Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 7am – 4pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 4pm
Kitchen closes at 3pm

Coffee: Padre Coffee

Mr LB:
“The word addict or addiction is in some respect looked upon negatively within the community. It has been defined as a mental illness by some; but a simple definition is someone who can’t say no or requires little enticement. For me, a weekend isn’t complete without brunch. Whether being at a dingy dive somewhere around the globe or the best brunch locations, brunch is a necessity.

Hello! My name is Mr LB and I am addicted to brunch. I haven’t been committed (yet) and upon hearing a new brunch location opening in Fitzroy called Addict, such an opportunity couldn’t be turned down.

Located on Johnston Street, between Brunswick and Smith Street, Addict is smartly positioned to inject some much needed café inspiration. The space is of a moderate size; big enough to obtain a table for four and complemented with bench space and small tables for a prompt seating for two. Addict’’s staff were friendly, accommodating and attentive with our sitting of five. The décor is cute and comforting with plenty of natural light coming through the front windows, complemented with fresh flowers and indoor plants. There is also a little cheeky side to this café with a picture that looks to be inspired from the Gorillaz.

There is a strong contrast between Addict’s breakfast and lunch menu. Both take inspiration from the current cold wintry climate, with the all day breakfast providing wholesome and fresh dishes. However, it’s the lunch menu which is surprisingly tailored to gastro pub standard. I was after something clean and wholesome – Corn fritters with kasundi, haloumi cheese, poached eggs and salad of coriander + mizuna [$17] with a house blend long black [$3.50].

The house blend offered by Addict is Padre Coffee – Brunswick blend – which we have noticed has improved significantly in the past few years. My long black (served with sparkling water) had a subtle and divinely crisp taste. Whilst I couldn’t identify any key flavours, it was a well crafted coffee.

Corn fritters with kasundi, haloumi cheese, poached eggs and salad of coriander + mizuna

The plating of the corn fritters was immaculate with three fritter balls snuggled with the poached eggs. The melted haloumi cheese was an interesting addition, working well with the crispy fritters. Each fritter had a soft and fluffy texture, and mixing it with the tomato kasundi made for an enjoying meal. Pretty in presentation and well balanced in flavour, these corns fritters did not disappoint.

Porridge with bananas, walnuts + butter scotch sauce

JoJo had the Porridge with bananas, walnuts + butter scotch sauce [$12.50]. I had cheeky taste and it revealed a warm sensation with the butter scotch sauce adding a lovely sweet element. The perfect meal to warm the soul.

Meringue Cupcake

As we discussed current life events and whether it was acceptable to wear a smart watch (I’m still torn), JoJo and I couldn’t finish without brunch dessert – Meringue Cupcake with toffee [$6]. I was expecting a dry meringue taste running throughout the cupcake, however it revealed a delectable soft inner sponge-like flavour. JoJo preferred the toffee flavours more than I, but we agreed it was the perfect finish to brunch.

The offerings at Addict is spot on. The decor is appealing and developing the right atmosphere makes for an unique and unsuspecting cafe experience on Johnston Street.

Miss SL:
“This is our fourth year of blogging and I must admit that the blogging community is a small world of people who are photo-happy and obsessed with food. Some groups are tighter than others, having grown up together and starting their blogs at the same time. Others just continue to do it as a hobby, for love and passion. I have recently been spending more time with blogger Jaime and her partner who are just as crazy about food and travel as I am. We decided that pre-holidays, a catch up was required, and so we decided upon brunch at Fitzroy’s latest establishment – Addict.

We arrived around 12:30pm and it was a short ten minute wait for a table for five, albeit the view was not great (a white brick wall). The venue is owned by two couples – Greg and Brooke Brassil and Joe and Brooke Ventura. Team Greg used to own a coffee roastery in Shepparton while Team Joe operate the floor and customers. Tough gig! What’s most impressive here is the food produced by head chef Mark Boyd. The tables around us were filled with fresh, delicious breakfast and lunch options.

The menu reveals a delicious assortment of safe brunching and exciting lunch options. From a winter salad to pork belly, myself, Jaime and her partner couldn’t resist the lunch menu.

The wait was reasonably short for a newly opened busy cafe – with 20 minutes our meals were out and our stomachs couldn’t wait no more. When my Roasted breast of chicken with crispy kipfler potatoes, brussel sprouts + bacon [$18] came out I was immediately transported to a fine dining French restaurant – the plating of the dish was immaculate. For the price of $18, I had just been served a beautiful and delicate meal that would have costed $30 – 35 dollars in a restaurant.

Roasted breast of chicken with crispy kipfler potatoes, brussel strouts + bacon

The chicken breast was superb – crunchy and juicy, the jus that was served with the chicken was of the perfect balance of stock and water. The mash was incredibly smooth and a bit more yellow in colour than I anticipated, making me suspect that there was a load of butter in it. It was, however, creamy and rich – the perfect pairing to the chicken.

Confit of duck with braised cabbage, lardons of bacon roasted shallots + a duck vinaigrette

I had a cheeky taste of Jaime’s partners dish – Confit of duck with braised cabbage, lardons of bacon roasted shallots + a duck vinaigrette [18]. It was complex – a sweet harmony of duck juice, dates, cabbage and sultanas. It was so good! I didn’t taste Jaime’s dish – the Pork belly with apple puree, snow pea tendril salad, apples walnuts batons of potato + an apple cider dressing [$18], but she seemed happy with her choice.

Pork belly with apple puree, snow pea tendril salad, apples walnuts batons of potato + an apple cider dressing

I really loved Addict. Not for the name, but for the food. Yes, the venue is loud but the friendly staff and excellent lunch options make this venue a real winner in my books.”

Final thought: “Decadent and well-priced lunch options”

Addict Food and Coffee on Urbanspoon


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