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We have a special announcement to make: Brunch Addict is currently in the running to win the Annual Pizza Competition held by The Grosvenor Hotel in St Kilda. For the next two weeks our two pizzas – This Ain’t No Choke (savoury) and A Rocky Road to Turkey (dessert pizza) are available on the menu until Monday 5rd May 2014. We need YOUR support to help us win by purchasing our pizzas at The Grosvenor Hotel, instagramming/tweeting photos & liking the picture of our pizzas here. Help us win the glory! Details for voting are located on the bottom of this blog.

Competition on any level is healthy. Whether it’s to excel in a physical sport or crafting a spectacle; creating a healthy competitive environment brings about the best performance. Last year marked the first installment of the Annual Grosvenor’s Hotel Blogger Pizza Competition; with all contenders setting a high precedent. Mr LB & Miss SL both capitalised on existing pizza ingredients from the chef’s kitchen; but unfortunately, we were out-gunned by fellow bloggers who brought along ‘special ingredients’. To ensure greater success at this year’s competition, we both sourced something special to up the ante.

This year welcomed some new contenders, as well as some familiar faces;  including food bloggers Obelix and Glutt from The Quest for Noms, dessert queen Daisy from Never Too Sweet For Me, Iron Chef Shellie – last year’s winner, this years grinner, Winston from The Hungry Excavator, the lovely Jan from Peach Water and Amy from Journeys Around the Globe.

The competition heated up early with the first round man vs man Mr LB & Winston. There were no sweet ingredients in sight. Mr LB’s pizza was a sausage pizza, using honey-infused pork sausages that had their casing removed and meat rolled into small balls. Combined with artichokes into a single pizza, he dubbed his dish This Ain’t No Choke (get it?). Winston’s pizza had an exotic Asian influence of duck skin crackling combined with a phenomenal Asian Plum sauce in what he called the Sour Plum Quaker.

Left: Sour Plum Quaker. Right: What a choke.

Round two saw Amy and Obelix and Glutt battling it out with another savoury-themed pizza. Both drew influences from different parts of the world. Amy took a clean and fresh approach building a baby beets, asparagus, goats cheese and fresh salad pizza; attaching the fun loving name, Beety, Cheesy and Love to it. Obelix and Glutt brought influences of Malaysia to the table in what was rightly called, The Ming.

Beety, Cheesy, Love

The Ming

Next up was Jan. While she was in the kitchen whipping up her pizza deluxe, we were provided with some twice cooked chips with the head chef’s specialty sauce – the Big Mac sauce (sorry guys, this sauce isn’t on the menu!). As you probably guessed, the sauce was just like that found on a Big Mac burger from Maccas!

Twiced Cooked Chips with the Big Mac sauce

Finally Jan arrived with her pizza the Kewtie Piggy, containing mozzarella cheese, potato, lardos, kewpie mayo. Yum!

Kewtie Piggy

It was finally time for dessert and Miss SL, Daisy and PR host Julia Tink rolled up their sleeves to build their pizzas. Miss SL had to make last-minute adjustments to her tried and tested dessert pizza; A Rocky Road to Turkey, but all for the better. Piped with Nutella and fresh cream, topped with fresh berries and served with ice cream, her dish was enjoyed by the table all round.

Rocky Road to Turkey

Daisy’s pizza, Whoopsie Daisy, was also very well received with gasps of surprise from those eating it as the chilli chocolate flavours came through in a delayed manner. Finally, Julia’s A Rockier Road to Turkey (thanks Julia!) was a heart-stopping rocky road calzone.

Clockwise: Rocky Road to Turkey, Whoopsie Daisy & Closed alternative to A Rocky Road to Turkey

With the top 3 winners announced as Mr LB, Miss SL and Daisy, we are now in the running to claim the prize (glory!).

How to vote

Voting is easy! Simply head down to the Grosvenor Hotel in the next week and a bit and order one of the three finalist pizzas; if you’re adventurous why not try them all! Once you have decided which pizza you like, simply “like” the picture at Grosvenor Hotel Facebook page. Alternatively, take a photo and send a tweet or instagram your vote with the following handle:
Twitter: @HotelGrosvenor
Instagram: @Grosvenorhotel

The wining pizza will remain on the menu at Grosvenor Hotel and have their name added to the trophy shining bright at the hotel:

1. Whoopsie Daisy @daisynevertoosweetforme

2. A Rocky Road to Turkey @brunchaddict

3. This Ain’t No Choke @brunchaddict

We recommend purchasing and voting for pizza’s 2 & 3!

Voting closes on the 5 May 2014. Happy Voting!

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