Opening Hours:
Mon – Wed: 7am – 3pm
Thurs – Fri: 7am – 10pm
Sat: 8am – 10pm
Sun: 9am – 4pm

Coffee: Coffee Supreme

Note: Pizza is served from 5pm from Thursday – Saturday

Mr LB:
“A roller door is not sexy or alluring. Its function is simple, providing strong security for would-be trespassers and tightly rolled away when open. There isn’t going to be an award for the best designed roller door. So why would a cafe associate itself around a roller door? And how is it that this charm actually makes this cafe alluring? Well, after operating in the quiet suburb of West Melbourne for roughly two years, we finally got around to experience Roller Door Cafe for ourselves.

The first obvious aspect to Roller Door Café is the space. For the tiny real estate they occupy, no corner is left to waste. With the cafe divided into three sections, what they lack in space they make up with cute decor and a calm vibe.

My long black [$3.50] was by Coffee Supreme
 and was surprisingly really good. For a blend that isn’t considered highly at Brunch Addict (this is mostly due to barista not fully understanding the complexity of espresso brewing) this was an exception. My long black was smooth with a subtly crisp taste. There was no bitterness and it had a flavour profile of citrus. It’s no wonder when The Age Coffee Army was in operation Roller Door Cafe was rated so highly!

Left: Mixed Berry Smoothie w/ mixed berries, ice cream, yoghurt, honey, cinnamon & chia seeds, Right: Long Black

Having visited Roller Door CafĂ© on the final days before Christmas, it was unfortunate to hear that various menu items were not available. Whilst pondering the limited choices, it was my neighbours fresh and clean Smashed avocado on sourdough toast w/ mixed herbs, meredith goat’s feta, chili oil & a poached egg [$12] plus bacon [$4] which won me over.

Smashed Avocado on sourdough toast w/ mixed herbs, Meredith’s goats feta, chili oil & poached egg add bacon

The dish didn’t have a unique aspect to it, however it was the quality of the ingredients that made this dish superb. The fresh avocado was half smashed and half cut into pieces, the bacon was soft in the middle and crispy on the edges, served on sourdough and goat’s feta. While the goat cheese dominated in clumps, it allowed me to mix it in heavily or lightly with the avocado or enjoy it on its own. It was a dish that delivered the freshest flavours and the ingredients on their own did all the work – a simple delight.

Roller Door Cafe isn’t looking to dominate the Melbourne CafĂ© scene. It’s not going for the glory that St Ali has set its eyes on. Roller Door Cafe is taking a low-key approach. It’s a cafe that locals can chill out with a wholesome meal. They are dedicated to West Melbourne, and the locals have greeted them with open arms.”

Miss SL:
Roller Door Cafe is one of those cafes that has been on our hit list for a long time and leading up to Christmas Mr LB and I finally took the opportunity to go there and give it a try. On my way up there I was dubious as to whether there was really a cafe at the address 13 Stawell Street, West Melbourne, but I did see some movement at a hole-in-the-wall that I almost missed and went in to find Mr LB, perched inside at a communal table on the right hand side of the cafe.

The venue appeared quite pokey and restrictive, but once seated I didn’t get that sense at all. There was contrasting and vibrant street art painted on the brick walls which I felt really added to the industrial feeling of the North side. I started my morning off with a Mixed Berry Smoothie w/ mixed berries, ice cream, yoghurt, honey, cinnamon & chia seeds [$6].They were running low on mixed berries, but the overall balance of the drink between the yoghurt and the berries tasted lovely to me regardless. The chia seeds added a bit of crunch to the drink which was both good and bad (as the seeds get in your teeth).

Left: Mixed Berry Smoothie w/ mixed berries, ice cream, yoghurt, honey, cinnamon & chia seeds, Right: Long Black

They were sold out of a large number of items on the menu, but I can only assume this was because they were trying to clean out the pantry with the upcoming Christmas break. I’d ordered one of my favourite dishes – Smashed Avocado on sourdough toast w/ mixed herbs, Meredith’s goats feta, chili oil & poached egg [$12] add bacon [$4].

I found the serving size very generous when my dish came out with fresh chunks of avocado and feta covering my thick slice of toast. I found the chili oil rather lacklustre, as it was more like sweet chili sauce rather than something that delivered a real kick. The egg was perfectly poached and oozed out a bright orange yolk. The bacon was deliciously tasty and complimented the smoothness of the avocado and feta.

While I found the food at Roller Door Cafe nice and quite reasonably priced, I didn’t find that the food delivered any real wow-factor to it. It’s a nice venue, with nice food for a no-fuss catch up with a friend.”

Final thought: “Reasonably priced and generous servings”

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