Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun: 7am – 4pm

Coffee: Proud Mary, Single Origin

Mr LB:
“It seems (from my perspective at least) people in their mid-twenties to thirties are divided into two categories. The first group has found the right person to map out their future with. They have built a home, laid relationship foundations, own pets and little ones have arrived or on their way. The second group is still looking but other activities are on their mind e.g. hobbies, education, business ventures, travel or other personal desires. These activities come with the same commitment as taking care of a little one and giving it a human name is certainly not out of the question. It’s here that we arrived at Hannah, no not a person, but a café recently born at the very bottom of Chapel Street.

Located on Chapel Street and adjacent to the infamous St Kilda police station, Hannah blends in with the locals. Positioned on the ground floor of a modern apartment building, the layout provides an inner sanctuary from the very raw feeling of St Kilda. A well-balanced flora blends fantastically with the large illuminated floating bubble light fixtures. There is plenty of natural light with limited outside seating for those quick coffee catch ups.

The menu provides a refreshing take on brunch options with the direction of achieving its own uniqueness. Ordering a Proud Mary long black [$3.70] from El Salvador, I also ordered the Brioche French toast with caramelised peaches, vanilla, mascarpone & almonds [$16.50] from the specials board.

Brioche French toast with caramelised peaches, vanilla, mascarpone & almonds

French Toast is traditionally a staple dish for the poor and I’m always surprised by the creativity of some cafes. The brioche toast had the right amount of sweetness and crunch with a lovely cinnamon flavour. The poached peaches was a delightful combination of sweet and sugary, dancing on my palate, with the creamy texture of the mascarpone working wonders. It might be only the start of the year, but I am confident in saying this French Toast is not only exceptional, but possibly the best of the year!  With stunning presentation, the right level of sweetness, perfectly poached peaches and prepared brioche – who could say no?

Brioche French toast with caramelised peaches, vanilla, mascarpone & almonds

Hannah is the perfect addition to the bottom end of Chapel Street. It provides a fresh take on brunch and stands strong against Las Chicas and Monk Bodhi Dharma. If you are a lover of French toast then Hannah should be on your list. If you live locally then you should definitely go. If you are neither the above but love a new solid brunch experience, Hannah is your next destination.”

Miss SL:
“New year’s resolutions. They usually die off as quickly as they were made on the whims of New Year’s Eve. Here at Brunch Addict we don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions but as we reflected on 2013 we realised that we never made it to a number of our ‘hitlist’ locations from the previous years, so we pledged to ourselves that this time around we will actually refer to our hitlists and tick them off.

We started off with Hannah, part of our 2014 hitlist. This cute little cafe decked out with oversized Chinese lanterns is located on the Windsor side of St Kilda and parking is relatively easy to obtain. The venue was smaller than expected with one large communal table acting as the centrepiece.

The menu was full of delicious options but I was in the mood for unch (the lunch side of brunch) and so went for the Scotch fillet steak with watercress, lyonnaise, coleslaw and cheddar, sourdough toast [$16.50] along with a Proud Mary double espresso.

My espresso did not taste like a typical Proud Mary blend as it was more bitter than what I’ve had in the past. I think that my espresso was over extracted, resulting in the flavour change.

When the meals came out I was instantly jealous of Mr LBs French toast and Carly’s potato roesti.  My steak sandwich by comparison was quite small with the bread – whilst described as sourdough – looked and tasted like regular sandwich bread.

Scotch fillet steak with watercress, lyonnaise, coleslaw and cheddar, sourdough toast

The bread itself was very crispy, holding it’s shape and not becoming soggy throughout the meal. The steak was cooked reasonably well but I found that there was something strange tasting about it. The cheddar cheese used was a total highlight for me with it’s not-too-overpowering oaky flavours.

Potato roesti, poached eggs, bacon, spinach, tarragon hollandaise

I had a mango lassi [~$4] to accompany my meal and it was really beautiful and fresh. Carly had ordered the Potato roesti, poached eggs, bacon, spinach, tarragon hollandaise [$18] and enjoyed her dish, particularly loving the bacon. G ordered the Club sandwich with chicken, egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, anchovy mayo and parmesan [$17] but found the bread over-toasted for his liking. We all agreed that Mr LB was the winner at the table with his cinnamon infused French Toast. Yum!

The service at Hannah was great with friendly, chatty staff who came over to introduce themselves and compare notes on favourite cafes, requesting feedback points for improvement. Mr LBs dish proved that the food there can be quite spectacular if you choose wisely and that Hannah has great potential in the months to follow once they settle in and find their feet.”

Final thought: “Choose wisely and you will be rewarded”

Hannah on Urbanspoon


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