Warehouse 3, Cnr Rose St & Fitzroy St

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 7am – 5pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 5pm

Coffee: Industry Beans house blend, Single Origin, filter, ristretto, filter/ pour over, you name it they do it!

Mr LB:
“Over the life of this blog, we have taken you to some unusual and inspiring brunch locations within and around Melbourne. We have brunched at tram stops, pubs, milkbars, coin laundries, solicitor offices, parks, converted warehouses, auction rooms and even the common lane-way. These unique spaces at one stage had fallen on hard times but were re-invented into unique brunch locations. This review also takes place in a unique building. It’s certainly has character in its modern warehouse – and the decor is very fitting to the cafe title. It’s none other than Industry Beans.

The address is simply marked as ‘warehouse 3’ and the fit out is deck with concrete walls and pallets of un-roasted coffee beans. There is an interesting contrast between the industrial fittings used in the exterior and the modern furniture used on the interior. The lovely wooden patio out the front is perfect for warm days, whilst inside the subtle mix of red metal chair legs against soft wooden tables creates a comfortable yet trendy environment.

These days it’s normal for brunch places to offer a house blend and a single origin. Industry Beans though, has a separate coffee menu offering multiple blends. It is informative, providing insight to the blend location of the origin, process and flavour notes. I couldn’t go pass the Guatemala blend [$3.70] in a long black. The fruity flavours were very prominent as it washed well on my palate – leaving a very crisp taste. It was exceptionally smooth, well executed and a delight to drink. All long blacks are served with a beaker of extra hot water so you can play scientist to find the perfect balance.

This was my second visit here and I still dream of the Brioche French Toast – served with cold drip coffee maple pearls, pure maple syrup, blueberry molasses & double whipped cream [$17] I had on my first trip. Whilst the portion size was a little small, the flavours (including coffee) of the brioche french toast were amazing. Whilst considering a repeat, my food blogging integrity got the better of me and I decided on – Baked Blackbeans – with sweetcorn, spinach, feta cheese & crispy chat potatoes served on thick sourdough toast with a curd egg yolk, topped with a marjoram & orange gremolata [$17].

Baked Blackbeans – with sweetcorn, spinach, feta cheese & crispy chat potatoes served on thick sourdough toast with a curd egg yolk, topped with a marjoram & orange gremolata

Even though the Baked Blackbeans looked like it had been dumped onto the plate, there was something delightfully comforting about it. It was hearty with its combination of beans and chat potatoes that was well complemented with a subtle stew sauce. The curd egg yolk was interesting. On its own it was hard with an off-putting taste, but when spread over the sourdough it melted with the beans and added a lovely sweet texture. It was the perfect dish to get me excited for winter food and the combination of fresh herbs and stew beans satisfied my taste and hunger needs.

Industry Beans hasn’t made a wrong step when it comes to coffee. The quality is exceptional and with more than a few blends on offer, it will get people coming back for more. The menu has some strong winners but there was some disappointment around the table. By all means Industry Beans should be tried, but its a personal call as to whether you absolutely love it or just a good standard.”

Miss SL:
“Coffee is the daytime wine. Have one or two a day and we feel lovely – our spirits are lifted and our energy increases. Have too many, though, and it all goes downhill. We’re unable to focus and end up talking jibberish. Like wine, the blend is heavily dependent on the bean (or in the case of wine, fruit) used, the neighboring variety, the soil, the temperature and the process used to develop the final product. For something so similar in nature then, why do so many places only serve a few blends? Where is the wine-menu equivalent for coffee? At Industry Beans in Fitzroy, that’s where.

It was a sunny but chilly winters day when Mr LB, Carly and I arrived at the doors of Industry Beans. We were quickly seated at the outdoor patio area by friendly staff who greeted us at the door. Perusing through the menu, I was quick to find a blend that suited my palate preference – Cost Rica COE, Lot #24 [3.70] – exceptionally clean & sweet. Lovely acidity with notes of passionfruit, red apple & blueberry with choc/honey aftertaste.

When my coffee came out I was delighted – it had a delicious aroma and when I sipped it, I found it to be gentle on my palate. It was a mellow blend and I made mental note to myself that I must come back soon for another.

After studying the menu quite hard, I finally landed on the Venison – Thinly sliced seared venison with crispy enoki mushrooms & a honey rosemary vinaigrette. Served with a bowl of crusty sourdough [$17]. I wasn’t super hungry and thought that this might sustain me.

Venison – Thinly sliced seared venison with crispy enoki mushrooms & a honey rosemary vinaigrette. Served with a bowl of crusty sourdough

What came out was much thinner than I expected. The venison was practically shaved off and I couldn’t help but feel cheated. Yes, I realise that it was probably high quality venison. Yes, I’m sure the art of making this dish involved a highly skilled chef… but $17 still seemed quite steep for how empty my stomach was going to be at the end of the meal. Taste shall decide whether it was worth the price.

Starting off with a warm piece of lightly oiled sourdough, I layered it with a piece of venison and enoki. As my teeth crunched through the enoki I was impressed – a beautifully woody taste permeated through. The venison was surprisingly served cold and I’m not sure whether or not this was intended. It was particularly unexpected as the sourdough was served warm. The bread was beautifully baked; it was crispy and crunchy without being too tough to tear away. The enoki was by far my favourite element on the plate, however, the more I ate the more queasy I felt. The oil that it had been deep-fried in seeped through the very vegetable and left me feeling greasy.

Minced Kangaroo / coffee mustard / caramalised leeks / fennel relish served with vegetable chips

Carly on the other hand had a total winner of a dish, ordering the Minced Kangaroo / coffee mustard / caramalised leeks / fennel relish served with vegetable chips [$18]. It was lucky that she wasn’t very hungry, as she decided to share half with me. The kalamata chips were beautifully crisp and the aioli was smooth with a mild tang. The burger was incredibly juicy and really delicious. This will definitely be my choice next time around. I was craving a second coffee, ordering an Affogato [~$5] as a bit of a brunch-dessert. It looked beautiful and tasted even better!

Overall I felt that Industry Beans is a coffee lovers dream. With their coffee alchemy and huge variety, there’s so much to try you could never get bored. I felt that while the food was of a high quality, it was just too expensive for what you got. Some of the menu items would have been better suited to a fine-dining dinner rather than an afternoon brunch experience.”

Final thought: “More coffee than you can poke a stick at”

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