Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 7am – 4pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 4pm

Coffee: AllPress – Supremo blend as an espresso, Single Origins filter

Mr LB:
AllPress Espresso has always had a strong presence in Melbourne. From its early inception, the team has consistently provided a blend that’s of unique flavour. With an increasing demand leading to the development of a larger supply chain, and while necessary adjustments were made, its vision has always been to provide a high quality coffee. Its roasting operation has seen a dramatic change, recently taking the leap to roast and run a café in London. While international opportunities have been considered, it wouldn’t be right not to have a presence in Melbourne. After all, Melbourne does have one of the best coffee scenes in the world.

AllPress Espresso café and roaster operates in once an abandon warehouse, in the industrial heart of Collingwood. From the outside there is little indication of a café, concealed by a tall brimstone wall. Upon entering, the aesthetics is simply phenomenal. The space combines an outdoor and indoor environment, with the interplay of natural colours and industrial influences. Inside, the space is divided by a glass wall which looks into the roasting operations centre. It gives a true sense of being part of the process – drinking coffee at the heart of the operation.

Their espresso coffee is only available in the house blend, but if you enjoy a filter coffee, there is a large selection of single origins. My long black [$3.50] had the signature AllPress taste – super crispy with subtle nutty tone. The earthy taste was quite welcoming and reminded me of just how good an AllPress long black can be.

While the space is dazzling, the size of the kitchen is a disappointment. It’s a small operation with limited kitchen equipment and this is reflected by the menu. The menu is predominately sandwiches and baked goods, but the DIY Breakfast Plates – Boiled Egg, Avocado, Tomato, Provolone [$10] with Smoked Salmon [$14] was a refreshing option.

Breakfast Plates – Boiled Egg, Avocado, Tomato, Provolone with Smoked Salmon

The ingredients provided were extremely fresh, making the plate enjoyable as I went about building my own creations. I would recommend including the salmon to push out the dish and allow for variation. It was a light, clean and refreshing brunch, with the tomatoes a stand out, however, I wasn’t too over enthused about it.

It was nice to see the AllPress Espresso café empire cultivating a unique vibe to the colourfully suburb of Collingwood. It’s a space that I would show off to friends, but having this amazing space, I can’t help but expect to be matched with a stronger brunch menu.”

Miss SL:
“I’m going to be rather up front and to the point with this post, but I’m going to start with the precursor that I was sick, miserable and not in the best mood when I came with Mr LB on a Summer’s day pre-Christmas to try out the newly opened AllPress Espresso Cafe. I found the service and the venue itself to my liking, but I found the food underwhelming. Perhaps it was my choice of the day of Poached fruit  and strawberries with Yoghurt [$6], but I found the meal too small with not enough fruit to have been worth the time and effort. But let me rewind.

The venue enters into a luscious green paddock that you could imagine filled with picnic blankets and puppy dogs during the hotter months. The interior design is simple with clean lines and mixed Scandinavian furniture throughout the venue. Large windows looked into the coffee roasting factory used to create their infamous blends. The cafe was nearly empty on the Saturday we arrived and the staff were decked out in ghetto hipster gear, with the women wearing black lipstick.

I started my morning off with a Carrot, Ginger, Apple blended drink [$5.50] to ease my sore throat and runny nose. Whilst the drink was smooth, there wasn’t enough ginger to my liking. For the $6 that I spent on the poached fruit and strawberries, I was expecting an all-fruit-bit-of-yoghurt combination but what I got was actually the opposite. Natural yoghurt created a large portion of this meal and I felt that at $6 I was not getting value for money.

Poached fruit and strawberries with Yoghurt

The dish had two poached fruit components: half a poached nectarine and some poached orange zest. The rest of the dish was made up of four blueberries, two halved strawberries, four raspberries and three blueberries. The lack of fruit in this dish – whilst sweet and fresh – made me really annoyed and disappointed that this was the best a name like AllPress could come up with for a healthy option.

Perhaps I need to come back and try something more exciting, but unfortunately it just takes one underwhelming dish to get crossed off the list in Melbourne, and AllPress Espresso Cafe has been crossed off mine.”

Final thought: “An authentic getaway brunch spot in the midst of Collingwood”

Allpress Espresso on Urbanspoon

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