Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 7am – 5pm
Friday night drinks from 5pm- 7pm
Sat – Sun: Closed
Note: Krimper plans to open on weekends from September 14

Coffee: Proud Mary house blend, Single Origin, Mörk hot chocolate

Mr LB:
“When comparing Melbourne on an architectural and design front, it’s quite young compared to other cities. This youthfulness comes as both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because there’s so many different ways we can still make our mark. It’s also a curse because of the lack of architectural history – creating the opening to become yet another eclectic city. Some people think the best way to build a city is to tear down dated structures, while others have embraced the old. Within the lane-ways on Lonsdale and Elizabeth Streets, hides a number of once-small industrial warehouses. While most have been refitted to become unique office spaces for the creative types, there is one that has been converted in Melbourne’s newest cafes – Krimper.

From the outside, Krimper doesn’t give much away, however, looking through the iron barred windows is like looking into another world. The interior space is alluring, stunning and sophisticated. Krimper had a minimal theme with its stripped-backed walls and bare fixtures that consume you – creating that true Melbourne cafe feel with a touch of New York warehouse. The owner – an architect by trade – wanted to keep the warehouse true to its roots; a small furniture warehouse. The long cabinet dividing the room was built in this location, however it’s the in-house elevator that initially captures a lot of peoples attention.

My long black [$3.50] was sourced from Proud Mary. Krimper offers a house blend and a single origin. I went for the house blend and it came out looking delightful. The strong, fruity and crisp flavours were well captured. My long black was a solid performer and perked me up.

The biggest hurdle for any new cafes is getting the kitchen right. Getting meals out in a timely manner is the key, however getting used to kitchen operations sometimes reflects in serving up uninspired meals. The kitchen team at Krimper have devised a strong brunch menu with the Terra-cotta Baked Eggs, cannellini beans, chorizo, andalusian salsa, manchego and toasted baguette [$15.50] catching my eye. Being a naughty Friday though, I opted for a special sugary delight – Almond-crusted french toast w poach pear & vanilla marscapone [$15].

Almond-crusted french toast w poached pear & vanilla marscapone

Whilst only being served one slice of toast, this dish delivered the goods! There was a delightful crunch when I bit into the crust with strong hints of almond that married well with the slightly burnt toast. Eating through to the center layer was equally impressive; well-soaked with a strong hint of cinnamon that complimented the poached pear and vanilla marscapone sides. It wasn’t too sugary, but it certainly achieved the yummy factor.

Krimper is a prime example that recreating an old space for modern purposes makes for a better city. This cafe won’t be a hidden gem for long (just try and get a seat at Manchester Press!) and is by all means worthy of discovering on your next brunch adventure.”

Miss SL:
“It was a grey weekday morning when G and I met Mr LB at a new Melbourne cafe called Krimper. Walking down two alleyways off Elizabeth Street with roadworks right in front of the Guildford Lane I was unsure of where exactly we were going. With my faith in Melbourne though, I knew it would be good – and I wasn’t wrong. Welcomed by tall wooden doors with a simple little sign that said ‘open’, we entered to reveal an interior that was breathtaking.

As soon as we walked through the doors we were welcomed by three hanging road bikes.The roof was raw and bare with exposed wood, matching the distressed walls which added beautiful character amongst the wooden decor. The tables were recycled from the very wood of the venue itself.

Open for only for little over a month, Krimper is so new that not many Melbournians have discovered what a real treasure this venue really is!

We took a seat and ordered our coffees from a delightfully French waitress. I had a double espresso single origin, which was from Kenya and it was a really beautiful drop. Flavours of stone fruit, citrus and lemon burst through and danced around my palate, welcoming me to my day.

The menu at Krimper was short and sweet with options even to keep gym junkies happy – Super smoothie, banana, oats, almond milk and Anakie honey [$10]. Yum! However, I couldn’t go passed the special on offer – Orange blossom spelt waffles, with blueberries, banana, ricotta and maple syrup [$14].

Orange blossom spelt waffles, with blueberries, banana, ricotta and maple syrup

What was plated looked like it came out of a magazine – bursting rich with colour. Even through strawberries were not mentioned on the menu, they were welcomed. The strawberries and blueberries were perfectly ripe and juicy – sweet and complimentary to the waffles which were sugary and had a hint of orange blossom running through it. The ricotta was sweet with vanilla bean running through it, tasting like marscarpone. The ricotta was served cold, creating a beautiful contrast in temperatures between the waffles and the ricotta.

Krimper is such a gorgeously refreshing space tucked away within the CBD. It is both spacious and peaceful and the quality of the food and coffee is magnificent. I am already excited about coming back to Krimper again.”

Final thought: “The CBD’s latest little treasure”

Krimper on Urbanspoon

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