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Coffee: Maling Room, Single Origin

Mr LB:
“Going back ten years ago, I was at the very raw age of 17. I was going through the motions of surviving High School, Myspace was on the radar and my coffee addiction was in its infant stage. It was also the time when texting on a dot matrix phone was hip and baggy surfy jeans were in vogue and worn proud. I had taken a subject called Business Management, as there was the hope and dreams I would be running a massive company before thirty and then taking a golden handshake by forty. I recall reading an article about Australia Post, with the premise that it was operating in a dying industry. It was argued that in ten years, everybody would be emailing and the physical post office shop will be obsolete. This author seriously failed to consider e-commerce (online shopping) and now we all find ourselves lining up at Australia Post in order to collect our purchases. There is one mailing room where little lines are seen and perfectly tailored roasted coffees can be found – The Maling Room.

Arriving at The Maling Room, it’s easily recognised as one of the main focal points on the well-established and historic village of Canterbury. The grand white pillars with the red brick gave a sense of greatness and presence. The interior decor isn’t fancy with expensive lighting fixtures or art work. The walls are painted with a clean soft colour with various vintage pieces and little knick-knacks to keep the eye entertained, without drawing the eyes away from fundamental features.

The Maling Room blend certainly gets around Melbourne and has a home in some impressive cafes, such as Chez Dre and Gardiner & Field. They have perfected their skill and offer a strong selection of single origin blends. It’s a question of where to begin, rather than the type of coffee. My first coffee was a long black – costa rica cuatro mujeres [$3.70] had a crisp flavour of berry fruit with a hint of Jasmine that left my palate with a blunt ‘coffee’ taste. It wasn’t too sweet was still a strong coffee that could be enjoyed by a seasoned drinker or a novice. Later, I had a an espresso [$3.70] of the Kenya Kapsokisio AB which was both mine (and Miss SL’s) favourite. It was a full-bodied fruity blend that left a long, crisp taste that was clean on the palate.

On this occasion I elected the Smoked Salmon served with avocado, beetroot relish, rocket, dill cream, cheese & scrambled eggs [$17]. My dish was plated nicely with all the components well-plated and very appealing to the eye. My beetroot relish was the centerpiece of this dish, complementing all components as anticipated. The scrambled eggs were well- prepared. They were moist and well-matched with the high-quality salmon. The dish itself was satisfying but it didn’t leave a wow factor.

Smoked Salmon served with avocado, beetroot relish, rocket, dill cream, cheese & scrambled eggs

The Maling Room is a must if you’re seriously scoping the best brunches hot spots of Melbourne. Their coffee alone is strong feature point and you may find yourself (like me) wanting to come back and try different blends. Their food didn’t hit the mark for me, but given the location I guess they don’t want to push the envelope.”

Miss SL:
“It’s hard to imagine that Mr LB and I have been running this blog since 2011. What started as a hobby has become a pretty serious, time consuming activity that consumes both our lives outside of our respective full-time jobs. Before we started blogging, we used to look at our favourite brunching sites and comment, ‘They’ve only been to this place now?? It’s been open for ages and its a brunch institute!’. Initially we thought we’d mix and match our posts with the latest place and the brunching institutes. Three years later and we’re still trying to cover all those places that should have been reviewed years ago. The Maling Room is one such instance.

The Maling Room used to be – yep, you guessed it – a former post office. The exterior building retains it’s former heritage glory with a more-than-unique circular landscape. To give you a sense of time passed, the old post office was built around 1908 or 1910 and only ceased operations in 1996.

We’d arrived about 30 minutes late to meet Carly and were feeling like pretty terrible friends. In high spirits, however, she brushed off our delays and we all got a table together indoors. The interior was nothing fancy and reminded my of those old Italian pizza shops. Each table was adorned with beautiful little flowers – it was such a simple concept, but it added some class to the entire establishment.

Iced latte

We were immediately seated and our coffee orders were taken down. I ordered an affogato in the Kenya Kapsokisio Ab [$5.50] and the Chorizo Breakfast – chorizo, avocado, cherry tomatoes dressed in salsa, grilled corn & a 63 degree egg [$17].  Carly had ordered an iced late [~$3.70] and the same meal as Mr LB – Smoked Salmon served with avocado, beetroot relish, rocket, dill cream, cheese & scrambled eggs [$17].

Iced latte

When my coffee arrived I took a sip. I was hit by an explosion of flavours! The blend was sweet and the flavour of raspberry was quite prominent, disseminating across the beautifully creamy texture of the melting ice cream. This was the best coffee I’d had in a long time, and I must say that it really took me by surprise.


The problem with affogatos is that if it’s really good they get finished really quickly. They’re so easy to drink and can really enhance the flavour of the coffee shot.

By the time my meal had come out I was fresh out of coffee and decided on a cheeky second, ordering a double espresso [$3.70] in the same blend.

Chorizo Breakfast – chorizo, avocado, cherry tomatoes dressed in salsa, grilled corn & a 63 degree egg

While I waited for my second drink, I tucked into my meal. I was feeling pretty smug as my dish looked much more interesting than Mr LBs. I felt that I’d picked the winner. The dish itself was very generously served. The chorizo was quite spicy and there were so many sliced sausage pieces, I really wasn’t sure I would be able to finish it all.

Chorizo Breakfast – chorizo, avocado, cherry tomatoes dressed in salsa, grilled corn & a 63 degree egg

The combination of the corn, tomato and avocado added a beautiful level of freshness, reducing the heat on the palate from the chorizo. My 63 degree egg was really lovely. The white skin was transparent and soft, breaking easily to release the egg yolk all over my meal. Yum!

My second coffee for the morning came out during my meal and I have to say that it was incredible how the flavour changed as a result of how it was served. Wherein the flavours of raspberry came out when served as an affogato, the flavours of rhubarb – a very hard to pick flavour in my opinion – was much more prominent when served as a double espresso. The blend was much more tangy in nature, really sticking to the palate.

We had been tweeting away during our meal and were contacted back by The Maling Room, where they offered us a couple of bags of take home coffee to grind and try. We thought that this was a really lovely thing to do and we look forward to trying these blends at home!

Overall The Maling Room provided a low-fuss brunch option that really delivered some spectacular coffee. If you’re a coffee connoisseur then this cafe is a must-try.”

Final Thought: “Highly skilled baristas serving up a dose of incredibly mastered coffee blends”

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