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Fri: 7am – 5pm
Sat – Sun: Closed

Coffee: The Vine Coffee Roasters

Mr LB:
“We are well and truly into the new financial year and I had recently embarked on an assessment of my own finances. The rationale was to instill some fiscal prudence to my expenditure. One of the key steps was assessing regular and known expenditures. Naturally, the first thing that came to mind was brunch. Applying some simple mathematics and a few (generous)  assumptions; on a per year basis I worked out that I spend approximately $1,250 on brunch and $962 on weekday coffee… I have no regrets (says the man consuming brunch as he writes this post).

Whilst being a self-diagnosed brunch addict, it’s still a challenge to find a solid workday breakfast that doesn’t break the bank. The consumption of brunch on a weekday and weekend are completely different beasts. The weekday requires more efficient and sustaining food options which is, of course, matched with exceptional coffee. There is a need for a quick turn around from the kitchen before heading off to the office. Cafes like The Vine Coffee Roasters are welcomed with open arms.

Don’t be fooled by its RMIT location, just like A Little Bird Told Me, the decor is appealing to not only the uni student but also the busy professional. The space is large and comfortable with an array of sitting and standing options. It connects well with the university building; with its unstructured architectural opening as though the cafe and university are entirely one. There is also ample amount of windows on the Swanston street side of the venue, giving generous natural lighting.

Coffee is roasted and brewed by The Vine Coffee Roasters and with a single origin long black priced at $3 – no one can complain. The brew was smooth and subtle, picking up faint hints of citrus flavour. The smoothness of this coffee was great and very refreshing considering its University location.

The BLT – toasted sour dough with bacon, baby spinach, tomato and Japaneses mayo

The BLT – toasted sour dough with bacon, baby spinach, tomato and Japaneses mayo  [$9.50] is the perfect start to the day if you’re looking for a sustainable meal. The sourdough bread was of a good quality; laying the foundations of the open-styled sandwich. The bacon, baby spinach and tomato were super fresh and very satisfying. The creamy Kewpie mayo was a great way to top off the fresh ingredients. It won’t win points for its creativity, however the simple combination is satisfying.

A fair and reasonable amount should be charge for a quick breakfast stop over. Breaking a twenty and only receiving a small amount of gold and silver change isn’t the best way to starting a working day. The Vine Coffee Roasters provides a strong and affordable breakfast option that shouldn’t be confined to the uni kids.

Miss SL:
“During my university years I studied business at RMIT. Our building was located on Bourke street and was fondly referred to as ‘the tumor’ building, as it was located between a number of commercial Wi-Fi towers. The building was okay, but like many buildings in Melbourne, it was dated.

Over the years I have stayed close to RMIT University and earlier this year was given a tour of the brand new Business building on Swanston street. Building 80 is a shining example of green energy & urban design. There are fabulous study nooks with free WiFi for student use, great lecture labs and tutorial rooms. It was on this tour that I learnt that RMIT students also have a more sophisticated coffee palate as demonstrated by their cafes, one of which was The Vine Coffee Roasters.

Having recently visited another RMIT cafe, A Little Bird Told Me, the university was fresh on my mind when I made the suggestion. Arriving at 8am, the cafe was not very busy as Mr LB, G and I took a seat at the end of a communal table. The service for ordering was not very good and we had to ask for the breakfast menu and ordered at the counter.

The menu is limited but covered enough to please everyone. I went for a simple order of a double espresso in the single origin [$3] and the Smashed Avocado – smashed avocado, goats cheese served with fresh pepper and lemon [$7.50]. G went for the Breakfast Burger [$11] and a long black. What was immediately noticeable about The Vine Coffee Roasters was the cheap price point of the menu – targeted obviously at the uni crowd.

Smashed Avocado – smashed avocado, danish feta served with fresh pepper and lemon

My smashed avocado was brilliant – it was fresh and full of flavour. The goats cheese added the right amount of saltiness to the dish and I was happy as Larry.

Breakfast Burger


G’s breakfast burger was equally as delicious and I must admit, I even had a bit of food envy. What was most impressive about the burger was the high quality brioche bun used. For the cheap price point we were very impressed that The Vine Coffee Roasters did not skip on quality in any of their dishes.

For dessert, G and I shared a Nutrition ball made of dates, nuts and other dried fruit. It was nice but a little strange tasting and not as sweet as I was hoping. It was, however, filling.

Nutrition ball

The Vine Coffee Roasters is a great pit stop for those walking by and an excellent choice for those looking for a Melbourne quality coffee and breakfast on a budget. I would definitely go back if I’m in the area.”

Final thought: “Excellent cheap eats option”

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