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And the winner of the Parma SmackDown is…

Now let’s just take a step back. You have read correctly, parma SmackDown. Not since the days when The Rock famously said “if you smell what The Rock is cooking” has there been such anticipation to determine the best parma. The parma is a dish that has been consumed by many and loved by all. It’s a dish that inspires passionate conversations as to what should and shouldn’t be on a parma. Some love pineapple on their parma, others love bacon instead of ham and then there is, ofcourse the controversial vegetarian parma.

The setting was perfect – a round table of Melbourne’s finest food bloggers seated at The Grosvenor Hotel. With taste buds poised, and empty stomachs with WWF playing in the backgrounds, we were ready for the smackdown!

There were a total of 12 parmas pairing off against each other, each couple testing our preferences; the featherweight round bellclapped those who loves sauce on top of the ham versus under it whilst the welterweights moonsaulted us as we wrestled for best crumbing technique.

Left: Sauce first, Right: Parma Ham

A special mention must go out to the welterweights because the sage and parmesan crumbed parma was simple incredible – unlike anything we’ve ever had before, and we’ve had a lot of Parma!
The Viennoise crumbs were also pretty darn good with a beautifully crisp and crunchy base for the sauce to sit on.

LefT: Sage and parmesan crumb, Right: Viennoise crumbs

Next up were the middle weights, fighting for the best vegetarian parma. They performed a lariat, knocking our breath away with their cheeky macaroni and cheese not-really-a-parma-but-thrown-in-for-good-measure parma. Rich and creamy, the macaroni and cheese brought out the kid in all of us.

Left: Aubergine parmigiana, Right: Macaroni and cheese parmigiana

The light middle weights revealed the competition between the gluten free options whilst the cruiserweights revealed a surprise that would shock us all.

Left: Oven baked, Right: Gluten free crumbed parma

Performing a double axe handle the salami and smoked scarmozza wowed our palates, taking out the tipped winner and favourite overall for the smackdown competition – the double bacon cheese.

Left: The bacon double cheese, Right: Salami and smoked scarmozza

Our bellies were bloated and our stomachs were full but the show must go on as we entered the final round – the heavyweights! Confit chicken thigh versus a black olive crumbling saw the audience pause in anticipation. We took a deep breath. Would either of these take out the salami parma?

Left:  Confit chicken thigh paved with gruyere, Right: Black olive crumbed san Danielle prosciutto

The confit chicken started off with a forearm smash whilst the black olives defended as best it could. It responded with a chop, which was hard to do through the olive crumbing. The confit chicken fought back hard, performing a bronco buster in our mouth and taking out the competition as favourite of the night.

The parma smackdown was a hefty competition indeed, with all of us walking out of the ring feeling like we’d been body slammed after so many delicious samples. The Grosvenor Hotel put on one hell of a match and we were convinced by the time we’d walked out of there that these guys make one of Melbourne’s top parmas.

The Grosvenor Hotel pays homage to the parmigiana every Wednesday night with six different parmas on offer along with some trivia fun for $15. 

Final thought: “If you’re hankering for a top prama, The Grosvenor Hotel has you covered”

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