Opening Hours:
Sun – Sat: 8am – till late
365 days a year

2 Swanston Street

Coffee: Code Black

Mr LB:
“Whatever happened to the hotly debated conversation of whether Melbourne’s Federation Square got the nod or not? I used to love reading peoples responses, including that of Melbourne’s “celebrities”, that frequent The Age’s Melbourne Magazine. There was always a definitive yes or no, and never once a fence sitter. Melbournians of all walks had an opinion on Federation Square and would passionately debate their opinion on whether it enhances Melbourne skyline or was the ugly duckling¬†of the city’s facade.

With better management of the precinct and time passing, Federation Square is now an integral part of Melbourne’s CBD. It’s one of the major meeting points for both local and international people. The space is filled with shops, bars and restaurants; and not to mention hosts numerous events for all ages. Federation Square¬†has become a hallmark for locals and travelers alike.

As Federation Square finds success and purpose within Melbourne, the team at Brunch Addict pose the question, how does Federation Square stack up for brunch? To answer this question, Mr LB was lucky enough to be invited by Zilla & Brook to experience the newly renovated Time Out.

Time Out has been operating in Federation Square for some time. With its relaxed decor, superb location and city views, it’s a great spot to be entertained without the unnecessary pretentiousness. It’s both reliable and consistent with its 365 day trading policy; operating from 8 in the morning to late at night it’s open¬†for all occasions.

The front alfresco area is slick and inviting as it offers beckoning city views and plenty of shelter for when Melbourne’s weather turns for the worst (which we know is not a rare occasion). This large space has plenty of seating options to cater for different group sizes and there are enough staff to ensure that you won’t be forgotten.

A vibrant orange colour scheme runs throughout the inside dining space and is complemented with soothing whites and polished concrete floors. The orange colour scheme is most noticeable around the bar, with bright orange cages suspended from the ceiling with¬†fun lighting fixtures giving off a sense of play. The interior space is divided into two sections, one containing booths for a more ‘traditional American’ style dining experience whilst the other half¬†caters¬†for varied group sizes¬†groups.

In conjunction with the recent renovation,¬†Time Out¬† are focusing more on their coffee service, choosing to serve Brunswick’s Code Black brew. Trying their long black, I notice it came in a larger size than I personally enjoy. However, even with the additional water the quality of the Code Black blend could be identified.

Complementing my brunch dish was the Sunrise Drink –¬†Mixed berries, pineapple, oranges and passionfruit pulp blended with ice [$8.50]. ¬†The pulp, for some reason, had risen to the top and had an unusual creamy taste to what was meant to be a fruit juice. Apart from this, the berries provided a nice flavour and was refreshing.

Atlantic Eggs (GFO) -2 poached eggs on a potato rosti served with smoked salmon, crisp asparagus, rocket, and topped with horseradish cream on toasted sourdough

The Atlantic Eggs (GFO) -2 poached eggs on a potato rosti served with smoked salmon, crisp asparagus, rocket, and topped with horseradish cream on toasted sourdough [$19] was filling and for the most part satisfying. The poached eggs were well crafted Рalthough served slightly cold Рwith a nice gooey center. The house made potato rosti had a lovely crunchy surface and a soft centre that high nicely lighted the other ingredients. While the rosti was oddly plated Рunderneath the sourdough Рand on polar sides to the Atlantic salmon Рit was a nice addition and went well with the smoked salmon strips. The asparagus and rocket were more for style than taste, however, it was a non-complicated and filling dish.

Jo Jo was with me and decided on the Veg Out (V) (GFO) 2 poached eggs on a potato rosti with wilted spinach, grilled mushrooms, slow roasted tomatoes and chutney on toasted wholemeal [$18]. Whilst having the same challenges with the poached eggs, she felt that the meal was enough to be a good hearty vegetarian option without feeling like you had over eaten.

Veg Out (V) (GFO) 2 poached eggs on a potato rosti with wilted spinach, grilled mushrooms, slow roasted tomatoes and chutney on toasted wholemeal [

Time Out is not going to be everyone’s first choice for brunch, and nor does it boast on being a specialised cafe. What it does offer is the ideal location for people to meet up without getting lost, getting a table is done with little effort and its location is extremely convenient – opening its doors 365 days a year from 8am till late. It’s a cafe that can cater for last minute breakfast, business meetings and large walk in groups with no trouble – with food and drinks served to¬†a good standard.¬†Sometimes, these certainties can be crucial for having a stress-free experience and gives you a chance to take a time out from Melbourne’s fast-paced lifestyle.”

Final thought: “Convenient¬†food options for everyday of the year”

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