Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri:  7:30am – 3:30pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 3pm

Coffee: Padre Coffee

Mr LB:
“New York has a lot of things going for it. It seems to dazzle people and has this sparkle that everyone is drawn to. No one is immune to the city charms of its lifestyle, culture, art, gardens and even down to the subtle details. With a global cultural influence, it’s of no surprise that little pieces of New York is found around the world. Some are awfully tacky, but it’s the subtle influences that can lure you in and be inspiring. Bowery to Williamsburg is a ten minute train commute from New York island to the east main land (near Brooklyn). But in Melbourne, it’s a makeshift New York style subway station cafe that is creating its own brunch sparkle off Flinders Lane.

The outfit is small but spacious with a long communal table. The team at Bowery to Williamsburg  are busy but vibrant and make each patron feel welcomed and accommodated. Coffee is by Padre Coffee with my long black [$3.50] being of exceptional quality. There was a lovely smooth citrus overtone from start to finish – a surprise improvement.

Miss SL & I always enter into a friendly heated discussion whenever I mention there isn’t enough cafes serving Shakshouka eggs. Similar to baked eggs, Shakshouka eggs is said to originate from the middle east where the eggs are poached (as opposed to baked) in a tomato sauce with onion, peppers and various herbs and spices. The variations are endless and the flavours are impressive and this was reflected in my dish, Shakshouka eggs – Hot Smoked Salmon, tomatillo, dill cream fraiche, fennel & fried caper salad [$16].

The presentation was impressive and alluring, as the yellow-coloured tomato sauce submerged with the perfectly poached eggs and was topped with the fennel and fried caper salad. There was a pleasantly tangy taste from the sauce which perfectly complemented the fresh and moist smoked salmon. The dill cream fraiche acted perfectly as a base for the fried flat bread and scooping up the sauce was a delight. It was well executed and provided a flavour combination to excite for anytime of the day.

Shakshouka eggs – Hot Smoked Salmon, tomatillo, dill cream fraiche, fennel & fried caper salad

Whilst New York is put on a pedestal, Melbourne is quite capable in replicating its subtle and fantastic aspects. Bowery to Williamsburg delivers coffee and food that New York might be envious of.

Miss SL:
“Sometimes on a weekday, I’m in a rush to get out of the house for work and can’t seem to find time to wolf down a bowl of muesli before I leave the apartment. I often ponder on the way (when I realise that I’ll still get to work before 9am) where I could go to get a good breakfast other than ‘the usual’. Enter Bowery to Williamsburg, tucked away just past Russel Street on Olivers Lane.

Owned by the creators of Hardware Societe, Will and Di Kesler and Boston Parker, teed up with their mate and chef Shaun Williams to deliver this New York-inspired cafe. The cafe itself would be easy to miss if it weren’t for the brightly coloured (almost tacky) beach umbrellas out the front. The interior is a lot more casual than the hype lets on. I really enjoyed some of the smaller design elements such as the bronze shoe doorstop.

It was 7:30am on a Wednesday morning and a coffee was needed ASAP. Carly, G and Mr LB were all present and accounted for, in order to gossip about events since our last catch up. I ordered a strong soy latte which was delivered with a Hershey’s chocolate kiss. It had a strong  bonsoy flavour that overpowered any notable coffee notes in the Padre Coffee.

I was trying to be healthy and ordered the Granola – rhubarb and raspberries, vanilla labne [$12]. What came out was actually pretty damn good and the little side of milk was the perfect amount to add to this dish without drowning it. The granola itself was tasty – the poached rhubarb and raspberries were sweet, powerful and fresh. The granola contained pan-fried pistachios, cashews, bran, macadamia nuts, sultanas, slivered almond, walnuts, peanuts and of course oats. Phew! That’s a lot of ingredients! The result was a crunchy, textural dish that was exciting and tasty. The vanilla labne was a nice touch of creaminess.

Granola – rhubarb and raspberries, vanilla labne

Carly had the Pastrami Hash – sweet potato, corn & red pepper hash, pastrami, poached eggs [$16]. It looked delicious! What she really enjoyed about this dish was the hash being made of sweet potato, and the way the flavours carried across the dish to make it less savory in nature.

Pastrami Hash – sweet potato, corn & red pepper hash, pastrami, poached eggs

G had a Shakshouka eggs – Merguez sausage, Perisian fetta, heirloom tomato salad [$16]. He thought the sausages were delicious and seemed to be enjoying his meal.

Shakshouka eggs – Merguez sausage, Perisian fetta, heirloom tomato salad

Bowery to Williamsburg is a lovely option for those looking for something to eat on the East side of the Paris end of town. The location is very Melbourne and the food is delicious. What more could you ask for?”

Final Thought: “Three types of Shakshouka eggs in a New York inspired cafe – no need to say anything more”

Bowery to Williamsburg on Urbanspoon

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