Overall the roll was enjoyable and satisfying, but having tasted some amazing sides my roll wasn’t in the same ball park.

With hamburgers being given a well needed resuscitation, Rockwell & Sons has certainly put fuel on the fire. If you’re after a new kind of burger experience, then Rockwell & Sons should be on your burger radar.”

Miss SL:
“These days, dining out is an ordeal. Battle through traffic only to arrive at your destination fifteen minutes late. Get put on a wait list because the restaurant doesn’t take bookings. Finally get a table, but have to wait 45 minutes for food to come out. Before you even know it, you’ve spent two or three hours having brunch/lunch/dinner out.

Enter Rockwell and Sons, a burger establishment that dishes up some high-quality food – fast. As it should too. Created by Casey Wall (Cutler & Co, NYC’s Spotted Pig and Le Cirque) and Manu Potoi (Stokehouse, Attica), Rockwell and Sons is a great experience from the get-go. As soon as Mr LB and I entered, we were seated. Shortly after that, we ordered our drinks – for me, a Peach and Cardamom soda [$5]. We also ordered our food – Chilli Roasted Pumpkin Seeds [$4], Hickory Smoked Onion Rings, Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce [$7], Pan-roasted Broccoli, Bonito Aioli, Pickled Sultanas [$9] and their signature dish, the Double patty smash burger [$10]. Within 5 minutes of arrival we were seated and had our orders taken. Now that’s service.

My soda was delivered within a matter of minutes and I was sipping away happily as Mr LB and I caught up on current events. I actually really dislike peach-flavoured things, and so I was surprised that this was just so good. It was zingy and instantly refreshing. The fizziness of the soda was immediate and once the bubbles settled, the flavours of peach and cardamom gently settled on my palate.

Peach and cardamom soda

The chili roasted pumpkins seeds out came out of the kitchen first and I was excited – I’d been to Rockwell and Sons the week before and was totally blown away by this simple yet extremely delicious entrée. Served warm, these little beauties were salty with a definite kick of chili. The heat was addictive and the seeds were deliciously crunchy.

Pan-roasted Broccoli, Bonite Aioli, Pickled Sultanas

Next was the brocollini and it was surprisingly a mouthful of flavour. Crispy and succulent, the brocollini was perfectly accompanied by the sweet sultanas and creamy mayonnaise.

Hickory Smoked Onion Rings, Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce

My burger was served with the onion rings to accompany it and I was one happy lassie. The onion rings were super crispy and the batter was really dense and delicious. The onion inside was juicy and packed with flavour. Quite possibly the best onion rings I’ve ever had!

The big moment was finally here and I was about to tuck into my smash burger – the burger that rivals and exceeds the much-hyped Huxtaburger. The first thing I noticed as I bit into the bun was the density – it wasn’t as light as Huxtaburgers and the bun was a little sweet. The meat was deliciously soft and tender, crumbling in my mouth and melting away into my taste buds.

Double patty smash burger

The cheese used to make this little baby was none other household favourite Kraft. I love that these guys were straight up with their produce! The Kraft cheese was deliciously salty and, when combined with the sauce, had a really addictive flavour. It conjured up similar responses to a MacDonalds cheeseburger. Yum!

When I initially visited Rockwell and Sons I was blown away by the quality of the food produced out of the kitchen. What really pleased me was that when I returned a short while later, I experienced consistently high quality service and food. It’s very rare that when you arrive at a trendy Melbourne food establishment that you can still enjoy the experience of a meal without the high-wait times. Top marks for Rockwell and Sons.”

Final thought: “Best chili roasted pumpkin seeds in town – matched with great burgers”

Rockwell and Sons on Urbanspoon

  1. ironchefshellie

    Urgh, it’s totally true! Battle through traffic, find a park that doesn’t have 3048432 restrictions, put your name on the waiting list, wait for food… rah rah rah.

    having said that… this place is right on the top of my list of places to go :P GOD DAMN I love me a good hamburger!


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