Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri 7am – 4:30pm
Sat – Sun 8am – 4pm

Coffee: Axil Coffee

Mr LB:
“On a social level, most of us develop the behaviour of good intention. And why not! Saying ‘we should really catch up soon’ or ‘let’s catch up for brunch’ to a friend shows that we care. There is a release of good feelings when the other person gets excited about the idea. Whether we say it to be polite (as there is no intention of catching up) or genuinely mean it but simply never follow up, not delivering on such good intentions has a worse effect. We visited The Grain Store at their launch party back in June and during the event we mentioned that we really wanted to come back and review their brunch. After many false starts and an accidental coffee run-in with Miss SL & G, we decided that one Wednesday morning we will (finally) review The Grain Store for breakfast.

We arrived at The Grain Store before eight am and the dining hall was already more than half full and very vibrant – it reminded me of the same cool vibe I experienced at Cumulus Inc. We had heard that The Grain Store has created some good traction after the launch and the dining room didn’t lie. The space consisted of a mix of business and creative types breaking their fast before tackling the day ahead. The décor was the same, filled with beautiful soft wood that contrasts well with the softly coloured walls. I did notice that the morning sun had added to the already warm ambiance.

My single long black [3.70] had a slight apple taste with a nice balance of smoothness and acidity. These flavours became more prominent when I allowed the coffee to sit and cool.

One of the exciting elements of The Grain Store was the change to a seasonal menu, sourcing ingredients locally and in season. It was the tail end of Winter when we visited and it was a surprising chilly morning. With this in mind, warming the belly was a necessity.  In the spirit of sending off winter, I went for Chili & Fennel Sausage, with winter Vegetable Hash poached egg, Russian red kale, pear and cider relish [$17].

Chili & Fennel Sausage, with winter Vegetable Hash poached egg, Russian red kale, pear and cider relish

As expected, the plating and attention to detail was impressive. The vegetable hash had a ratatouille flavour with a wide selection of vegetables including parsnip, carrot and potato baked and stewed. The sausage was slightly oily, but the flavours of the pork combined with the chili and fennel was fantastic with the hash. The poached egg and the relish effortlessly completed the dish, with the relish adding a subtly sweet texture that, when combined with the gooeyness of the egg, creates a heavenly brunch.

Whilst going out on a limb in terms of location, its defining features of a pleasing aesthetic, seasonally tailored menu and the delivery of good coffee creates their own mark. The Grain Store provides a high quality brunch experience to an unsuspecting King Street location.”

Miss SL:
“It had been a number of months since The Grain Store opened its doors in the Melbourne CBD, filling the void of good brunch spots near the Flinders Lane / King street side of town.

The first time we visited The Grain Store it was for their opening night – it was night and the venue was lit with yellow-white light. Tables and chairs were moved conveniently out of the way. This time around the venue was filled with city workers, in warmly lit surroundings. There was something…homely about it. Perhaps though, that had something to do with the in-built kitchen setting that is within the venue itself though.

I was excited to tuck into the menu, ordering a double espresso and the Chili & Fennel Sausage, with winter Vegetable Hash poached egg, Russian red kale, pear and cider relish [$17]. My meal was beautifully presented. My sausage was very salty and heavily grilled. It was dense, balancing out the meal which was conservatively sized.

Chili & Fennel Sausage, with winter Vegetable Hash poached egg, Russian red kale, pear and cider relish

The winter vegetable hash had a beautiful texture – it was full of flavour and was a beautiful mix against my perfectly gooey poached egg. The Russian red kale wasn’t really my cup of tea but it had the right level of bitterness that was a nice mix against the vegetables.

Grain Store is a beautiful experience that is both peaceful and relaxing. The food is beautiful and the coffee is wonderful. If you haven’t already been, now is the time.”

Final Thought “A high quality brunch at an unsuspecting city location”

The Grain Store on Urbanspoon

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